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Lady Gaga joins ‘American Horror Story’ in season 5 lead role

American Horror Story has found its star for season five and it’s Mother Monster.

Lady Gaga, hot off her Sound of Music tribute performance at the Oscars, is confirmed to be the lead in the next installment of FX’s American Horror Story. Like every season before it, the plot, as well as Gaga’s role in it, are being kept tightly under wraps. In a surprising move, however, in addition to revealing this exciting cast addition, series creator Ryan Murphy also deemed it time to announce the installment’s name: American Horror Story: Hotel. Murphy dropped numerous clues in last season’s Freak Show pertaining to Hotel; did you catch any? By my count, there were myriad references to space, but Murphy quickly shut that theory down since the show is tied down to taking place solely on American soil.

This marks Gaga’s first major acting gig. Following a small uncredited role in The Sopranos in 2001, she most recently made cameos on the big screen in Machete Kills and Sin City: A Dame to Kill For. Even still, we all know the artist can hypnotize with sexy, captivating performances via music videos.

With Gaga locked in as lead, you must be thinking: what does this mean for franchise star Jessica Lange? Prior to Freak Show‘s debut, Lange announced that it would be her final run with the show. Since then, however, she has made whispers about a potential comeback. So then, her commitment remains up in the air until further notice. My guess: she’ll at least make her mark with a memorable cameo.

Watch Lady Gaga’s AHS: Hotel announcement video embedded above; and don’t worry, Ryan Murphy retweeted it to confirm its authenticity.

Lady Gaga showers in your “Applause” in the single’s new music video

Lady Gaga’s music video for her new single “Applause” is here and get this–it makes the track better. Sure, the song is catchy enough upon first listen, but add in Gaga’s dazzling visuals (that bra made of faux-hands are pretty cool!) and weird metaphors (Gaga’s head on a swan’s body means what now?) and you’ve got a music video that’s hard to turn away from. Check it out in the clip embedded above.

Katy Perry & Lady Gaga face off in battle of the new singles; Eminem reenters the game, too

This week pop divas Katy Perry and Lady Gaga and famed rapper Eminem released new music for the first time in a long time.

Perry’s “Roar,” embedded above, is the lead single off her upcoming fourth studio album Prism due out October 22. Her last album Teenage Dream, which featured numerous radio hits like “California Gurls,” “Teenage Dream,” “Firework,” “E.T.,” “Last Friday Night,” and “The One That Got Away,” released nearly three years ago.

Gaga’s followup to 2011’s Born This Way (which included popular tracks like “Born This Way,” “Judas,” “The Edge of Glory,” “You and I,” and “Marry The Night”) is ARTPOP due out November 11. “Applause” is the first single off her new record and its lyric video is posted after the break.

Both “Roar” and “Applause” are worthy lead singles that will inevitably climb the charts. Though there’s some controversy surrounding Katy’s new tune (listeners quickly picked up that the back track sounds eerily similar to the one used in Sara Bareilles’ “Brave”), it does distance itself away from that other equally catchy and uplifting song enough that both can coexist and be enjoyed. (SoundCloud user MixmstrStel remixed the two songs together to grand effect.) Gaga’s “Applause,” in my opinion, is the weaker of the two singles and yet it still manages to make me anticipate her long-awaited new material.

Lastly, rap legend Eminem is back for another encore. Details are still being kept under wraps regarding Shady’s eighth album and followup to 2010’s Recovery; but fans can get a taste of what’s to come in Em’s new track “Survival.” The song promotes the next Call of Duty game Ghosts and it appears the game’s soundtrack. “Survival” will be part of the new record, but Eminem’s camp says fans can expect the rapper to drop the album’s true lead single soon. Listen to Eminem’s latest after the break. READ MORE Katy Perry & Lady Gaga face off in battle of the new singles; Eminem reenters the game, too

Music video: Lady Gaga – “Marry the Night”

Every time Gaga releases a music video, you never really know exactly what you’re going to get. Like some other in her collection, the nearly 14-minute clip for “Marry the Night” plays like a short film. In fact, the music doesn’t start until Gaga pushes in an 8-track tape at the 8:47 mark. Before that happens all kinds of erratic scenes fill the screen. In the beginning Gaga is wheeled into a hospital ward that appears to be located inside a hotel, and during this part she narrates her inspirations behind the nurses’ wardrobe, among other things. Once the music kicks in so does the choreography; Gaga and her dancers once again show off their fancy moves and impress. Go on and grab some popcorn then mash play to experience another wild glimpse into the mind of Lady Gaga.

