Music video: Asher Roth – “Last Man Standing” (Featuring Akon)

Rapper Asher Roth is ramping up production on the followup to his 2009 debut Asleep in the Bread Aisle by dropping a new single titled “Last Man Standing.” It serves as the lead single off his sophomore attempt now called Is This Too Orange? (it was originally named The Spaghetti Tree). It’s due out later this year; a new mixtape Paps & Jazz will precede it.

The music video for “Last Man Standing” finds Asher stuck inside a haunted mansion fending off his enemies with combat and fast rhymes. It all plays out in slick comic book style; the rapper teamed up with comic book artist Chris Hunt to make the cool, authentic visuals pop. Featuring artist Akon is transmitted digitally onto the scene.

[Via Rap-Up]

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