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‘Community: Age of Yahoo’ trailer previews highly anticipated season six [Update: Premiere day arrives, here’s how to watch]

Dan Harmon parodies The Avengers in the very first look at Community‘s new lease on life. The Community: Age of Yahoo trailer (get it?) runs nearly three minutes long and consists entirely of never-before-seen material plucked directly from the upcoming batch of new episodes. “You’ve saved Greendale, but you didn’t want it to change,” snarls the dramatic voice-over announcer. Thankfully, it looks like Community fans will continue to get the same show they fell in love with even after its relocation to the Internet. Though Pierce, Troy, and Shirley are MIA for season six, one Frankie Dart (aka “the new Shirley” played by Paget Brewster) and computer innovator Elroy Patashnik (Keith David) fill in the missing holes. The classic Community humor you know and love permeates throughout this extended first look, and just like that anticipation for the coveted sixth season jumped exponentially!

Community premieres Tuesday, March 17 exclusively on Yahoo Screen with two installments; new episodes will follow weekly on Tuesdays.

Update (3/17): Community is back in session! Here’s how you can watch. The fastest way to get started is by pointing your web browser to Yahoo Screen. On a tablet or smartphone? No problem. Download the free Yahoo Screen app for iOS or Android. Want to pretend like Community’s still airing on network TV and watch it on your big screen HDTV? You can totally do that, as long as you have an Apple TV, Roku, or Xbox 360; download the free Yahoo Screen app on one of those devices to get streaming. As mentioned above, Yahoo debuted the first two episodes of Community today (they both clock in at 27:26). Additional new episodes (13 total) will release weekly on Tuesdays.

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TV reminder: 12 premieres to look out for in March

There are so many super awesome cool amazing premieres falling on the schedule this month! Jump after the break to preview 12 you shouldn’t miss. READ MORE TV reminder: 12 premieres to look out for in March

‘Community’ season 6 premieres on Yahoo March 17 (video inside)

Mark your calendars: class is in session March 17, for Community season 6, that is. With series creator Dan Harmon back at the helm and a new reign of creative freedom ahead thanks to Yahoo scooping it up after NBC cancelled it last season, Community is primed to premiere its best season yet. Original cast members Joel McHale, Gillian Jacobs, Alison Brie, Danny Pudi, Jim Rash, and Ken Jeong are all returning, and they are joined by newbies Paget Brewster (Criminal Minds) and Keith David (The Cape). Yvette Nicole Brown joins Chevy Chase and Donald Glover on the bench this season but you never know–perhaps Harmon will surprise us with special appearances by the dearly departed study group members. Community will be watchable at Yahoo Screen (supported by ads but no subscription required). On the 17th of March two episodes will land, and then the season will unfold with one new episode every Tuesday following the double-dose premiere.

As we approach our wish for #sixseasonsandamovie, does this sixth season mark the beginning of the end for the Greendale Gang? According to Harmon, nope! When asked about the future of the series at the Television Critics Association winter press tour today, he responded like this: “I’m definitely not writing [this season] as if it’s the end. My sixth-grade mentality about it is this show has lived by the sword of its intimate relationship with the fans, and needs to die by that sword. Only when people stop watching would I ever want to stop making the product. I have to continue writing the show as if it’s going to last for 20 seasons.” Be gone, darkest timeline! For today we live in the light!

But still. As long as we get the movie in and solidify that special preordained fate, I am one happy Human Being. Now jump after the break to watch a fun little promo for the upcoming season of Community.

[Via Yahoo; TVLine; EW] READ MORE ‘Community’ season 6 premieres on Yahoo March 17 (video inside)

Yvette Nicole Brown is not returning to ‘Community’

Another one bites the dust. Following the departures of Chevy Chase in season 4 and Donald Glover in season 5, Community is losing a third member of the original study group in season 6. Yvette Nicole Brown, who plays Shirley Bennett, will not be a series regular when Community makes its debut on Yahoo next year. In fact, her exit will take place off screen. Her father isn’t doing so well, and so she made the decision not to participate in the new episodes.

“My dad needs daily care and he needs me,” Brown tells TV Guide. “The idea of being away 16 hours a day for five months, I couldn’t do it. It was a difficult decision for me to make, but I had to choose my dad.”

She may, however, return to guest star at some point in the future. “I am totally open to whatever Dan decides,” she says. “I’m glad it won’t be hard for them to explain where she is. She has three kids, a degree and a business. There are a lot of ways to explain her [departure].” That’s true.

She goes on to assure fans the show will continue to delight in its quirky ways, even without Shirley’s presence. “I’m still Community’s biggest fan and I’ll still live Tweet episodes,” she says. “It’s very bittersweet. I can take care of my dad but won’t be with my TV family. I don’t want the fans to worry; it’s going to be fine. Greendale is the heart of the show, not any particular character. Even if characters come and go, the heart of Greendale remains.”

Brown will go on to star in CBS’ reboot The Odd Couple with Matthew Perry and Thomas Lennon. “A multi-camera sitcom is a better fit for the life I have now,” she says. “I can’t say enough how much I respect [producer] Sony and [Community leader] Dan [Harmon] for how they handled this profound change in my life.”

