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What to watch this summer: ‘Orange is the New Black,’ ‘Mr. Robot,’ ‘You’re the Worst’ & more

School’s out and to celebrate this fine occasion, I’ll be recommending a handful of quality TV shows to keep you busy in front of the boob tube over the long, dog days of summer. The months of June, July, and August play host to many of your favorite returning series including Orange is the New BlackMr. Robot, and You’re the Worst. Haven’t heard of them? Stop playing neighbors with Patrick Star and get with the programs! Release dates, times, and trailers are posted after the break. READ MORE What to watch this summer: ‘Orange is the New Black,’ ‘Mr. Robot,’ ‘You’re the Worst’ & more

Status update #9 on your favorite new and returning shows

You know the drill by now–here’s a roundup of recently renewed TV series across network and cable stations. Happy to report there are no major cancellations to share.

NBC is clearly a fan of its Friday night genre fare; Grimm will return for a sixth season, albeit a short season order that will produce 13 episodes instead of the customary 22.

FOX, took you long enough! New Girl fans, you can breathe a quiet sigh of relief; the popular sitcom is coming back for a sixth run. Elsewhere on the network, newbies Lucifer and Rosewood have been renewed for second seasons.

FXX made my heart sing when it commissioned a third season of its surreal relationship sitcom Man Seeking Woman. If you’re not watching this one, you’re missing out.

AMC can’t get enough DeadThe Walking Dead‘s companion series Fear the Walking Dead, currently in the middle of its second season run, is confirmed to unspool a third season set to debut in 2017.

HBO, in a move that surprised no one, swiftly renewed its uber-popular fantasy drama Game of Thrones and critically acclaimed comedies Veep and Silicon Valley. It is Thrones‘ seventh, Veep‘s sixth, and Silicon Valley‘s fourth.

Streamer Hulu loves The Mindy Project, just like the rest of us! Mindy Kaling’s sitcom, which moved over from Fox when the network cancelled it after three seasons, is making a fifth season. Also coming back for more is The Path, the buzzy drama about a controversial cult starring Aaron Paul, Hugh Dancy, and Michelle Monaghan.

Status update #8 on your favorite new and returning shows

May is fast approaching, the month when the majority of network TV series reach their season finales, some with cliffhangers galore. We’re still waiting on many network executives to make final decisions on the fate of their shows, and today I’m back with the latest report concerning your favorite ones. Without further ado…

CBS, in typical fashion, is bringing back the majority of its programming next fall. In one fell swoop, The Eye renewed 11 series: dramas Blue Bloods, NCIS: Los Angeles, NCIS: New Orleans, Hawaii Five-0, Madam Secretary, Elementary, and Scorpion, comedies Mom and 2 Broke Girls, and reality shows Survivor and The Amazing Race. Elsewhere, the time has come to say goodbye to Person of Interest. The addicting crime procedural/serial hybrid from executive producers J.J. Abrams, Jonathan Nolan, and Greg Plageman debuts its fifth and final season on Tuesday, May 3. The EPs released a joint statement for fans, and you can read it after the break.

FOX, meanwhile, is placing lots of confidence in striving drama Gotham and reliably funny comedies Brooklyn Nine-Nine and The Last Man on Earth. The DC Comics-based series will return for a third season, and the Andy Samberg and Will Forte sitcoms have secured a fourth and third season, respectively.

ABC swiftly removed biblical drama Of Kings and Prophets from its primetime schedule after two wildly low-rated airings. The end.

FXX is primed to make history with a two-season pickup of veteran sitcom It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia. Seasons 13 and 14 are currently in the works, and if FX’s sister network eventually greenlights a record-breaking 15th season, it will make It’s Always Sunny the longest-running live-action comedy series of all-time.

AMC, in the least surprising move, has announced that it wants more Better Call Saul. The Breaking Bad spinoff is officially coming back for a 10-episode third season in 2017. Elsewhere on the cable network, martial arts drama Into the Badlands secured a second season.

