These 3D holographic prints don’t need no stinkin’ glasses to work

Zebra Imaging specializes in making holographic images, and their latest prints really know how to impress even the most skeptical “Is 3D our future?” individual.  In the video embedded above you’ll see a holographic map (or “ZScape”) of Seattle.  The company uses a wide array of digital source data and renders the data into tens of thousands of images which are the recorded using laser light onto a film-based holographic material.  As you can see in the demonstration, a full color 360-degree viewing range can be seen under a simple halogen or LED light source, no special 3D glasses required.  The prints are extremely durable and are designed to be rolled up and even marked on.  The sheer amount of detail in the holographic maps is quite remarkable.  The company has manufactured over 8,000 images utilized by the US military overseas for visualization and defense planning applications, but also cater to anyone who wants a 3D image in holographic form.  Surprisingly their pricing options aren’t wildly expensive; $1,500 for a 12” x 18” print and their largest print size 2′ x 3′ goes for $3,500. Look after the break to see a “net engineering” hologram.

[Via Engadget; ZebraImaging]

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