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Big Four Networks decide fate of your favorite series in latest renewal/cancellation news (Updates inside)

Article originally published on 5/7/15. Continually updated after the break.

It is May, and the Upfronts are right around the corner. Before the networks make official their upcoming slate of fall shows, they must decide the fate of current series.

ABC made waves Thursday evening, announcing a whopping 16 renewals and 3 cancellations. Without further ado, the following series will be making their way back to the Alphabet network next season.

Shonda Rhimes’ “TGIT” lineup remains in tact, as Grey’s Anatomy (season 12), Scandal (s5), and How to Get Away with Murder (s2) will all return for more intense drama. Veteran Castle (s8) and ABC staples Once Upon A Time (s5) and Nashville (s4) are also coming back–no surprise there. Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (s3) is here to stay as the Marvel Cinematic Universe continues to unfold on TV; also, the TV gods thankfully heard our collective cries to keep Marvel’s Agent Carter on the air which will return for a second season! The low-rated, critically acclaimed American Crime is also getting a sophomore run, as is the surprisingly fun murder mystery series Secrets and Lies.

Over on the comedy side, veteran Modern Family (s7) remains the network’s crown jewel, and other Wednesday night sitcoms The Middle (s7) and The Goldbergs (s3), and black-ish (s2) will follow suit with new seasons next fall. Freshman series Fresh off the Boat and musical Galavant have also been greenlit to return. Though it hasn’t been made official quite yet, Tim Allen sitcom Last Man Standing is expected to make a fifth season. Update (5/10)LMS will return.

Last, the net’s alternative programs that have been renewed include American’s Funniest Home Videos (s26), The Bachelor (s20), Dancing with the Stars (s21), Shark Tank (s7), Beyond the Tank (s2), and newsmagazine 20/20.

Those series not returning include dramas Resurrection and Forever and Friday night sitcom Cristela. While the latter two failed to find broad audiences, the former simply couldn’t manage to sustain its dragged out premise involving dead people coming back to life (good luck, The Returned!). Fans will surely hold onto Resurrection‘s quietly superb 8-episode first season, and thankfully, the season 2 finale happened to bring much closure to the story.

As I teased before, this is just the beginning, people. Hold onto your hats because the Upfronts are coming next week!

Jump after the break for other renewal/cancellation news from the big networks. READ MORE Big Four Networks decide fate of your favorite series in latest renewal/cancellation news (Updates inside)

Fox reportedly cancels ‘The Mindy Project’–will Hulu be its savior? [Update: Saved!]

UPDATE (5/15): Confirmed! Hulu has saved The Mindy Project with a season 4 order consisting of 26 episodes! That’s a lot of episodes–the series debuted with 24 episodes, followed by seasons with 22 and then 21 episodes aired. The streaming service has been the exclusive home to all previously aired Mindy Project episodes, so making this pickup with the show’s producer Universal TV wasn’t that much of a stretch.

“Mindy has been a beloved member of the Hulu family, so this deal is a natural extension of our relationship,” said Craig Erwich, Hulu’s SVP and Head of Content.

The real Mindy Kaling–who plays Dr. Mindy Lahiri in her show–also commented on the exciting news to break today. “I am thrilled The Mindy Project has found a new home on Hulu, where so many of our fans are already watching the show,” she said.

While season 4’s premiere date is still up in the air, you can now rest assured knowing that you’ll get to see Mindy have her baby with Danny by her side; how comforting is that?! Plus, according to Deadline, Hulu has the option to renew The Mindy Project for additional seasons after its original pack of installments debuts. Today is a good day.

PREVIOUS (5/7): Scrolling through my Twitter feed…checking out the Trending Topics… The Mindy Project is cancelled?!

Though Fox has yet to confirm it, reports are swirling that the network has axed the low-rated but universally lauded Mindy Kaling sitcom after three seasons. Though the show certainly went through some growing pains, The Mindy Project rather quickly found its creative groove delivering funny–and sometimes even downright touching–material on a consistent basis. Since the series had trouble holding its ground in the ratings, news of cancellation isn’t that shocking for the perpetually on-the-bubble romp. Still, for loyal fans it’s a really hard pill to swallow. Allow me to quell your ferociously building furor.

Industry sources, such as Deadline, say that the romantically-tinged trials and tribulations of Mindy Lahiri and Danny Castellano will continue even if/when Fox formally pulls the plug. Universal Television, the studio that produces The Mindy Project, is apparently negotiating with Internet streamer Hulu to keep the series alive for at least an additional two more seasons. Hulu already works with Uni TV to stream previous seasons of Kaling’s comedy, so a deal to help manufacture new episodes with the studio isn’t completely farfetched. Fingers crossed; more to come soon, I’m sure.

