Camera, microphone coming to iPod touches (or is it iPods touch?)

Hot on the heels of Apple’s third quarter conference call comes yet another rumor concerning the third-gen iPod touch.  According to Wired, “a well-connected source tells us…that Apple’s factories in China are already manufacturing iPod Touch models with integrated cameras and microphones.”  The source adds that these new models will be available to purchase “in two to three months.”  That timeframe falls right after the back-to-school sales season when Apple usually drops its updates to its iPod and Mac desktop/laptop product lines.  If these rumors are indeed true, the iPod touch will evolve even more into an iPhone clone device.  In fact, with built-in Wi-Fi and a microphone, users will simply have to download an app like Skype to make phone calls.  Also, suggested by Wired commentors, “one could combine a microphone-equipped iPod Touch with the Verizon MiFi personal hotspot creator to enable the iPhone experience on Verizon’s network!  I can definitely see this heavily supported iPod rumor coming true.  Only time will tell.

[Via Wired]

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