One dislikes ending on a sour note, but here goes: HBO has opted not to bring back Togetherness for a third season. Its second season, which currently has two episodes remaining, will be its last. The underrated drama from filmmaking brothers Jay and Mark Duplass puts marriage and friendship under a microscope and explores adult relationships with strong sense of finesse and intimate emotion. This one will be missed. READ MORE Status update #8 on your favorite new and returning shows

10 premieres to look out for in January: ‘Sherlock,’ ‘New Girl,’ ‘American Crime,’ ‘Agent Carter,’ ‘The X-Files’ & more

Ring in the New Year with an exciting slate of new and returning programs coming to TV in the month of January. Zach Galifianakis and Chelsea Handler are the stars of two fresh comedy series premiering this month, and you can look forward to the long anticipated returns of SherlockAgent Carter, and yes, The X-Files. Jump after the break for the full rundown.
READ MORE 10 premieres to look out for in January: ‘Sherlock,’ ‘New Girl,’ ‘American Crime,’ ‘Agent Carter,’ ‘The X-Files’ & more

Status update #4 on your favorite new and returning shows

Before we close out the year, let’s take one more look at the survival status of your favorite shows.

CBS is a fan of the high-flying Supergirl so much so that it’s granted the Greg Berlanti-produced superhero series a full season order. The DC Comics-based drama will run for 20 episodes in its debut season.

NBC can’t get enough of Raymond Reddington. The network has renewed the James Spader vehicle The Blacklist for a fourth season ensuring its comeback next fall. The high-octane drama took a daring turn into more serialized storytelling this year and it’s reaping the rewards in the creative department. Also on the Peacock’s nice list is Dick Wolf’s latest spinoff Chicago Med; the medical procedural has been given a five-episode back order bringing its first season tally to 18 hours. Remember, ChiMed debuted late in November, so this can be considered a full season order. On its naughty list is Neil Patrick Harris’ primetime variety show Best Time Ever; it won’t be coming back for more.

Fox‘s summer breakout Wayward Pines will in fact return for a 10-episode second season. The M. Night Shyamalan-produced mystery drama based on author Blake Crouch’s novels hooked viewers with its jaw-dropping twists, fun action sequences, and most of all, its homages to The Twilight Zone and Twin Peaks. Shyamalan will return to EP, but showrunner Chad Hodge is handing off the reigns to Mark Friedman (Believe).

For more, jump after the break. READ MORE Status update #4 on your favorite new and returning shows

TV reminder: 5 series to look out for in September

As summer draws to a close, we’ve made it to my favorite time of the year: new fall programming is upon us. But before we dive into the Big Network’s schedules (that’s coming later this week), let’s take a quick look at some of cable’s anticipated offerings premiering this September. Jump after the break for the rundown. READ MORE TV reminder: 5 series to look out for in September

FXX renews ‘Man Seeking Woman’ for a second season

Man Seeking Woman, FXX’s bizarre relationship comedy from Simon Rich and starring Jay Baruchel and Eric André, will return for a 10-episode second season in 2016. The series, based on Rich’s book of short stories The Last Girlfriend On Earth, is an absurd and hilarious look at the life-and-death stakes of dating. In a recent episode, Baruchel’s Josh Greenberg dates the luminous Minka Kelly only to be cockblocked by a Japanese penis monster named Tanaka. It’s different and weird and best of all it works. If you’re a single 20-something trying to find love in the big city, you may be surprised at how relatable this fantastical show can be.

“Simon Rich has delivered an incredibly smart and original take on the search for love,” said FX exec Nick Grad in a statement. “Critics and fans alike have embraced his unique storytelling, [EP] Jon Krisel’s stunning visuals and the brilliant performances of Jay Baruchel, Eric André and the rest of the cast that has made Man Seeking Woman one of the best new comedies on television.”

“Working on Man Seeking Woman has been the creative highlight of my life,” added Rich. “FXX gave us the freedom to make the show we love and they let us build some truly disgusting monsters. I’m so grateful to [FX Networks CEO] John Landgraf and his team for believing in us and I can’t wait to get back to work.”

Man Seeking Working airs Wednesdays at 10:30pm on FXX.

