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A ball of water in the palm of your hand

UK-based photographer Edward Horsford specializes in high speed photography and one day decided to work with water balloons.  His motivation?  He is interested in “capturing a moment rarely seen and almost never captured.”  He admits that “[his] camera is really the least important part of the shots.”  So he uses a custom, Arduino-based flash trigger to produce specific lighting arrangements required to capture the water balloon at the precise point of explosion.  The timing of the flash is key; the aforementioned trigger picks up the sound of the balloon popping and flashes at what it thinks to be the most opportune moment.  Horsford must be a patient man.  And what might be considered the most impressive feat here?  He manages to do it all without any assistance; from setting up the trigger, to holding and popping the balloon, to taking the picture.  Impressive stuff, huh?  Look in the gallery below to find a few more of these high speed water balloon shots, and head over to Horsford’s Flickr page to view the entire collection.

[Via Gizmodo; NPR; DYIPhotography; Flickr]