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[Via Deadline]

Look out for mysterious ‘Wayward Pines’ and the return of ‘Halt And Catch Fire’ in May

Welcome to May, the month typically associated with punchy TV season and series finales. While you’re dealing with anticipatory cliffhangers and dramatic conclusions, there are two shows coming on the air this month you shouldn’t let go under your radar.

Wayward Pines is a fresh Fox series created by Chad Hodge (The Playboy Club) and executive produced by filmmaker M. Knight Shyamalan (The Sixth SenseUnbreakableSigns), based on the novel Pines by Blake Crouch. It’s a gripping, suspenseful mystery with a promised twist coming before the end of the 10-episode run, straight out of Shyamalan’s toolbox.

[The series] follows Secret Service agent Ethan Burke who, while investigating the disappearance of two fellow agents, finds himself trapped in the titular town, a Stepford village of the damned in which no one is allowed to leave. The citizens live in abject terror of the mysterious people in charge who run things via random phone calls, which seem to usually involve orders to commit terrible acts upon pain of death.

Matt Dillon (Crash) stars as Burke and Empire‘s Terrence Howard–who is pulling double duty for Fox here–plays the town sheriff. Check out the rest of this all-star cast: Melissa Leo (The Fighter), Toby Jones (Infamous), Carla Gugino (Entourage), Shannyn Sossamon (How To Make It In America), , Reed Diamond (24), Tim Griffin (Prime Suspect), Charlie Tahan (Charlie St. Cloud) and and Juliette Lewis (who currently stars in ABC’s Secrets & Lies).

The mystery begins to unravel when Wayward Pines premieres Thursday, May 14 at 9pm on Fox. Preview the series at YouTube.

Jump after the break to learn when AMC’s technologically infused drama Halt And Catch Fire returns for its second season. READ MORE Look out for mysterious ‘Wayward Pines’ and the return of ‘Halt And Catch Fire’ in May

Networks renew seven series for the new year including ‘House of Cards’ & ‘New Girl’ [Update: ‘Last Man on Earth’ is coming back]

Quick update on series renewals. The following shows will return for a new season!

Netflix has renewed House of Cards and freshman Bloodline for fourth and second seasons, respectively. Showtime’s House of Lies and Shameless are coming back for fifth and sixth seasons. The Cold War will continue on FX’s The Americans in a fourth season. And Fox sitcom New Girl isn’t going anywhere anytime soon with a fifth season pickup.

Showtime exec Gary Levine on the House of Lies pickup: “When you have a gifted acting ensemble led by Don Cheadle and smart, acerbic writing led by showrunner Matthew Carnahan, you expect something special, and House of Lies delivers for us each season.”

FX exec Nick Grad on The Americans: “Remarkably, this season of The Americans has achieved even greater acclaim than that of its first two seasons. The series has cemented it status with critics as television’s best current drama and arguably the best show on TV, and we couldn’t agree more… We look forward to the final four episodes of season three, and beyond, in Philip and Elizabeth Jennings’ riveting journey.”

Fox exec David Madden on New Girl: “Four seasons in, New Girl continues to be one of the smartest and most relatable comedies on television. The writing is razor-sharp, the ensemble is consistently hilarious, and we couldn’t be more proud of… the entire New Girl team. We absolutely love this show and we’re so excited to bring it back for Season Five.”

In related New Girl news, Jon Cho (SelfieSleepy Hollow) will guest star in season 5, as will Anna George (Royal Pains) who is confirmed to play CeCe’s mother. Damon Wayans, Jr., sadly, is departing as a series regular at the end of the current season.

Update (4/8): Phil Miller, The Last Man on Earth, will return in a second season! Though it’s still in its infancy, the high concept comedy has already proven to be all kinds of fun and funny. Series creator Will Forte shines as star alongside an ever-growing cast that also includes the perfectly cast Kristen Schaal, infectious nice-guy Mel Rodriguez, and the stunningly beautiful January Jones. The adventures in Tucson will continue, and I couldn’t be happier.

“We knew we had something special with The Last Man on Earth,” says Fox’s David Madden. “It’s one of those rare shows that continues to add depth and dimension to its unique premise, week after week. We are so thrilled that this incredibly bold, original and inventive series has been embraced by both fans and critics, and we cannot wait to see where the creative genius and inspired vision of Will, Phil [Lord] and Chris [Miller] take us in Season Two.”

‘The Following’ spoof is a must-see for fans of the serial killer thriller

If you watch The Following on FOX, this is a real treat. To further promote the show, series executive producer and oft-director Marcos Siega put together this eight minute parody video starring Kevin Bacon as himself. Thing is, he acts just like his Following character Ryan Hardy and thinks serial killers–Joe Carroll included–are after him in real life. Co-starring is Dean Winters (currently on CBS’ Battle Creek, but you probably know him from those Allstate commercials), Joe Carroll himself James Purefoy, Michael C. Hall (Dexter, how appropriate), Sam Underwood (he plays the evil twins Mark & Luke Grey on The Following), and Bacon’s real-life wife Kyra Sedgwick makes a memorable cameo. It’s bizarre and fantastic all at the same time. With that and nothing more, enjoy.

