Sony PSP Go! leaked before E3 introductions

The new version of Sony’s Playstation Portable was leaked today to the public through various sites and blogs.  Reminicent of Sony’s aged Mylo “Internet device,” the PSP Go! will feature a large 3.8in. display, a slide out D-pad, the classic PSP nub, the Playstation shape buttons, and start and select.  It contains 16GB of flash storage and built in Bluetooth.  Interestingly, the UMD drive is gone.  There is only a Memory Stick Duo slot–will this be the future medium for PSP games?  Only time will tell.  Sony is expected to go into more detail with this new device at E3 this week.  Check out Engadget for a video of a Sony representative talking about the PSP, and see Gizmodo for official and in-use stills of it.  Is that a PSP version of LittleBigPlanet I see?  And was it mentioned that portable versions of Gran Turismo and Metal Gear Solid are on the way?!

[Image via Engadget]

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