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‘Revolution’ returns to provide closure, but not in the way you think

Closure is coming! About a year after NBC cancelled Revolution, the cult J.J. Abrams sci-fi apocalyptic drama, it was announced today that series creator Eric Kripke and his entire creative team are reuniting to wrap up the dangling storylines left open at the end of the season two finale.

Alas, there is a slight catch: Revolution is not returning to television but in the form of a four-chapter digital comic book. Fans of the short-lived series may be disappointed to hear this, but at the end of the day, diehards should be elated that Kripke and co. are delivering the ending Revolution deserves–one imagined and written by the makers of the show. Plus, don’t hate on comic books; they’re just as fun to explore as any TV series!

So who’s working on the comic book, exactly? Well it’s Kripke, fellow executive producers J.J. Abrams, Bryan Burk, Rockne S. O’Bannonm, and Jon Favreau (who directed the pilot), as well as the show’s other creative team members Paul Grellong, David Rambo, Trey Callaway, Anne Cofell Saunders, Ben Edlund, Matt Pitts, and Jim Barnes. Revolution writers David Reed and Ryan Parrott are penning all four installments and illustrations are drawn by DC Comics artist Angel Hernandez. See a group picture of select members from this group at work after the break; can you spot series co-star Tracy Spiridakos in the mix? Tagged with this picture is a sneak peek at Hernandez’s illustrations; striking hand-drawn versions of Charlie Matheson, Miles Matheson, and Sebastian Monroe are previewed.

To reiterate, the upcoming stories will be featured in digital comic books made exclusively available online; hard copies are not being produced at this time. The four chapters will debut at beginning Monday, May 4. Chapters 2 through 4 will arrive May 18, June 1, and June 15, respectively. A week after landing at Comic Book’s site, they’ll be made available at Revolution‘s official Facebook page.

Over the course of 2 seasons and 42 episodes, Revolution had its ups and downs as it weaved an intricate adventure about family and alliances. A heavy mythology had viewers guessing all about why the damn lights went out and thankfully it didn’t take that long for answers. Still, by the time the season-turned-series finale rolled around last May, new questions arose that took viewers by surprise. By closing one chapter (remember that awesome trickery involving our heroes getting the “President” to confess his part in Carver’s death?), Revolution opened a new door of intrigue when the omnipresent nanotech started to manipulate a zombie-like army of sheeple. The digital comic book will surely reintroduce that cliffhanger and aim to resolve it. Also, is Miles the father of Charlie like we always suspected?!

Be sure to jump after the break to read Kripke’s heartfelt letter to fans of the series. In it he acknowledges the passionate #RelocateRevolution hashtag that went viral following the show’s rude cancellation, and he profusely thanks the fans for their loyalty. Revolution‘s showrunner is excited to “end the story. On our terms. Exactly the way we would have.” READ MORE ‘Revolution’ returns to provide closure, but not in the way you think

FRINGE FRIDAY returns tonight at 9PM on FOX

The wait is finally over. Fringe begins its fourth season tonight on FOX. And the question on everybody’s mind is Where is Peter Bishop? Though showrunners J.H. Wyman and Jeff Pinkner would never spoil that for fans, they did talk with the press recently to ramp up excitement for the new season. Here are some choice quotes for you to munch on before things get rolling at 9PM.

Wyman and Pinkner went back and forth reiterating the importance of Peter. Wyman: “Just because he [Peter] doesn’t exist doesn’t mean that those three years we’ve invested all didn’t happen. It did happen. And it will all unfold itself for you to understand what context I’m speaking.” Pinkner: “Look, Peter is part of the DNA of the show. We’ve done some pretty crazy things in the past where people were always like, ‘Well, wait a minute. Why are they doing that? What’s going on?’ Hopefully in season four, people will trust us enough to realize that we are doing things for a reason. To sort of have Fringe without Peter in some way, shape or form is really not Fringe…The show constantly tries to recontectualize your perception of this story…The idea that Peter is gone — and, ultimately, he’s not permanently gone — is an opportunity to recontectualize the story and what we’ve seen again. It’s something we love to play with.”

Wyman explained that the new season will tell a story about “how are these universes going to work together to heal their joint damage now that they have a means to do so…This offered us a good opportunity to…watch how the two Olivias are looking at problems very differently. It goes back to our major theme: Our experiences are who we are.” Standalone Fringe cases will take place in our universe, the alt-universe, and some will overlap in both universes over the course of the season.

The duo went on to give hints about else we can expect from the upcoming season.

