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75 gigapixel panorama of Budapest is the world’s largest image

Remember that 45 gigapixel panorama of the Dubai cityscape I showed you back in early May?  Well a new gigapixel photograph has arrived, dethroning the Dubai image as the world’s largest digital photograph.  A whopping 75 gigapixel image, 360 degree panorama of Budapest is the new champ.  The image was taken with  two 25-megapixel Sony A900 digital cameras fitted with 400mm Minolta lenses and 1.4X teleconverters.  And get a load of this: a printed version of the image measures at 15 meters long and the image file size is 200GB!  But enough blabber.  Head over to site the hosts the intertactive image.  Click the top button on the control bar at the left to enter full screen mode, scrub around the enormous image using your mouse, and feel free to see what the neighbors are doing by using the zoom slider on the left.  You see all those teeny tiny houses scattered in the image above?  Thanks to the highly detailed nature of this image you can zoom all the way into them.  Mind-boggling impressive, eh?

[Via Engadget; 70BPBudapest]