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That’s right, you’re drinking “milk”

Milk Glass LED Night Light (Images courtesy Amazon)

Glass Of Milk LED Night Light.  Designed by Andrew Liszewski.

Liszewski created these white LED-infused acrylic drinking glasses to serve not only as cups but also as night lights.  The way I see it, he’s got it all wrong.  The real purpose of these glasses is to camouflage with “milk” that alcoholic beverage you are forced to sneak around the house.

[Via OhGizmo; Gizmodo]

Mug for the blind

Braun Bell Concept Mug for the Blind by Sang-hoon Lee & Yong-bum Lim

Blind people cannot see.  Without the sense of sight, it is particularly difficult to pour a glass of water or a mug coffee.  It is even more trying to pour an exactamount of liquid into a container.  Enter ‘The “Braun” Bell Mug’ concept by Sang-hoon Lee and Yong-bum Lim.  This concept mug “has 3 indicative levels on the handle and liquid-level sensors within the mug” that allow blind people (or those with extremely poor vision) to pour precise amounts of liquid into a mug.  The mug handle has three rigid buttons on its surface; all a person has to do is select one of the three levels and pour away.  Once you have poured the desired amount, the mug emits a bell sound.  Neat, huh?  This is surely a product worthy to pass as a final, tangible item to be manufactured.  Check out the gallery of images below for some concept product shots and directions.

[Via Gizmodo; YankoDesign]

Smart measuring cup concept is picked up

SmartMeasure by Ryan Eder & Chris Daniels of Priority Designs

This here is the concept design of The Smart Measure Cup by Ryan Eder & Chris Daniels of Priority Designs.  This is a product that I would totally use (if I were ever in the kitchen, measuring stuff).  This is no ordinary measuring cup.  From one angle it may seem like one with the usual markings and labels; it’s the LCD screen on the handle that makes this the measuring cup of the future.  The backlit LCD display reads out the precise measurements of liquid poured into the cup; it is set at an angle, thus removing the difficulties of eye strain and the like; it provides pre-set measurement ingredient amounts for common recipies; and it even does unit conversions for all you math-hates out there.  Also, the cup itself slips out of the casing for cleaning.

And here’s the best news:  This clearly futuristic product is being transformed from concept to a tangible product thanks to Taylor Kitchenware picking it to be manufactured this fall.  Check out more images of the concept design and an image of the final product coming to stores soon.  Unfortunately the final design does not match the modern sleekness of its concept counterpart, though, it’ll do.

[Via Gizmodo; YankoDesign]