The Following airs Mondays at 9pm on FOX.

Believe it: ‘The X-Files’ is returning as a six-episode event series

Following the revivals of Arrested Development and 24, 20th Century Fox Television is bringing back yet another cult TV series. Sci-fi supernatural staple The X-Files is returning as a six-episode event series to FOX. Original series creator Chris Carter is helming it, and stars David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson are reprising their iconic roles as FBI Agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully.

The X-Files ran on FOX for nine seasons; 202 episodes aired between September 1993 and May 2002. Later in 2008, the franchise was adapted for the big screen in The X-Files: I Want to Believe. The series was a success as it dominated pop culture at the time and went on to earn sixteen Emmy awards, five Golden Globes, and a Peabody. Plus, we cannot forget its lasting mark on the sci-fi genre; series like Lost and Fringe likely wouldn’t have existed as they did (if at all) were it not for The X-Files and its lasting legacy for producing riveting stories entwined in mystery, intrigue, and the unknown.

Besides knowing that Carter is steering new paranormal stories for Duchovny and Anderson to investigate, the lid is remaining tight here. So, here are some choice quotes from the press release.

“I think of it as a 13-year commercial break,” said Carter. “The good news is the world has only gotten that much stranger, a perfect time to tell these six stories.”

“We had the privilege of working with Chris on all nine seasons of The X-Files – one of the most rewarding creative experiences of our careers – and we couldn’t be more excited to explore that incredible world with him again,” said Fox network heads Gary Newman and Dana Walden. “The X-Files was not only a seminal show for both the studio and the network, it was a worldwide phenomenon that shaped pop culture – yet remained a true gem for the legions of fans who embraced it from the beginning. Few shows on television have drawn such dedicated fans as The X-Files, and we’re ecstatic to give them the next thrilling chapter of Mulder and Scully they’ve been waiting for.”

Production on the X-Files event series is set to begin this summer. Stick it here for more as it leaks out.

Bye bye bubble: FOX renews ‘Sleepy Hollow’ for a third season

We’ve known since January that Sleepy Hollow‘s fate was very much up in the air due to a significant drop in ratings and a lackluster creative direction. Despite all that, Sleepyheads, I’ve got some good news for you. FOX’s supernatural drama will return for an 18-episode third season.

When SH comes back, it will be steered by a new showrunner. Mark Goffman, who led the brilliantly fun first season and the decidedly meandering second season, is out and Clifton Campbell (creator of The Glades and co-EP of White Collar) is in.

“I had the pleasure of working with Clifton on both The Glades and White Collar,” said Fox TV Studios president David Madden in a statement. “He is an excellent producer, and we can’t wait to see what this team has in store for Season 3.”

Previously, network head Dana Walden said, “We’re excited about some creative changes on the show and bringing it back to something that feels a little more episodic in nature, that has closure and doesn’t feel quite so serialized.” Fox anticipates “return[ing] the fun to it” that was abundant in season one.

In an interview with TVLine, actor John Noble (who portrayed the villainous Henry Parish) provided proof that things behind the scenes at Sleepy Hollow over the course of its second season were shaky at best. “They didn’t have a clue what to do, and so that meant it was a pretty unsatisfactory year for me,” he said. Noble went on to say that he and co-star Tom Mison “were hoping to have more scenes together, because that’s when it was really interesting, when Tom and I had the shots to bounce off each other. He loved it, and I did, too. And that just didn’t happen.” He concluded, “Obviously, a lot of thought has gone into what to do with Sleepy Hollow. And if this network is investing in another 18 episodes, then they must have had very strong reassurances that there is a major reboot. I’ll be fascinated to see what the reboot is.”

The third season ended (spoiler alert) with Noble’s Henry Parish and Ichabod Crane’s wife Katrina perishing at the hands of Ichabbie (that’s a combination of Ichabod Crane and Abbie Mills’ names, for all you non-shippers out there). With Parish’s wacky “evil of the week” tricks gone and the sadly underutilized likes of witch Katrina put to rest, a third season should deliver a reboot of sorts as Ichabbie continues to defend Sleepy Hollow from the forces of evil. As an outspoken fan of Tom Mison and Nicole Beharie’s undeniable chemistry, I’m excited that more SH adventures are on the way with a new showrunner at the helm and a clean creative canvas.

[Via TVLine]

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FOX renews ‘Gotham,’ ‘Empire’ & ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine,’ discusses futures of ‘X-Files,’ ’24’ & ‘Prison Break’ (!)

