Lady Gaga creates her own Beats

Fashion and music maven Lady Gaga has teamed up with Dr. Dre and Monster Cable to create her own line of Beats headphones.  Heartbeats is designed by Lady Gaga herself.  They will be available in October in pink/white, silver, white, and black color variations and price will range from $99.95 to $149.95, depending on body type and jewel design.  Included are multiple ear tips, a red travel case, and Monster’s tangle-resistant flat cable design, and Monster’s ControlTalk connection that allows you to swap between music and phone calls.  For more information about the Heartbeats, see the press release after the break.  Check out the gallery below for some product images and more.

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“Lady Gaga explains her motivation behind “Heartbeats by Lady Gaga”: “In the deepest hour of the night, I confess to myself three things; I would die if I was forbidden to write, forbidden to love, or forbidden to fashion. Heartbeats embody the trinity of my human-being, with one additional vow: that SOUND matters. Wear Heartbeats, love each other, and celebrate the art and lifestyle of music.”

“Heartbeats by Lady Gaga” are designed to give users a high-performance headphone option that literally doubles as a high-tech fashion accessory or attractive piece of jewelry. They feature a multi-faceted, glossy surface and high-tech build materials, with a jewel-inspired earpiece cosmetic. The headphones are available in three separate versions, including a metal body with rose red jewel-shaped earpiece, metal body with all chrome jewel-shaped earpiece and black-on-black body and jewel-shaped earpiece design. The headphones are outfitted with a specially design stylish and tangle-free cable.

The new “Heartbeats by Lady Gaga” come in a beautifully designed red carrying case and an assortment of eartips to ensure maximum comfort and fit for every wearer. They also feature Monster’s exclusive flat cable design that not only integrates into the look and feel of Heartbeats, but makes them tangle-resistant. They will be available in October in a wide range of colors and different feature options – prices will range from $99.95 – $149.95.

To provide users with the ultimate in convenience and performance when used with today’s portable music devices, all Beats by Dr. Dre headphones are being made available with “ControlTalk,” an advanced on-cable feature that provides users with full control of their listening experience when using their 3GS iPhone, iPod shuffle and other new iPods and portable music devices. The special Monster ControlTalk headphone cable features an integrated high grade microphone and answer button and allows users to access their music and answer phone calls without having to reach into their pocketbook, backpack or pocket. In addition to its availability with all Beats by Dr. Dre headphones from Monster, the ControlTalk feature is also being made available as an option with all Monster brand headphones.

The ControlTalk remote and mic are supported by iPod nano (4th generation), iPod classic (120GB), iPod touch (2nd generation), and iPhone 3GS and newer, but not all, Blackberry models. The remote is supported by iPod shuffle (3rd generation). Audio is supported by all iPod models. Requires software version 1.0.3 for iPod nano (4th generation), 2.0.1 for iPod classic (120GB), and 2.2 or later for iPod touch (2nd generation). Support for Blackberry varies by model. Subject to change.

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