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Digital Comics come to the PSP

Digital Comics by PlayStation.Blog.Europe.

Your favorite comics have finally come to the PSP with the launch of the Digital Comics service.  This is what you can expect from the initial catalog: “Choose from the battling superheroes of Marvel, including Spider-man, X-Men and the Fantastic Four, to Disney’s Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck. You’ll find TRANSFORMERS and Star Trek from IDW, alongside characters from Titan, iVerse and 2000AD, as well as the latest underground sensations and works from local publishers.”  In the Playstation Store you will now find a Comic Store section where you can browse and purchase the available comics selection.  With a feature called AutoFlow you can move your comic frame-to-frame and zoom in and out.  You also have the option to listen to your music while you read.  Head over to the Playstation Comics website to browse the catalog and chat with other users.  It’s worth mentioning that there is a “free comics” category, so if you’ve got a PSP try it out!  Jump after the break to watch an introduction video to the service.

[Via Engadget; PlaystationBlog]

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