New ‘Avatar’ special features come to iTunes

Posted in Movies,News,Video by Scott Meisner on December 20th, 2011

James Cameron’s cash cow Avatar saw its first home release on April 22, 2010. Months later on November 16 Avatar was re-released into the wild as a “Three-Disc Extended Collector’s Edition.” Unlike the original release, this one included bonus features like 45 minutes worth of deleted scenes. While we wait for the Blu-ray 3D release to end its exclusivity with Panasonic, Cameron’s inviting fans of the movie to revisit Pandora by purchasing a new digital version of Avatar. This release is dubbed the “iTunes Extras Special Edition” and it comes with new, never-before-seen bonus material. Features include scene deconstruction, allowing viewers to interact with the performance capture and visual effects levels in 17 of the film’s scene; green screen x-ray gives viewers an interactive look through the visual effects levels to see the original green screen footage hiding behind certain scenes; it also comes with an original screenplay penned by Cameron, his scriptment, a gallery of 1,700 images, “and more.” Interested? Click over to iTunes, hand over $19.99 and immerse yourself in Pandora once more. At least until the 3D version comes out. Video promoting the new edition sits after the break. (Click here for more…)

Back to the Future celebrates its 25th anniversary with a Blu-ray release

Posted in Movies,News by Scott Meisner on July 29th, 2010

On October 26 the unforgettable Back to the Future trilogy will release on Blu-ray (for the very first time) and DVD.  Though pricing details have not been disclosed, Hollywood News has picked up on the loads of bonus material.  They include 16 deleted scenes, a six-part retrospective documentary with interviews by Michael J. Fox, Christopher Lloyd, director Robert Zemeckis, and making-of and archival featurettes.  So if you happen to be a long-time BTTF fan, you’re gonna want to get this. (Click here for more…)

Lost’s Michael Emerson teases DVD bonus “The New Man in Charge”

Posted in Image cache,News,Television by Scott Meisner on July 22nd, 2010

When the Lost season 6 and complete series collection DVD/Blu-ray packages were first detailed, we were informed that a bonus footage would “go deeper into the world of LOST with a much-anticipated new chapter of the island’s story from executive producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse.”  This week more details surrounding said footage have surfaced.  According to EW, it is an “original, 12-minute vignette called “The New Man in Charge,” a tantalizing look at what Hurley (Jorge Garcia) and Ben (Michael Emerson) do as the new Island overseers.”  They even got their hands on a still (see above)!  What’s that Ben doing in a Dharma jumpsuit?  Emerson says, “Ben is going around to Dharma installations and closing some down.  There are some good surprises…it does answer questions.”  August 24, come sooner please?

[Via EW; HDR]