Music video: Britney Spears – “Till The World Ends”

So what’s gonna happen when the world ends in December 2012? The sky will darken and buildings will shatter apart, skyscraper chunks falling from above. Humans will seek refuge underground in the sewers and dance till the world ends. That’s all according to the latest music video from comeback queen Britney Spears. The former Mickey Mouse Club member autotunes her way through this banging club beat, just as she did in her previous single “Hold It Against Me.” While the lyrics scribed by Ke$ha are nothing to rave about, the Dr. Luke/Max Martin/Billboard-produced track provides a mighty fine sound and will fit in just fine at both American and European clubs. My only issue with the video is that we don’t get to see Britney’s dancing talents for more than a few seconds at a time; the choreography is fun, but every time she starts to get into a groove the shot cuts away to something else going on. I found this to occur even more so in her previous vid. With that said, the Ray Kay-directed video sits above so hit play and get ready to bounce-bounce-bounce. (Can you spot the transparent multitouch DJ controller?)

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