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DIY-er creates Star Trek style air-powered sliding door

DYI handyman Marc DeVidts has gone ahead and create the coolest door I’ve ever seen.  (It’s certainly not the biggest or most aesthetically pleasing, but’s it’s the coolest.)  He’s created a switch that opens the door (and can hold it open or closed), above the door is an air vent and that’s where the air from the air compressor (located in the attic) gets released when the door closes, and next to that is a control panel that allows him to disable the door and shut off the air supply. So go on, click play and watch the door open and make the “whoosh” sound when it closes.  DeVidts succedded in what he set out to do: construct “the perfect, most geek-ified entryway for [his] bedroom.”  If you are feeling the urge to build a door like this in your home, head over to Instructables where you’ll find a step-by-step guide authored by DeVidts himself.

[Via Gizmodo]

Secure your home with a ‘secret knock’

DYIer Steve Hoefer has created quite an interesting device.  Upon tapping a correct sequence and rhythm on a door this Arduino board-based device will unlock a dead-bolted door.  After artfully smushing together a microcontroller, a piezoelectric speaker, a gear reduction motor, and some PVC pipe Hoefer posted his dramatic results in the video above.  Neat, huh?

[Via Engadget]