Three U.S. Windows Phone 7 devices available today

Of the ten Windows Phone 7 launch devices, three of them are making their way into the States today.  AT&T’s got the Samsung Focus and the HTC Surround, and T-Mobile offers the HTC HD7.  All three devices cost $199.99 after signing a 2-year contract, or $500 if you decide to opt out of the contract before purchasing.  Bet you’re wondering about the other two U.S. WP7 phones, both of which include slideout QWERTY keyboard.  AT&T’s LG Quantum is up for preorder now at $199.99, and the Dell Venue Pro is still marked as “coming soon”, though it’s expected to hit stores on 11/17 for $199.99 on contract.  As usual, this space will be updated when the official word hits the streets.

Microsoft’s totally revamped, moderntastic mobile OS has finally arrived people!  Will you be one of the early adopters to give one of the launch handsets a spin?  Brush up with specs and features here.

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