Windows 7 release day — it’s all about ‘7’

The day has finally come.  Windows 7, Microsoft’s next major operating system, is out today.  Will it turn out to be the “Vista fix” and live up to its positive initial reviews?  Only time will tell.

Alongside the release there has been a handful of Windows-related news to peruse.  First there’s a slew of new Windows commercials featuring a new tagline; “I’m a PC, and Windows 7 was my idea.”  Heck, it works.  Check out one commercial here, and look after the break for two others.



Next up is the grand opening of the Microsoft Store.  The first MS retail store opened in Scottsdale, AZ today, exciting hundreds of Windows fanboys (and girls) who camped outside the mall overnight.  The first four people on-line received free Zune HDs and other early customers received some other freebies.  From some YouTube video footage and in-store images the Microsoft Store looks very much like an Apple Store, except with more vibrant colors and, obviously, Windows-related products such as Surface tables and Xbox 360s.  The video below is the fascinating countdown of the store’s morning launch; the countdown starts (so appropriately and to the glee of the rabid fans) at 7.  For a glimpse at the inside of the store, look after the break for a video featuring the welcoming colorful staff and see the gallery below for some stills. [Also noteworthy is that the online Microsoft Store is up and running, too.  It offers MS and third party products and services to purchase online.]


Two more less significant but equally relevant newsbits.  Today in Paris a “Microsoft Cafe” opened its doors to the public.  Besides it being the onlyofficial Windows-themed cafe in the world, there isn’t much else to say about it.  It offers free WiFi service to its customers and there are a myriad of Windows products for customers to play with as they sip their coffee and eat their pastries.  See the gallery below for some stills of the Windows Cafe.


This last bit of news is quite freaky, actually.  In Japan, Burger King introduced the “Windows 7 Whopper,” a 5-inch tall beast of a burger that packs (you guessed it) seven patties.  Customers are forced to pay a premium for this…unique treat (777 yen/$8.53).


Oh, one more thing.  Remember that over-the-top awesomely awkward “How to throw a Windows 7 party” ad Microsoft made some time ago?  Well the good patrons at Funny or Die have created the ultimate parody of it.  Check it out in the video below.

And that’s a wrap.  Now that Windows 7 is out…what are you waiting for?!  If you are a Vista user or looking to purchase a new PC, upgrading/adopting is a no-brainer.  If you are still using XP, hesitance is natural (thanks, Vista) but you should definitely consider jumping into the next generation OS.  If you’re that skeptical about it, it doesn’t hurt to wait for Service Pack 1.  If you’re a Mac user–I’ll just shut up.  Windows 7 is finally here.  PARTAY…or don’t.


Windows 7 commericials

Inside the Microsoft Store

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