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Music videos: John Legend serenades his wife in piano ballad “All of Me”; Britney Spears is back in EDM-inspired “Work Bitch”

At the end of August soul singer-songwriter John Legend dropped his fourth studio album Love in the Future and here’s a music video for the third single off that record. In “All of Me” Legend sings to his new wife, model Chrissy Teigen; they were married in Italy last month. The beautiful, subtle direction by Nabil complements the piano heavy tune; Legend sings, “Cuz all of me loves all of you; love your curves and all your edges, all your perfect imperfections.” The GOOD Music artist is a pure talent; watch his latest in the black-and-white clip embedded above.

After the break, Britney’s back. READ MORE Music videos: John Legend serenades his wife in piano ballad “All of Me”; Britney Spears is back in EDM-inspired “Work Bitch”

Remix: Britney Spears – “Till The World Ends” (Featuring Nicki Minaj & Ke$ha)

Still can’t get Britney Spears’ club banger single “Till The World Ends” out of your head? This is no cure. The Femme Fatale has rounded up other pop superstars Nicki Minaj and Ke$ha to join her on the catchy track. In this slightly altered version of the song, Nicki looks inside herself, locates her alter egos, and starts the song with this new intro: “Chimpanzees is hatin’, but I take it all in stride/ Put her in a jungle with bananas on the side/ Told you they’d revive your career, but somebody lied/ I ain’t talkin’ poultry when I say this chicken’s fried.” Then she explodes into a full on rap verse in a way only Barbie can impress. Ke$ha, who co-wrote the bumping track, hops onto the chorus later on. Listen here:

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Update (4/25): Today Britney let loose the final version of the remix. You can listen to it right here. It does sound cleaner. Also, take a gander at the official single art pasted above.

Update 2: Now available to buy on iTunes.

Rihanna teams with Britney Spears for “S&M” remix

One of the most popular songs of 2011 now has a Rihmix. The song now includes nasally vocals from the Femme Fatale–that’s right, it’s Britney bitch.

“I asked my fans last week who they really wanted me to collaborate with, and Britney was one of the most popular names,” RiRi told New York’s Z100 show host Elvis Duran. “Britney doesn’t do features, and it was really amazing that she wanted to be a part of this song.”

Clearly the original version is better since the song does not need Britney’s touch, but if you’re a fan of the comeback pop star the remix is definitely worth a listen. Watcha think? If you like it that much, you can find it on iTunes.

Music video: Britney Spears – “Till The World Ends”

So what’s gonna happen when the world ends in December 2012? The sky will darken and buildings will shatter apart, skyscraper chunks falling from above. Humans will seek refuge underground in the sewers and dance till the world ends. That’s all according to the latest music video from comeback queen Britney Spears. The former Mickey Mouse Club member autotunes her way through this banging club beat, just as she did in her previous single “Hold It Against Me.” While the lyrics scribed by Ke$ha are nothing to rave about, the Dr. Luke/Max Martin/Billboard-produced track provides a mighty fine sound and will fit in just fine at both American and European clubs. My only issue with the video is that we don’t get to see Britney’s dancing talents for more than a few seconds at a time; the choreography is fun, but every time she starts to get into a groove the shot cuts away to something else going on. I found this to occur even more so in her previous vid. With that said, the Ray Kay-directed video sits above so hit play and get ready to bounce-bounce-bounce. (Can you spot the transparent multitouch DJ controller?)

“Till The World Ends” gets a modern rock twist

YouTuber Jimmy Wong struts his musical abilities to give Britney Spears’ latest single “Till The World Ends” a modern rock twist it was born to find. Jimmy performs the vocals, MIDI keyboards, guitar, drums, tambourine and claps, adds kick drum and snare hits to the mix, and brings it all together in this highly entertaining video. This talent deserves some props; head over to Jimmy’s YouTube channel and see what else he’s been up to. His Super Mario Bros. a capella cover and Asians in the library reaction song are instant hits.

Music video: Britney Spears – “Hold It Against Me”

It’s true, I haven’t been the biggest fan of Britney Spears since her 2007 meltdown. But I’ve never seen such anticipation for music video like this before. Spears shot the video, directed by Jonas Åkerlund and choreographed by Brian Friedman, in late January and since then “HIAM” and anything relating to it has been trending on Twitter ever since. People couldn’t stop talking about Britney’s followup to her comeback effort (2008’s Circus). The Max Martin/Dr. Luke dance track is lively and technically sound; Spears’ autotuned voice adds some flavor to it. The music video is odd, to say the least. Though the choreography is enjoyable, Åkerlund decided on too many frantic cuts so it was hard to watch Britney do her thing. I did enjoy the battle of the Britneys sequence, and I’m sure you will too. Check it out above, and download the track right here. Her seventh studio album Femme Fatale releases March 25.