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Remix: Britney Spears – “Till The World Ends” (Featuring Nicki Minaj & Ke$ha)

Still can’t get Britney Spears’ club banger single “Till The World Ends” out of your head? This is no cure. The Femme Fatale has rounded up other pop superstars Nicki Minaj and Ke$ha to join her on the catchy track. In this slightly altered version of the song, Nicki looks inside herself, locates her alter egos, and starts the song with this new intro: “Chimpanzees is hatin’, but I take it all in stride/ Put her in a jungle with bananas on the side/ Told you they’d revive your career, but somebody lied/ I ain’t talkin’ poultry when I say this chicken’s fried.” Then she explodes into a full on rap verse in a way only Barbie can impress. Ke$ha, who co-wrote the bumping track, hops onto the chorus later on. Listen here:

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Update (4/25): Today Britney let loose the final version of the remix. You can listen to it right here. It does sound cleaner. Also, take a gander at the official single art pasted above.

Update 2: Now available to buy on iTunes.

Single: Ke$ha – “We R Who We R”

It’s always fun to make fun of Ke$ha.  But when you remove all those layers of glitter, her lazy attitude, and the fact that she can’t sing live, what you get are some really, really catchy radio tunes.  The pop star is ready to impress again with a followup to her debut album Animal with Cannibal.  In an interview with EW she expressed her excitement of working the studio again and shared her passion for creating music for the new generation of youngsters.  “I feel like I’m creating this hopefully very youthful and irreverent movement of the kids, of like adolescence.  I feel like the parents don’t get it, but the kids get it. And they deserve to have more good, positive music.”

The first single off Cannibal is “We R Who We R”, a song Ke$ha reveals to be a topical message for the current crop of kids being bullied in school for being different.  “I wanted to inspire people to be themselves,” she says.  It’s a celebration of any sort of quirks or eccentricities.”  (She even took time to post a thoughtful message promising  bullied teens that “It Gets Better.”)  And as for the nine track album which releases November 22?  “It’s fun as s—!”  Hope she doesn’t mean that too literally.  Go on and take a listen to the new single above–you know it’s going to be stuck in your head once the radio stations get a hold of it, so you might as well prepare early.

[Via EW-MusicMix]

Star Trek + Tik Tok = pure amazingness (somehow, someway)

I really can’t stand Ke$ha anymore, with her whiney songs that always get stuck in my head.  As much as I’ve been trying to keep a safe distance from her catchy tracks I stumbled upon this masterpiece.  Somehow, someway, YouTube user MissSheenie was able to perfectly match classic scenes from Star Trek: The Original Series with Ke$ha’s first single “Tik Tok”.  Now enjoy.