‘Dancepants Kinetic Music Player’

Posted in Images,Style,Technology by Scott Meisner on November 17th, 2009

Designed by Inesa Malafej and Arunas Sukarevicius (from Lithuania).

The “Dancepants” convert kinetic energy from your rapid movement into electricity to run your MP3 player.  In layman’s terms: you run and the music plays; you stop running and the music stops playing.  The designers say the leggings are a “100 percent interactive way to feel the value of energy on your own.”

Pretty neat way to keep you going at a fast pace when exercising or making a quick dash to your next class.  If you want your beats to keep playing you gotta shake your groove thang, shake your groove thang.

[Via Engadget; Ecouterre]

Washboard necktie

Posted in Fashion,Images,Style by Scott Meisner on November 17th, 2009

This “brushed stainless steel tie” is pretty rad.  “Tie any look together with this quality, stainless steel clip-on instrument with two thimbles, included for strumming.”  Strummin’ your tie, a fad or a new way of life?  Give it a whirl at your local UrbanOutfitters.

[Via Gizmodo; Likecool; UO]

Double-finger ring

Posted in Fashion,Images,Style by Scott Meisner on November 17th, 2009

Designed by Betony Vernon.

Interesting, to say the least.  You your imagination?

[Via KanyeBlog]

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Dress made of 24,000 LED lights

Posted in Fashion,Images,Style,Technology,Video by Scott Meisner on November 17th, 2009

Designed by Francesca Rosella and Ryan Genz of CuteCircuit.

The GalaxyDress provides a spectacular and mesmerizing effect being embroidered with 24000 color LEDs, it is the largest wearable display in the world. Constructed using the smallest full-color LEDs that are flat like paper and measuring only 2 by 2 mm.

Says the duo: “The circuits are extra-thin, flexible and hand-embroidered on a layer of silk in a way that gives it stretch so the LED fabric can move like normal fabric with lightness and fluidity.”  They add that the dress uses the same amount of electricity as two household bulbs.

[Via Gizmodo; Wired; YouTube]

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Paper Shoes

Posted in Fashion,Images,Style by Scott Meisner on November 17th, 2009

Designed by Mathieu Missiaen & Julien Morin.

[Via Gizmodo; Mocoloco]

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iPhone ‘home button’ earrings

Posted in Fashion,Images,Style,Technology by Scott Meisner on November 17th, 2009

They’ll go smashingly with your Xbox cufflinks.

[Via Engadget]

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Music video: Lady Gaga – “Bad Romance”

Posted in Fashion,Music,Style,Video by Scott Meisner on November 13th, 2009

Some are calling Gaga’s latest video for her new single “Bad Romance” “her best yet,” and I tend to agree with these sentiments.  Though her music video for “Paparazzi” was very unique and stands out in its own way, “Bad Romance” just feels bigger and, well, better.  The costume designs, the choreography (with a nod to MJ’s “Thriller”), and the overall production design of it is flat out superb and entrancing.  Take a look for yourself and enjoy Gaga and her, erm, eccentric-ness.

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Does a tetris chair go poof when you sit on it?

Posted in Images,Style by Scott Meisner on October 28th, 2009

Designed by Gabriel Cañas.

[Via Gizmodo]

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For all you shape-shifters out there

Posted in Images,Style by Scott Meisner on October 28th, 2009

Sink into the “Breathing Chair,” designed by Yu-Wing Wu.

There is a “trick” behind the design of various sizes of holes in the chair – based on professional calculation of the spatial structure, the tofu-shaped chair, coated with three layers of foamed plastic, can “automatically adjust” according to the weight and posture of the person sitting on it.

[Via Engadget; CCTV]

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Xbox cufflinks

Posted in Fashion,Images,Style by Scott Meisner on October 28th, 2009

Need I say more?

[Via Technabob]

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Lexus LF-A Crystallised Wind is out of this world

Posted in Architecture,Cars,Images,Style by Scott Meisner on October 26th, 2009

At this year’s Tokyo Motor Show, Lexus showed off its Lexus LF-A Crystallised Wind, an illuminated acrylic glass model of a real car.

Japanese architect Sou Fujimoto explains: “The term ‘wind’ addresses not only the flow of wind, but also symbolises a flow or current in a greater sense. It is a new horizon where the natural and the artificial co-exist in space.”

Check out a few more images of this beauty in the gallery below.

[Via Gizmodo; Wired]

“Video painting” is the new graffiti

Posted in Art,Style,Technology,Video by Scott Meisner on October 26th, 2009

In an effort to establish new platforms for public art and performance, the multimedia duo SWEATSHOPPE has developed a new interactive technology that enables them to explore the relationship between video, mark making and architecture. Dubbed “video painting,” this technology allows them to essentially “paint” video onto any surface.

Wooster Collective does some ‘plainin’: “The software controlling the video was written in Max. The paint roller does not use any sort of paint, it simply contains green LEDs. The software tracks the color green and outputs the x y position which are sent to drawing commands and the strokes are textured with video.”

[Via Gizmodo; vimeo page; WoosterCollective]

Kanye West’s Pasttell clothing line makes an appearence, yet still nowhere in sight

Posted in Article,Fashion,Images,Style by Scott Meisner on October 11th, 2009

So here’s a long story made short.

Rapper Kanye West first introduced his concept clothing line called Pastelle in Spring 2006.  Over three years later, we still do not have any definitive information about it.  Although it appears Kanye has worn nunmerous peices from what is now called the Past-Tell line, not a single article of clothing or accessories have been released yet.  According to its Wikipedia page, Kanye has made it known that “The first Pastelle Clothing store will open up late 2009 in Chicago — followed by the New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco launch.”  The website Past.Tell.Museum has been idle ever since its creation.

