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Photoshop gets real on the iPad

At an event dubbed Photoshop World 2011, an Adobe exec demonstrated the future of Photoshop…on an iPad! You might think Photoshop Express in the App Store is a useful tool to edit photos on a mobile device, but you ain’t seen nothing yet. Resizing, manipulating, and applying filters to images is a smooth experience on this conceptual, futuristic version of Ps for iPad. The coolest feature, though, is the ability to add layers and view all applied layers in a 3D animation mode that reveals how exactly they are organized in relation to one another. But alas–this tease of an insanely cool iPad app is but a concept and no release date was shared with the event’s crowd in awe.

[Via Engadget; Photography Bay]

Adobe Photoshop CS5 is on the way, new Content-Aware feature works like magic

Photoshop Labs is showing off a magical new tool called Content-Aware.  What it allows you to do is add, remove, move, or repair image elements in an extremely easy and fool-proof way.  Up to this point, one way to clean up images by removing certain elements from it was to use to the Healing tool.  Editing images this way can be nerve-racking, tedious, and time-consuming.  Content Aware does away with all that.  Watch the video above to witness the magic.  The Photoshopper starts out with small edits, like removing lens flairs and tiny trees from an image.  Then he moves onto bigger things like adding desert to a road and filling out a panoramic image with the click of a button.  Very impressive stuff.  Adobe Photoshop CS5 releases on April 12, and Adobe promises this feature in a “future version of Photoshop.”  (Whether that means it will be included in CS5 or in an update has not been addressed.)

[Via AdobeBlog; Gizmodo]