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Touch-based interface brings standard DJ setup to a multitouch screen

Gregory Kaufman, a student at Kansas City Art Institute, imagined and implemented “DJ touch screen interface and gesture interaction concepts” for his senior degree project.  Though it’s not quite as visually stunning as the rear projection setup we spied earlier this week, it does bring a new kind of functionality to the up-and-coming DJ multitouch game–the ability to replicate a standard DJ turntable-mixer setup using a touch-based interface.  Check out the video embedded above to hear all about from Kaufman and see a demonstration of the concept tech.

[Via Behance; Engadget]

DJ gives multitouch a spin

Check out this crazy amazing homemade DJ setup called Token Concept.  Sure it uses rear projection video on glass for the cool visual effect, but the multitouch implementation is far out.  Into the future.  It’s running off a Traktor Pro controller called Emulator.

[Via Engadget]