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Green Day: Rock Band tracklist revealed


EW’s Music Mix blog’s got the scoop on the latest band-specific Rock Band game, Green Day: Rock Band.  Developer Harmonix had a fun time choosing the venues and songs for the game.  You journey through three venues throughout the course of the game: the National Bowl in Milton Keynes, England; the Fox Theater in the band’s home of Oakland, California; and The Warehouse, a fictional location that’s based on where they used to play before they hit the big leagues.  The game includes 47 songs from three Green Day albums, and they each correspond to the three venues.  Dookie (1994) and American Idiot (2004) are loaded on the disc in their entirety and they’ve included 12 tracks from 21st Century Breakdown (2009).  The remaining six will be made available as downloadable content.  Note that these 6 missing tracks were previously made available for download for Rock Band and Rock Band 2, so if you already own them you can import them into Green Day: Rock Band at no charge.  There’s also a handful of popular singles from Warning (2000), Nimrod (1997), and Insomniac (1995) included.  Look after the break for the full tracklist.

Besides venue and tracklist information, EW reports that the visuals are quite good, and the avatars of Billie Joe Armstrong, Mike Dirnt, and Tré Cool look great thanks to advanced motion-capture technology.  Harmonix spent a lot of time researching the band to make sure everything is historically accurate, even the types and number of tatoos the band members added over the years.  And since MTV Games is part of the project, rare performances and interviews will be included on-disc as unlockabled achievements.  If this game is anything like Harmonix’s last band-specific game, The Beatles, I have no doubt it’s going to ROCK.  Green Day: Rock Band lands in stores June 8.

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Anticipated games premiere at VGAs (Halo: Reach, Arkham Asylam 2, and more)

Many publishers used this year’s Spike Video Game Awards as a launching pad for their future games lineup.  Notable titles include Halo: Reach and Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands.  Surprise announcements include Arkham Asylum 2, a reboot of the Medal of Honor series, a stand-alone Green Day Rock Band game, and a lead up to the 2010 Tron movie called Tron Evolution.  Check out the Halo: Reach and Green Day: Rock Band trailers below and look after the break for trailers for the rest of the games mentioned here, plus more!  2010 already looks to be a solid year for video gamers.  Get pumped.  And for those who are curious–The Beatles: Rock Band won (and rightfully deserved) music game of the year and Uncharted 2: Among Thieves nabbed Game of the Year.  Look after the break for the full rundown of winners.

Note: A press release announces that the Halo: Reach multiplayer beta begins Spring 2010.

[Via Kotaku, here & here]

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