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HP gives in, officially unveils Windows 7 powered HP Slate priced at $799

After almost an entire year of teases, demos, random resurfaces, and handlings on YouTube, the once mysterious HP Slate has been formally announced and detailed.  What was originally intended for the consumer market has been tailored and made destined for “business, enterprise and vertical customers.”  (You can thank HP’s aquisition of Palm and their current plans of designing webOS tablets for this slight shakeup in marketing.)  By now you should know the Slate’s specs by heart, but let’s run through them anyway, you know, for fun.  Weighing in at 1.5 pounds, the Slate features a 8.9-inch (1024×600) capacitive multitouch display, 1.86GHz Intel Atom Z540 processor, 2GB of RAM, 64GB SSD, 802.11n WiFi, rear-facing 5 megapixel camera (for taking still images and video), front-facing VGA camera (for video chat), and a Broadcom Crystal HD Enhanced Video accelerator to help provide 1080p video playback.  Ports-wise there’s 1 USB, a headphone jack, an SD card slot, and a mic.  A myriad of buttons surround the bezel; there’s a home button, a keyboard button that brings up and hides the on-screen keyboard, volume up/down buttons, and a Ctrl-Alt-Delete key.

The Slate 500 runs a clean version of Windows 7 Professional; you won’t find any kind of HP skin here, which can be a good or bad thing depending on your preferences.  Unlike Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android Froyo platform, Windows 7 was not designed from the ground up for touch input.  A capacitive screen and a fairly speedy Intel processor will get the job done, but just barely.  If you are willing to learn how to navigate a made for mouse-and-keyboard OS using your fat fingers, go for it.  All I’m saying is that it might be hard to justify dropping $799 for a tablet of this kind.  A worthy iPad contender this is not.  If you’re anti-Apple, I’d recommend purchasing the Samsung Galaxy Tab over the Slate any day.

But enough of my gripes.  Let’s talk Slate accessories and release details.  It ships with a Wacom active digital pen to use for note taking and writing emails.  It also comes with a dock fitted with an HDMI port for video out and a “portfolio” case.  Again the Slate will ship for $799 and it’s coming to the U.S. first (at an undisclosed date) and will then be “evaluated for further market expansion.”

Look in the gallery below for stills and after the break for official PR.

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HP Slate prototype gets handled on YouTube

YouTuber x313xkillax somehow managed to get his hands on a protoype model of the HP Slate.  As you can see in the video embedded above the Slate has a myriad of ports and switches around the edges (including one that reveals an on-screen keyboard) and it boots fairly quickly into a full-fledged copy of Windows 7.  IE8 seems to run Flash content without hiccup (advantage HP, iPad).  Since Windows 7 isn’t all that optimized for touchscreen implementation I am anticipating a future HP tablet running multitouch-friendly WebOS.  HP bought Palm so they can do that, you know.

Want more deets on the Slate?  A second video surfaced that previews the tablet in greater detail.  The back of the product box lists the following specs: 1.86GHz Intel Atom Z540 with GMA500 and Broadcom Crystal HD Enhanced Video accelerator, 8.9-inch WSVGA screen, 2GB DDR2 RAM, about 60GB storage capacity, Windows 7 Home Premium, 802.11b/g/n, Bluetooth, SD card reader, 2-Cell 30WHr Lithium-ion Polymer battery.  There are also back and front-facing cameras.  Apparently the Slate will ship with a dock that comes complete with a kickstand, two USB ports, HDMI out, and a headphone jack.

Update: Both videos have been “removed by the user” due to obvious reasons.  However I was able to find another copy of the original preview video and it’s embedded above; the more extensive preview is nowhere to be found, unfortunately.

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HP Slate surfaces again, this time showing off cameras, SD card slot & more

Over the weekend a tablet called iPad was released into the wild.  Taking a backseat to all the ruckus was HP, a company who knows a thing or two about the tablet game.  The HP Slate makes a brand new appearence in this video, boasting features that are noticably absent from the coveted iPad including dual cameras for Skype video chat, an SD card slot for expandable storage, and a USB port.  The Slate will run Windows 7 with a layer of HP’s TouchSmart UI laid on top.  Rumors are swirling that it’ll cost $529 and drop into customer’s hands this June, but I’ll make sure to report back when official word comes from HP.

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HP Slate gets demoed, revels in Adobe Flash & AIR

We caught a first glipse of the HP Slate revealed at CES 2010 by Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer.  Then we were told about the origins of the Slate in a short HP “special update” video.  Now we’ve got two new videos that shed a bit more light on HP’s iPad contender.  Since the Slate runs Windows 7, it’s not surprise that it will support Flash video.  HP is really going out of their way to show off Flash video and games, boasting a popular feature the popular iPad will likely never support (HTML 5, where are you?).  In the video above we also learn about the Adobe AIR apps the Slate will run, and we also get to see the on-screen keyboard it will display.  HP, these product teases are nice and all, but enough is enough–we want product details, price, a launch window at least!  Look after the break for a 30 second spot featuring the Slate.

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HP talks HP Slate

Remember that mysterious tablet from HP that was breifly handled at the Microsoft keynote at this year’s CES?  Well HP CTO Phil McKinney is here to go into a bit more detail about the origins of the HP Slate.  At its core it’s a multitouch tablet that runs Window 7; it’s the “rich media experience” that promises to set it apart from the rest of the pack.  It’s set to release sometime this year.

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