Today the blog The Black Nouveau has “sourced” three photos of what may be future Pasttell jackets and shirts.  As the official announcement of the clothing line keeps getting pushed year after year, I’m skeptical if Pasttell will ever become a reality.  Now, though, with Kanye taking a break from touring, maybe he will find some time to fulfill the promise he made three years ago.

[Via The Black Nouveau; Wiki]

[Thanks, Corey Z.]

Bathtub from the future “excites and relaxes”

Posted in Architecture,Images,Style by Scott Meisner on October 11th, 2009

Sci-Fi Bathtub by Spiritual Mode.

Want your bathroom to be “out of this world?” This stunning sci-fi bathtub by Spiritual Mode is just the thing to send all your senses awhirl! The Beignet bathtub features fashion and function, and is designed to relax and rejuvenate. Water fills the tub via two ultra-modern taps. The soft, circular shape is soothing to the sight, while water jets along the tub’s base will calm you at the end of a long day. A great addition to contemporary bathroom design, this stylish new bathtub brings technology, luxury and elegance to “me time.”

True, it looks like a UFO landed in your bathroom.  Still the modern look and the architectural detail of each piece makes for the coolest bathtub I have ever seen.

[Via Gizmodo; trendir]

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Human Furnature

Posted in Art,Images,Style by Scott Meisner on October 2nd, 2009

Human Furniture Collection by Samal Design.

They are disturbingly “inspired by men’s beauty and sensuality.”  The collection is created with “MDF and plastic with metal structure inside for support.”

[Via Gizmodo; Cubeme]

Coke can redesign; gets a grip, is roll-resistant

Posted in Images,Style,Technology by Scott Meisner on September 25th, 2009

Designed by Dzmirty Samal.

According to PSFK.com: “Rather than use the traditional cold forming manufacturing process all cans undergo today, Samal’s concept makes use of a forming process called impact extrusion in which aluminum is pressed at a high velocity into a mold. Besides having a unique look, the faceted sides could make the can easier to grip and would prevent the can from rolling when placed on its side.”

[Via Gizmodo; PSFK]

The mojito shoe looks uncomfortable by design

Posted in Fashion,Images,Style by Scott Meisner on September 25th, 2009

The mojito shoe is designed by London architect Julian Hakes. 

Hakes: “The material choice is simple: The shoe is a laminate with Carbon fibre for the core which gives the shoe its spring and strength, leather on the foot side and rubber on the walking wearing side. 3 materials, each doing a specific job.”

See more images of this fashionably unique yet somewhat disturbingly uncomfortable shoe in the gallery below.

[Via Gizmodo; Deezen]

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Special edition Nike Air Yeezys auctioned for a combined total of $23,900

Posted in Fashion,Images,Style by Scott Meisner on September 22nd, 2009

Nike auctioned two special edition Air Yeezy sneakers.  Each of them are one-of-a-kind and were only made available for the sole purpose of the auction.

“One pair features a black leather upper and Jordan VI bottom, the first and only time the shoe will be made available with a Jumpman logo, and the other pair is THE Air Yeezy that Kanye worn on The 50th Annual Grammy Awards.”  As cool as these kicks are I cannot see anyone getting tooexcited about wanting to get a sneaker Kanye West wore at an awards show.  (Tee-hee…)

However, it’s for a good cause, and they are certainly nice pairs of sneakers that come in equally nice boxes.  The auctions ended last night.  The Jordan VI-inspired pair sold for $7,400 and the West-worn pair sold for $16,500.  DAMN!  All proceeds went to the Doernbecher Children’s Hospital that’s located in Portland, Oregon. 

See the gallery below for more images of the sneaker, a peek at the box, and the winning eBay pages.

[Via KanyeBlog; The Shoe Game]

Digital wallpaper

Posted in Art,Style,Technology,Video by Scott Meisner on September 22nd, 2009

Created by Strukt Design Studio.

To decorate the office space of Büro Hirzberger in Vienna Strukt realised a digital wallpaper that illuminates the walls. In this self-initated project Strukt was given complete creative freedom by the client, and developed a system to project video and realtime content undistorted onto any surface.

The basic idea was to light up the black and white striped office wall by mapping the architecture with multitple projectors. The program developed by Strukt is scripted in vvvv and is scaleable to any number of projectors and any architectural shape. Several different visualisations have been realised already, amongst it a Pac Man animation as well as moving stripes, and more are in development. The content could also be made interactive, reacting to people passing the ground-floor offices.

Very, very neat indeed.

[Via Gizmodo; Strukt]

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The dervish lamp

Posted in Art,Images,Style by Scott Meisner on September 22nd, 2009

Created by Philippe Malouin Design.

While borrowing a friend’s car for the day, I decided to have it washed to show my gratitude. I pulled into an automated carwash, and while inside, I couldn’t help but notice how the carwash brushes completely alter their shape from flimsy drooping hair covered rods to massive powerful beams. Could this quality of transformation be applied to the home sector? Where would a transforming apparatus find use in the home?

The carwash brushes go from limp, to cones, to beams. A lamp could use this whimsical feature to direct light, from a tube of light to a cone, to an open light source. The contraption, with its spinning, would produce a rather considerable amount of wind. Ceiling fans have not changed in the slightest ever since their introduction. Apart from finishes and rotation speed, they have always remained rather dull.

By morphing the ever-changing carwash brushes with a ceiling fan, a new product is achieved and completely redefines ceiling fans. The piece is called Dervish, its spinning qualities remind one of the Turkish spinning dancers going in a trance.

[Via Gizmodo; Philippe Malouin Deisgn]

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