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‘Grand Theft Auto V’ surpasses $1 billion in sales in three days

The latest installment in the lucrative video game franchise Grand Theft Auto is making headlines and I’m not talking about it’s near-perfect ratings. Today developer Rockstar Games announced in a press release that GTA V has surpassed more than $1 billion in worldwide retail sales in just three days. It went on sale on Tuesday and already it’s made more money than Man of Steel did during its opening weekend (the Zack Snyder directed superhero pic collected $800 million in the early days it debuted). It’s inevitable that the vid game title will surpass the highest grossing movie of the year Iron Man 3 sooner rather than later (the Robert Downey Jr. vehicle currently sits at a worldwide box office $1.2 billion gross). These are massive movies we’re talking about here. To compare this level of success to another fast-selling video game, Activision’s Call of Duty: Black Ops II took 15 days to reach the $1 billion milestone. In its first 24 hours on the market CoD: BOII made $500 million; GTA V made $800 million in the same time.

“We believe this marks the fastest that any entertainment property, including video games and feature films, has reached this significant milestone,” says Rockstar in a congratulatory statement posted in full after the break.

A billion dollars in three days–that’s beyond incredible. At this pace GTA V is poised to become one of the most successful pieces of entertainment property spanning all the major industries, including film, just like the PR states. Hell, whether or not it ever overtakes Avatar‘s record-setting $2.7 billion gross, it already is.

I’ve got to say it: achievement unlocked. READ MORE ‘Grand Theft Auto V’ surpasses $1 billion in sales in three days

Rockstar reveals ‘Grand Theft Auto Online’

As we inch closer and closer to the launch of Grand Theft Auto V the game gets even more exciting in its scope. In July gamers were formally introduced to actual gameplay and it was revealed how they will juggle three separate protagonists. Now Rockstar Games sheds light on the title’s online component dubbed appropriately enough Grand Theft Auto Online. It “takes the fundamental Grand Theft Auto concepts of freedom, ambient activity and mission-based gameplay and makes them available to multiple players in an incredibly detailed and responsive online world,” says Rockstar. GTAO is described as “a dynamic and persistent online world for 16 players that begins by sharing gameplay features, geography and mechanics with Grand Theft Auto V, but will continue to expand and evolve after its launch with new content created by Rockstar Games and the Grand Theft Auto community.”

In a video preview embedded above, you can see just how awesome this prospect really is. Imagine jumping into the fictional city of Los Santos with your friends, building a virtual community together and teaming up as a crew to execute major heists and other crimes you couldn’t get away with in the real world. Plus, the ability to create, share, and play across the Internet–an idea pushed by Media Molecule in LittleBigPlanet–is always welcome as it promises new online experiences all the time. And if Rockstar holds up their promise of pushing out new content and missions GTAO has the potential to be loads of fun with much replayability.

Grand Theft Auto Online turns on October 1, two weeks after GTAV‘s September 17 launch on Xbox 360 and PS3. Access to it comes free with every copy of GTAV. Now even though GTAO takes advantage of GTAV‘s performance engine, Rockstar is pressing that it is its own entity that will “grow and evolve into its own thing.” The developer is even toying with the idea of introducing older GTA worlds into GTAO; might the future hold an updated version of Liberty City for online players to roam around?

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Rockstar releases extended peek at ‘GTA V’ gameplay

Up to this point gamers have only been privy to tantalizing trailers for Rockstar’s next game in the lucrative Grand Theft Auto franchise. That all changes now with this nearly five minute look at actual gameplay featured in GTA V. In addition to meeting the game’s three playable protagonists in Michael, Franklin, and Trevor, you will soon discover all kinds of innovative and intuitive gameplay that takes advantage of having three perspectives set inside the world of Los Santos.

GTA V comes to Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on September 17.

Video game trailers: ‘GTA V’ & ‘Call of Duty: Ghosts’

With every passing trailer, Rockstar’s next installment in the lucrative Grand Theft Auto franchise looks better and better. This brand spankin’ new clip clocks in at a lengthy 3:53 and is organized by playable protagonist. There’s rich but miserable Michael, caught up in the hood Franklin, and hillbilly Trevor. GTA V releases for Xbox 360 and PS3 on September 17; preorder today.

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‘GTA V’ lands a fall release date

Grand Theft Auto V gets a release date, at last. The latest addiction from Rockstar Games is due out September 17, 2013 on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. The highly anticipated game has been pushed from spring to fall to allow for “additional development time” says the game maker in a press release.

Grand Theft Auto V continues to push the series forward in new ways; Rockstar North are creating our deepest, most beautiful and most immersive world yet,” said Sam Houser, founder of Rockstar Games. “We are very excited for people to learn more about the game in the coming months.”

Watch the trailer in awe again here.

A grander look at ‘Grand Theft Auto V’ (trailer #2)

Rockstar Games knows how to make ’em. Here’s our second official look at the next Grand Theft Auto. It’s number 5 if you’re counting and can’t read Roman numerals. The developer says that Los Santos, the new LA-influenced setting for the game, is the most ambitious and expansive open world they’ve ever created. After you watch this trailer you’ll see exactly what they mean. Also, it looks like we’ll be following three different protagonists this go-around. If you were blown away by the game’s visuals the first time around (over a year ago!), just wait and see what this peek has to offer.

And now we have a release window. GTA V is slated to drop Spring 2013 for Xbox 360, PS3, and PC.

Game trailer: ‘Grand Theft Auto V’

Here it is, the first look at Rockstar’s latest project, Grand Theft Auto V. We’ve all been anticipating this since the video game developer hinted at its arrival in the form of an image. Check it out above, then read on.

In an official press release, it is confirmed that Grand Theft Auto V is currently in full development and Rockstar North– GTA series creator–is leading the charge. The game will take place in the fictional “city of Los Santos and surrounding hills, countryside and beaches in the largest and most ambitious game Rockstar has yet created.” Rockstar is keeping mum about the game’s plot. The PR only goes so far in saying this: “A bold new direction in open-world freedom, storytelling, mission-based gameplay and online multiplayer, Grand Theft Auto V focuses on the pursuit of the almighty dollar in a re-imagined, present-day Southern California.” Rockstar Games founder Sam Houser adds, “Grand Theft Auto V is another radical reinvention of the Grand Theft Auto universe. We are incredibly excited to share our new vision with our fans.”

After watching the trailer there are a couple things we can speculate. First, it would make sense that the narrator is the protagonist of the game and what we know is that he is a father in pursuit of a better life; he wants to be “a good guy for once, a family man.” Now even though the trailer features one narrator, it does jump around between various characters. Whether or not this means the game will have players jumping in and out of the shoes of more than one character is still up in the air. But it’s certainly fun to speculate. Mission-based gameplay is expected, while multiplayer co-op is on every one’s wish list. A release date has not been set, but I’d say it’s safe to assume a holiday 2012 launch. Once again, stay tuned.

Rockstar Games announces ‘Grand Theft Auto V’

Today Rockstar Games uploaded this image to their official website. The next Grand Theft Auto is coming, and we’ll be able to preview the all-new open-world game in the successful, long-running franchise on November 2; according to that image a trailer will drop that day. Stay tuned.

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