TV reminder: 10 premieres to look out for in January

New year, new TV. It’s time for the latest installment of what to watch this month! There are a total of 10 new and returning shows to look out for in January so let’s get right to it, after the break. READ MORE TV reminder: 10 premieres to look out for in January

FX renews ‘The League’ for a seventh and final season

It’s the beginning of the end for The League.  The fantasy football comedy that’s really not about fantasy football at all has been renewed for a seventh and final season by FX. The upcoming batch of 13 episodes, set to premiere in fall 2015 on FXX, will see Pete, Kevin, Ruxin, Andre, Taco, and Jenny vie for the Shiva one last time. Even after six seasons, The League is still a great go-to comedy for consistent laughs and total absurdity (is a Rafi/Dirty Randy spinoff on anyone else’s mind?). Though it’ll be sad to see the show conclude, I’d say they’re certainly going out on top and not overstaying their welcome. Read quotes from the husband-and-wife team behind the series below:

“We are incredibly excited to work with our amazing cast for another season, especially because I can now announce that I finally won the fantasy football league that we play in with them,” said Jeff Schaffer.

“Whatever, I’ve won it twice,” Jackie Schaffer said. “Most players in the NFL don’t make it seven seasons, and most TV shows even less so. We want to thank FX Networks and all our Eskimo Brothers and Sisters – NFL teams would be lucky to have fans as diehard as ours.”

“Spoiler alert – We already know how it will all end – with credits and the theme song,” added Jeff Schaffer.

Click here to learn about how the series got started.

FX renews ‘Married’ & ‘You’re the Worst’

Summer relationship comedies Married, starring Nat Faxon and Judy Greer, and You’re the Worst, with breakout stars Chris Geere and Ava Cash, will return next year with second seasons.

“We love these shows and the creative visions of Andrew Gurland of Married and Stephen Falk of You’re The Worst,” said Nick Grad, President of Original Programming at FX. “These shows are honest, 360-degree looks at relationships, and we’re excited to see how they evolve.”

So am I. Though bleak, Married unspools episodes that show an unapologetically real look at the ups and downs of a modern husband and wife relationship. You’re the Worst, IMHO, is the better of the two since it tends to have (much) more fun with its characters; it’s the best kind of wacky and at the end of the day it’s sweet and reliably funny.

Married will continue to air on FX and You’re the Worst will join It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and The League on sister network FXX.

TV reminders: ‘The Story of Frozen’ & ‘The League’ premiere this week [Update: ‘Frozen’ short film announced]

We’re fast approaching the new fall TV season, but first there are a couple premieres you can’t skip. First up is The Story of Frozen: Making an Animated Classic. It is exactly what it sounds like: a brand new special that goes behind the scenes of the making of Disney’s hit animated film Frozen. In it you’ll hear from directors Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee, producer Peter Del Vecho, songwriters Robert Lopez and Kristen Anderson-Lopez, Disney/Pixar head John Lasseter, and of course stars Kristen Bell and Adele Dazeem Idina Menzel as well as other creatives behind the movie. Viewers will get a rare look inside Walt Disney Animation Studios and journey to the Norwegian villages and landscapes that inspired the look of Arendelle. Additionally, the special will discuss “the future of the Frozen franchise” (perhaps an official sequel announcement?!) as well as tease the upcoming Frozen-inspired story-arc coming to Once Upon a Time this fall. The Story of Frozen premieres tonight (Tuesday, 9/2) at 8PM on ABC.

The fantasy football obsessed The League, with Pete, Kevin, Ruxin, Andre, Taco, and Jenny all vying for the Shiva once again, returns for its sixth season tomorrow, Wednesday, September 3 at 10PM on FXX.

Update: The Frozen special did not spill sequel news, however an exciting announcement about the future of Frozen was indeed made at the end of the hour. Walt Disney Animation Studios is currently working on Frozen Fever, a short film featuring all your favorite Frozen characters (including Olaf!), which will debut in spring 2015 in front of an unspecified Disney film.

It’s Anna’s birthday and Elsa and Kristoff are determined to give her the best celebration ever, but Elsa’s icy powers may put more than just the party at risk.

The short is directed by Frozen helmers Jennifer Lee and Chris Buck and it will include a brand new original song by “Let It Go” songwriters Robert Lopez and Kristen Anderson-Lopez.

TV reminder: 6 premieres to look out for in June

The summer months are upon us and though many of your favorites series are taking a break until September there are quite a few new and returning ones that premiere in June. See what’s coming up and worth checking out after the break! READ MORE TV reminder: 6 premieres to look out for in June