Shirley, you will be missed!

[Via TV Guide]

Yahoo teases ‘Community’ season 6 in packed (retrospective) trailer

Warning: the following trailer does not contain new footage. Production on the holy sixth season of Dan Harmon’s Community begins later this fall. The trailer does pack juicy morsels of goodness from every season NBC aired up to this point, though. There’s funny stuff throughout, but the best gag has to be when the trailer pretty much disregards the existence of the Harmon-less season 4. Enjoy, and get ready for Community “better than it was before. Better. Stronger. Faster.”

Community revived! Sixth season coming to Yahoo this fall

Darkest timeline begone! Not even two months after NBC cancelled cult-comedy Community an online suitor–namely, Yahoo–stepped up to the plate to revive it for a 13-episode sixth season. That’s right, Human Beings; we are one step closer to fulfilling our #sixseasonsandamovie destiny.

Everyone is on board for the new season that will debut online at Yahoo Screen this fall; that includes show creator Dan Harmon and executive producers Chris McKenna, Russ Krasnoff, and Gary Foster as well as the cast: Joel McHale, Gillian Jacobs, Yvette Nicole Brown, Danny Pudi, Alison Brie, Ken Jeong, and the Dean himself Jim Rash. Chevy Chase exited the show prior to season 5, and Donald Glover set sail early last season; Harmon had publicly stated that if a season 6 were to get greenlit he would pursue Glover for a Troy Barnes comeback.

What makes this special announcement even more exciting is that it truly did come down to the wire. After the Peacock network axed it, backing studio Sony Pictures TV almost immediately started shopping it around to various suiters, network, cable and otherwise. Shortly after talks broke down with Hulu last week, hope really began to wane since Sony had until June 30 (today!) to get the series picked up somewhere before cast’s contracts expired. So, in a truly 11th hour decision, Sony sold a sixth season to Yahoo and now you can breath a heavy sigh of relief and allow anticipation to ramp up.

Dan Harmon released the following statement today: I am very pleased that Community will be returning for its predestined sixth season on Yahoo. I look forward to bringing our beloved NBC sitcom to a larger audience by moving it online. I vow to dominate our new competition. Rest easy, Big Bang Theory. Look out, Bang Bus!”

“The fans spoke and we listened. Thanks to Yahoo, and the amazing team that makes Community great, we’ve avoided the Darkest Timeline yet again and plan to deliver a fantastic season,” said Zack Van Amburg, president of programming and production at Sony Pictures TV. Added Jamie Erlicht, president of programming and production: “You can’t get to six seasons and a movie without a 6th season. Yahoo is the perfect home for the continuation of this journey.”

And frontman Joel McHale reminds Community fans that an online-exclusive season might bring a very interesting twist to the sitcom. “The reports of our cancelation have been greatly exaggerated.’ —Mark Twain (The other version of this quote has been wrong for years). # SixSeasonsAndaMovie is real. Thank you Sony. Thank you Yahoo. Thank you Dan Harmon.  And thank you to the greatest f%$#ing fans in the history of the human race. It’s the Internet. We can swear now.”

[Via Yahoo; Deadline; EW]

Happy Holidays from an animated ‘Community’

As season 5 looms on the horizon, NBC has pushed out an animated bit featuring the stars of Community. In “Miracle on Jeff’s Street,” Jeff Winger (voiced by star Joel McHale) gets ambushed by his Greendale friends including the Dean, Chang, and his study group made up of Britta, Shirley, Annie, Troy, and Abed. It’s a fun and funny clip as Annie mocks the Peacock’s decision to air Community so late in the season resulting in an Olympics scheduling fiasco.

Community returns with Dan Harmon in tow on Thursday, January 2. Oh, and Happy Holidays!

Preview Dan Harmon’s ‘Community’ season 5 returning this January

Community returns for its fourth season with creator Dan Harmon back at the helm on January 2. Here is one dark, hilariously explosive trailer for said season. The study group is back in full form, though Donald Glover’s character Troy acknowledges his early-in-the-season departure with a playful Scrubs joke. Chevy Chase might be out as Pierce Hawthorne but John Oliver’s Ian Duncan and Dino Stamatopoulos rises from the ashes to reprise fan-favorite Star-Burns. Notable guest stars include Breaking Bad‘s Jonathan Banks and Justified‘s Walton Goggins. Watch the absurdity unfold in the 2 1/2 minute trailer above; fans will surely love how it milks the whole “six seasons and a movie” movement for all its worth!

Community returns Thursday, January 2 with two new back-to-back episodes starting at 8PM on NBC. Jump after the break to watch a second sneak peak at season 5. READ MORE Preview Dan Harmon’s ‘Community’ season 5 returning this January

‘Community’s Dan Harmon poops on season 4, issues lengthy apology

Since Dan Harmon confirmed he was returning to Community to executive produce the NBC sitcom he created, he didn’t wait long to take a giant proverbial dump on the entirety of season 4, the one in which he had no involvement. Before he could start imagining the fifth season of the show, he forced himself to sift through the previous season to catch up on what happened during his off-season, a result of him being fired by Sony TV. In his unfiltered podcast called Harmontown he spat out the following:

“It’s very much like an impression and an unflattering one. It’s very much like an impression — an unflattering one. It’s 13 episodes of people doing, ‘Derpy, derpy, der, I’m Dan Harmon, der.’ I’m going back to work tomorrow morning and I’m just like, do I talk like that?”

