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Music video: Kid Cudi – “Mr. Rager” (Featuring Surface to Air leather jacket)

Cudder continues to support his now nine-month old sophomore release Man on the Moon II with the music video for his anthem “Mr. Rager.” The clip is directed by Jérémie Rozan, founder of the high-end fashion brand Surface to Air. Cudi collaborated with Rozan to design an exclusive limited line of leather jackets. The jackets (which are featured in the video) are now on sale at the flagship Surface to Air retail shop that just opened in NYC’s trendy section Soho. To celebrate Fashion’s Night Out, Razon (and perhaps Cudi) will be on hand at the grand opening of the store tonight where the music video will be screened for those in attendance.

DatNewCudi has the scoop: “The limited edition “thriller” style jackets retail for $1,200 and feature red quilted shoulder pads, internal red pockets, quilted lining, Surface to Air logo on buttons, zips, hot stamped logo on the leather and Red quilted shoulder pads and of course is 100% leather.” Two different vairents called “Fire Jacket” and “Champ Jacket” are part of the initial release. See pics below. And don’t pass over the violent music video above; in it Cudi takes on a fashionable gang. There’s a twist ending and a super cool blink-and-you-miss-it cameo to boot!

Update: Turns out Cudi did show up at Surface to Air last night! Hear him talk about the importance of visuals attached to his music after the break.

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Having fun with Google Images

In this ‘More with Google’ brand campaign spot for the Japanese market, ad agency Wieden+Kennedy Tokyo proves that Google’s Image Search functions ‘sort by color’ and ‘similar images’ can make for fun dress-up time.  Big projector required.

Update: Rats!  Looks like Google Japan locked the video and turned off public viewing.  I’ve embedded the inaccessible video after the break and if there’s another copy of it on the ‘Net I’ll update this post and share it.

Update 2: It’s back!

[Via Gizmodo; Vimeo]

Fluid Dress

The Fluid Dress was designed by Minneapolis artist Charlie Bucket.  This highly inventive and unconventional piece of garment was constructed with 600 feet of knitted tubing.  In order to keep the juices flowing, the wearer must strap on a rather hefty backpack contraption; the backpack houses a pump that pushes the neon-enhanced fluid into the dress’ tubing.  Bucket acknowledges that the Fluid Dress is a “ridiculous clothing experiment”, but it nevertheless makes for intriguing wearable art.  Head over to his Flickr page to see some construction images.

[Via CasualProfanity; BoingBoing]

Social Network Sneakers

Check out these “social network sneakers” designed by Gerry Mckay for Adidas.  These are purely conceptual sneaker designs for now.  If people start demanding these be produced for consumption, Adidas can give the go ahead to make it happen.  Though various blogs are hatin’ on the very idea of a sneaker based on a social networking website, I happen to find the designs extremely attractive.

Mckay’s idea is to merge the classic Adidas Superstar sneaker (which celebrated 35 years in 2006) with Twitter and Facebook branding.  The Twitter Superstar features the recognizable light blue color scheme and Twitter ‘bird’ logo as a “visual element.”  The Facebook Superstar is inspired by Facebook’s dark blue on white color scheme and it features the Facebook type logo at the heel of the shoe and on the tongue beneath the Adidas logo.  On the inside wall of the shoe two Facebook slogans read: Facebook is a social utility that connects you with the people around you” & “Making the world open and connected”.

Take a closer look at the Superstar sneaker designs in the gallery below.  Sure, socially-inclined sneakers sound lame but these designs are simple, smart, and definitely appealing.

[Via Behance, here & here; BuzzFeed; Gizmodo]