Music video: Lady Gaga – “Yoü and I”

Woah, there is so much going on in Gaga’s latest music video. When she posted the link to the video earlier today Mother Monster tweeted, “You must love all + every part of me, as must I, for this complex + incomprehensible force to be true.” In the clip she jumps into a myriad of guises; one moment she’s a cyborg walking along Nebraskan cornfields and the next she’s trapped in a bathtub as a mermaid. There are flashes of her being experimented on, and in a rockin’ dance sequence she’s got an electric blue wig on her crown. The strangest part, though, has to be the scene where a makeup-less Gaga is playing the piano and her male alter ego Jo Calderone grooves to the beat beside her. Yep, that’s Lady Gaga underneath the greasy dangling hair, white tee, and smoking cigarette. And when they embrace, well, that sent a bizarre shiver down my spine.

So what does it all mean? Gaga told a radio station, “The idea that when you’re away from someone you love, it’s torture. I knew I wanted the video to be about me sprinting back and walking hundreds of thousands of miles to get him back.” But that doesn’t explain all the different egos in play here. It’s up to us for interpretation, I reckon. Anyhow, “Yoü and I” is definitely one of the best songs off Born This Way, and the video made for it strikes a fine chord. It’s beautifully shot, and the lyrics hold value. Flick on HD and mash play above.

Howard Stern interviews Lady Gaga in her most intimate interview yet

Whether or not you’re a little Monster you should do yourself a favor listen to this 88-minute interview featuring Lady Gaga. Radio host Howard Stern is known for his ability to pry open celebrities and dig into their personal lives, and surprisingly Gaga opens up to almost all of Stern’s questions. They talk about her rise to fame, her drug problems, her family, and so much more. Even if you’re not a fan of her music, the interview is really intriguing as it closely examines the life of a modern pop star. Towards the end of the interview Stern asks Gaga to play two songs; before she plays “The Edge of Glory” and “Hair” she explains to the listener how these songs originally came together. After listening to “The Edge of Glory” and almost on the verge of tears, Stern called it “one of the best performances we’ve ever had on the show.” Go on and take some time out of your day and listen to the candid interview in full below (complete with NSFW language):

Jump after the break to watch Gaga perform “The Edge of Glory” and “Hair” from inside Howard Stern’s Sirius Satellite Radio station. READ MORE Howard Stern interviews Lady Gaga in her most intimate interview yet

Weird Al parodies Lady Gaga in “Perform This Way” video

“I’m sure my critics will say it’s a grotesque display/Well, they can bite me, baby — I perform this way/ I might be wearin’ Swiss cheese or maybe covered with bees/It doesn’t mean I’m crazy — I perform this way.”

Weird Al Yankovic is back and this time he’s taking on pop queen Lady Gaga. From the intelligently goofy lyrics (see above) to the strange and bizarre direction of the music video everything here is pure win. I can’t wait to see what else the master of parody comes up with next; we can expect more content coming soon since his thirteenth studio album Alpocalyse drops tomorrow.

Gaga’s ‘Born This Way’ out now

After dropping four singles–count ’em “Born This Way,” “Judas,” “The Edge of Glory,” and “Hair“–Lady Gaga’s second studio album is finally in stores now. Two versions exist. The standard version contains 14 tracks, while the bonus track version tacks on an additional eight. On the whole Born This Way is receiving positive reviews. RapUp’s put together a nice review roundup, if you’re so inclined.

Update: Amazon is selling the album for 99 cents. What are you waiting for? This is a steal!

Update 2 (5/30): And just like that the special offer is gone. Still, Amazon is selling the album for less than iTunes at a low $6.99.

Music video: Lady Gaga – “Judas”

Check out the latest music video from the Haus of Gaga. The religious-themed single receives an appropriately-matched video that is directed by Gaga and Laurieann Gibson. Lady Gaga as Mary Magdalene gets caught in the middle of a love triangle of sorts between Jesus Christ and Judas the traitor (portrayed by The Walking Dead‘s Norman Reedus). Beyond the controversial religious tone, the choreography is all kinds of fun. Born This Way drops May 23.

Music video: Lady Gaga – “Born This Way”

Somehow, someway Lady Gaga manages to top herself when it comes to making music videos. As you would expect, this seven minute tale wraps together the lead single off her second album and a story about rebirth including the opening “Manifesto of Mother Monster” backed by Bernard Herrmann’s Vertigo theme. It gets weird when Gaga starts giving birth to slimy versions of herself, but things start to stabilize when the catchy track begins to play about two-and-a-half minutes in. Grab some popcorn, turn up the volume, and enjoy Mother Monster’s latest and greatest. And FYI–she’s planning to release a second video featuring an acoustic version of the song.