He compared watching the fourth season to “flipping through Instagram watching your girlfriend blow a million [people].”

He went further: “There’s something awesome about having all of those preconceived notions kind of ripped away from you. It’s exciting. There’s something awesome about being held down and watching your family get raped on a beach. It’s liberating. It makes you focus on what’s important.”

Later: “There’s a system in place that’s winning because I would have had too much leverage, too much power, too much salary as would have a lot of writers coming into Season 4. So they just flushed us, and replaced us with two guys who didn’t know what they were getting into… Writers fighting other writers is the American Dream in the eyes of Sony. That is what they want. They want creative people rewriting each other. They want creative people replacing each other. They want us interchangeable. They want to think about writing the way they think about the guy on assembly line 24 that puts the final screw in the fucking Playstation… I shouldn’t even say ‘they’ because it’s an ‘it,’ it’s a fucking machine. There isn’t a single person that works at that corporation that isn’t also thought of like that by the fucking SkyNet… The system just wants us all to not be human.”

A day after the Harmontown rant, Harmon took to his Tumblr to share a formal apology to those involved with the show and its fans. He tweeted, “I feel bad if I made anyone feel bad with my comments in harmontown. It’s a dirty, personal comedy podcast, not charismatic for quoting. I like making stuff that pleases people, I like being honest about my feelings but I hate hurting other people, especially community fans.” You can read his lengthy apology post here.

With the firing, the rehiring, and the Harmontown rant behind him, hopefully the sorrowful showrunner can now return to making Community great again in its fifth and possibly final season.

Dan Harmon says he’s returning to ‘Community’ [Update: it’s official]

This came out of nowhere. Following the debacle from last year involving Community creator Dan Harmon and star Chevy Chase publicly exiting the show, it looks like Harmon is making a comeback for the NBC sitcom’s fourth season. “RT @dpeanutbutter: @danharmon GIVE US A STRAIGHT ANSWER! ~ Yes yes yes! I’m back I’m back I’m back. You can thank @joelmchale.” Harmon tweeted this out to his nearly 200,000 followers on June 1. Network NBC and producer Sony TV have not confirmed nor denied Harmon’s out-of-the-blue exclamation, but nevertheless fans of the quirky comedy should be shaking in their boots with excitement. The show’s third season never quite felt like Community fans had come to know, love, and cherish; a friend described it to me as ‘the shell of Community missing its soul.’ Harmon’s replacements David Guarascio and Moses Port are apparently not coming back next season, so the showrunner position is open for the taking. Even with Chase out of the picture, it only seems fitting that the show’s inventor take his rightful seat on the throne back, especially if ratings remain low and season four becomes the final run of 13 episodes for the series.

At a certain point the network and/or the studio will have to make some sort of announcement and when they do I’ll amend this post accordingly.

Update (6/10): Sony TV confirms Dan Harmon’s return to his old showrunning post at Community. Woohoo! Joining him is reinstated executive producer Chris McKenna. Fellow Human Beings, season four will feel familiar again.

[Via Deadline]

‘Community’ cast gets the puppet treatment in upcoming episode

We’ve seen them in claymation. We’ve seen them pixelated and animated. And soon this season we’ll have the chance to see the Greendale Gang as puppets! At PaleyFest this week it was revealed that Jeff, Britta, Abed, Troy, Annie, Shirley, Pierce  Chang, and Dean Felton (see what I did there?) will all be transformed into puppets in an episode slated to air later this season.

Per TVLine, “The story finds the study group taking a wild balloon ride that crash lands in the woods and forces them to spend a little time with a friendly mountain man (played by Seinfeld‘s Jason Alexander). The gang gets immortalized [in flashbacks] as puppets when Dean Pelton encourages them to talk about their adventures.”

Check out the puppet still in all its glory above. Community airs Thursday nights at 8PM on NBC.

TV reminder: ‘Community’ premieres tonight at 8PM on NBC (at last!)

Call it a miracle: October 19th February 7 has finally arrived!! After an excruciatingly long waitCommunity is back in session tonight at 8PM on NBC. Creator Dan Harmon is out, Chevy Chase’s character will have exited the show by the end of the 13 episode fourth season, and so a waft of change is in the air as the Greendale gang return for another year of mind-blowing metatastic insanity. Tonight’s premiere is titled “History 101” and in it everyone’s favorite Dean Pelton will take charge of a school-wide competition he calls “The Hunger Deans.” You can get a taste for what’s in store tonight and beyond by watching the “Epic Trailer” that’s embedded above. (Chang is back and his name is Kevin?!)

Do you consider yourself a true Community fan? Well you better tune in tonight at 8 and show the show some love. If you want six seasons and a movie……..