  • Pinkner talked about now-series regular Seth Gabel, who plays Lincoln Lee. “We’re kind of in love with the theme of having this guy come in and have to go into a very strange world and [realize] that everything he thought was true is no longer valid. He’s going to have to put back together a psyche that has been sort of fractured by this knowledge that he really shouldn’t have.”  Added Wyman, “He brings us a certain thematic element that we really needed to tell this year. A lot of the things his character will be going through will help us tell our story. One of the themes we’re really interested in getting into this year is the impact we have on each other’s lives. We’re defined by the connections we make, and who we know, and who knows us, and how we define other people.”
  • “There will be returning faces,” Pinkner said. “We hate to spoil things, but there will be characters that you’ll be delighted to see again, hopefully some that you’ll be surprised to see again, and some you may have seen before that come back in a completely different context.”
  • The opening title sequence is a new color: orange! “The significance of the color is simply just to put out the notion that this is the universe without Peter in it.”  “It’s a different chapter,” added Wyman.
  • “Walternate, despite all promises to the contrary, is still a bad guy manipulating things behind the scenes. So that’s another story we’re going to be delving into,” said Wyman.
  • Hope you enjoyed season two’s “Brown Betty” musical and season three’s “LSD” animation trip because Wyman hints there’s another episode coming up “that’s off the beaten track.”
  • Get ready for some super freaky cases this year. Shares Wyman, “We have a slew of really crazy, hopefully thought-provoking, far-out cases that deal with time travel, out-of-control biology, and humans who either for very understandable and sometimes not so understandable reasons, are messing with the rules of nature and the rules of physics. This year…more than any other year, we have some mind-blowing standalone stories. Because ‘over there’ is so messed up, and over here is a little suspicious as well right now, it gives us carte blanche to push our imaginations to the hilt and see some really cool things realized.”

And there you have it. Fringe season four is ready to fire on all cylinders. Before it begins, take the time to watch FOX’s 12-part recap series “Past + Present + Future” on YouTube. Whether you’re new to the series or just want to brush up on everything Fringe, these collection of videos will take you on an exciting journey spanning all three seasons of the fantastic sci-fi series. Prepare for your mind to be blown.

Bonus! Look after the break to learn about the brand new DC Comic based on the show Beyond the Fringe.

[Via EW; TVLine] READ MORE FRINGE FRIDAY returns tonight at 9PM on FOX

Spielberg, Orci & Kurtzman, Friedman & Hill onboard for ‘Locke & Key’ comic book adaptation

Locke & Key, a comic book series written by Joe Hill, illustrated by Gabriel Rodriguez and published by IDW Publishing, follows three teenage brothers, Tyler, Kinsey, and Bode Locke, who move to a Massachusetts mansion where they find the mystical Ghost Door which grants them powers, including the ability to separate his spirit from body and to transport between different worlds.  The modern (2008-present) comic book is about to undergo a transformation with some HUGE names at the helm.  A few months back, writers Roberto Orci & Alex Kurtzman (Fringe, Star Trek, Transformers) were approached to write a screenplay for a movie adaptation of the series.  After much speculation, Vulture breaks news that the series will be adapted for television.  In addition to Orci & Kurtzman, Steven Spielberg will serve as executive producer (via DreamWorks TV) and  Josh Friedman, who was the showrunner of the dearly missed Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, will write and exec produce.  Oh and you knnow Joe Hill, the writer of the comic book?  He just happens to be Steven King’s son.  20th Century Fox and DreamWorks TV will back the venture.  Now the wait begins to see which network is willing to scoop up all this talent and greenlight the production process.

[Via IGN; NYMag; Wiki]

Dollhouse “Epitaphs” comic book bundled with season 2 DVD/BD release

FOX might have cancelled the sci-fi adventure Dollhouse due to dismal ratings, but that won’t keep the show from living on–in comic book form that is.  When Dollhouse season 2 releases on DVD and Blu-ray on October 12, a single comic book issue titled “Epitaphs” will come bundled inside.  It’s exclusive to the DVD/BD release meaning you won’t find it in comic book stores.  “Epitaphs” was written by Jed Whedon and Maurissa Tancharoen (newly husband and wife, Dollhouse creator Joss Whedon’s brother and sister-in-law, respectively).  If you happen to be at Comic Con right now, (Jed) Whedon and Tancharoen will be on hand to sign a litho created by Dark Horse Comics on Friday (7/23) from 11am-noon.  I will leave you with the official synopsis:

“Jed Whedon and Maurissa Tancharoen, joined by longtime Buffy the Vampire Slayer artist Cliff Richards, take us on an intricate trip through the precise moment when the Active technology went global, and how the protagonists from Epitaph One and Two narrowly avoided death, and worse.Jed Whedon and Maurissa Tancharoen wrote the Epitaph episodes of Dollhouse Seasons One and Two, and currently write for the Starz series Spartacus. This is their first work in comics. Artist Cliff Richards has drawn more Joss Whedon-related comics than any other artist, including issues of Buffy Season Eight.”