Days after renewing animated sitcom Bob’s Burgers for a sixth season, FOX is expanding its security blanket over three more of its series. Freshman Gotham and Empire, as well as sophomore sitcom Brooklyn Nine-Nine, will be back next fall to unspool new episodes. And this renewal news shouldn’t really come as any sort of surprise: the Batman origin story and the hip hop soap opera both performed well out of the gate with popular pilots; in fact, Empire‘s ratings went up in its second week which these days is a rare feat indeed. As for the Andy Samberg laugher, that series is comfortably enjoying its new digs on Sunday nights stuffed between The Simpsons and Family Guy.

What about the fates of other FOX shows such as Bones and Sleepy Hollow? “We are in conversations on both,” FOX studio and network head Dana Walden told reporters at the Television Critics Association’s Winter Press Tour this week. “We’re at the end of our deal on Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz. We’re very hopeful Bones will return. We can’t announce it today because deals aren’t closed, [but] nothing will make us happier.”

As for Sleepy Hollow, Walden said the network is “going to wait a little bit longer” to renew it as creative calibrations are made behind-the-scenes. “We’re excited about some creative changes on the show and bringing it back to something that feels a little more episodic in nature, that has closure and doesn’t feel quite so serialized,” said Walden. In sum, the network would like the series to take the serialization down a couple pegs and “return the fun to it” that was rampant in season 1. That being said, worry not, Sleepy heads–Fox brass holds the show in a special place in their hearts and wants to see it grow. “We really love the show,” she added. “We love Tom Mison and Nicole Beharie. They have fantastic chemistry. We feel like it’s a really unique series.”

And now for the juicy stuff. Walden and network/studio co-head Gary Newman shed a glimmer of light on the futures of classic FOX series like The X-Files24, and yes, even Prison Break. For more, jump after the break. READ MORE FOX renews ‘Gotham,’ ‘Empire’ & ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine,’ discusses futures of ‘X-Files,’ ’24’ & ‘Prison Break’ (!)

Early series renewals at CBS, FOX, The CW, and more

A smattering of networks are showing extreme confidence in some of their series by renewing them for another season. In brief:

CBS has renewed three freshman dramas Scorpion, Madam Secretary and NCIS: New Orleans.

“These freshman dramas have each made a big impact on key nights of the week,” said CBS Entertainment Chairman Nina Tassler. “Creatively distinctive, the series are backed by strong showrunners with amazingly talented casts, and have resonated with a big, broad audience.”

FOX is bringing back cult animated series Bob’s Burgers for a sixth season.

“This gem of a series is a rare feel-good blend of sharp wit and genuine heart that fans and critics alike have continued to love throughout its five seasons on Fox,” said network heads Dana Walden and Gary Newman. “We are proud of Loren and Jim and the extremely talented voice cast who bring these unique characters to life with both humor and charm each week.”

The CW is renewing a whopping eight series to return next fall and they include breakout rookies The Flash and Jane the Virgin and returning series The Originals (for a season 3), Reign (season 3), The 100 (Season 3), Arrow (season 4), The Vampire Diaries (season 7), and Supernatural (season 11).

“Each of these series have helped define what The CW is today, a network that is home to smart, provocative, quality programming, targeting a savvy adult audience,” said CW president Mark Pedowitz said. “By picking up these shows now, our executive producers can start planning next season’s storylines, and rolling these shows out throughout next season guarantees. The CW will have more proven original series for our fall, midseason and summer 2016 line-ups.”

Elsewhere, HBO renewed Girls for a fifth season prior to its season four debut which aired this past Sunday and Netflix is bringing back original series Marco Polo for a 10-episode second season.

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ABC gives FSO to ‘Cristela’, FOX pulls ‘Red Band Society’, ‘Selfie’ moves to Hulu

Quick update for those of you keeping score: ABC Latino sitcom Cristela is the second comedy to get a full season order this fall following ABC’s African American sitcom Black-ish.

Elsewhere, Fox is pulling hospital drama Red Band Society from its schedule after the low-rated series’ fall finale airs next week on Dec. 3. The network hasn’t officially cancelled it yet, but with its latest airing logging a dismal 0.7 rating in the adults 18-49 demo, all signs point to this being the end.

Selfie fans, are you out there? Though ABC already axed the Karen Gillan/John Cho quirky sitcom, series creator Emily Kapnek tweeted out news that the remaining six unaired episodes will see the light of day on Hulu. They will premiere on the streaming site on a weekly basis between Nov. 25 and Dec 30.

Update (12/2): Another canceled ABC rom-com, Manhattan Love Story, will also play out the remainder of its first and final season on Hulu. Starting Dec. 4 the remaining seven unaired episodes will unspool every Thursday on the streaming site.