[Via UGO]

‘The Guild’ will return to comics next year

This year co-creator, writer, and star Felicia Day brought her web series The Guild into the world of comics.  The initial set of three issues have come to an end.  But that doesn’t mean the extended story is over!  Day recently sat down with CBR to discuss what she has in store for the next series of Guild-based comics.  Each issue of the sequel series will focus on single characher and will be illustrated by a different artist.  The first issue, which is set to drop sometime in 2011, will feature Vork, the Guild leader.  Jeff Lewis, the actor that portrays Vork in the web series, will co-write the story.  The remaining Guild members, including Zaboo, Clara, Tinkerballa and Bladezz, will follow.  Click the source link to see what Day has to say about the new series.  If you missed out on Codex’s three story arc, check out the fantastic artwork and get yourself a copy at TFAW.  And if you’ve never heard of The Guild, make sure you visit to catch up on the first few seasons; season four just started!

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The Guild issue #2 is out now

Web series-turned-comic book The Guild is back with issue numero dos today.  Go ahead and preview it at Dark Horse Comics.  You can buy it there for $3.50.  Missed out on issue #1?  Download it from the App Store for a mere 99 cents here!  Here’s the synopsis for the latest issue:

Since discovering role-playing games, Cyd Sherman spends more and more time in-game as the healer Codex. As her boyfriend ignores her in favor of his fledgling band and her therapist questions whether or not she has “real” friends, Cyd decides to form her own group within the game after meeting Clara, who teaches her about reputation points, and Zaboo, who introduces her to “friending” within the game.

[Via ComicsAlliance]

League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: 1988

The next installment of Alan Moore and Kevin O’Neill’s League of Extraordinary Gentlemen is here!  The narrative jumps abot 80 years into the future from  lasy year’s “Century: 1910” to League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: 1988.  Is that Dr. Emmet Brown front and center?  Synopsis, people:

When war-hero-turned-handyman Kesuke Miyagi is found drained of blood, it becomes clear that the occult gang known as the Lost Boys are targeting the only individuals that can stop them from complete domination of America. It’s the perfect case for the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen–except that their government contact, Oscar Goldman, disbanded the team in 1979 after they defeated Mr. Han’s army of the living dead.

Now, disgraced scientist Emmet Brown has to put together a new team to combat the growing threat of the Lost Boys and their leader, a newly resurrected vampire kingpin Tony Montana: Transportation specialist Jack Burton, ex-commando B.A. Baracus, tech wizard Angus MacGyver and the mysteriously powerful femme fatale known only as “Lisa.” But will Brown be able to stop the Lost Boys before time runs out?

1988 is written by Moore, but, according to ComicsAlliance, one Rusty Shackles will  fill in for illustrator O’Neill “due to the latter’s crippling addiction to “Pokemon SoulSilver”.”

[Via ComicsAlliance]

AMC to bring ‘The Walking Dead’ to life on the small screen

I can see you comic book fans sitting up in your seats!  AMC announced today a new show based on Robert Kirkman’s “The Walking Dead” highly acclaimed comic book series about a world run by zombies.  An initial six-episode run will debut this October.  It will be written and directed by Frank Darabont (The Shawshank Redemption) and executive produced by Gale Ann Hurd (The Terminator, Aliens, The Incredible Hulk), Charles Eglee (The Shield, Dexter), and Kirkman.  Here’s AMC’s description of the series:

The Walking Dead tells the story of the months and years that follow after a zombie apocalypse. It follows a group of survivors, led by police officer Rick Grimes, who travel in search of a safe and secure home. The comic goes on to explore the challenges of life in a world overrun by zombies who take a toll on the survivors, and sometimes the interpersonal conflicts present a greater danger to their continuing survival than the zombies that roam the country. Over time, the characters are changed by the constant exposure to death and some grow willing to do anything to survive.

Lead characters Rick and Lori have yet to be cast, but Rick’s partner has been chosen: Jon Bernthal (The Pacific) will play Shane.

[Via NYTBlog; IGN]