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Sand Glass traffic light uses LEDs to intuitively prompt stop, ready & go states

The fact that this concept took this long to come up with is a bit sad.  And the other fact that it hasn’t been installed in busy roads is even worse.  Try to wrap your head around the Sand Glass traffic light designed by Thanva Tivawong.  Its design is inspired by the hour glass, the physical object and the famous Windows “wait” mouse icon.  Implementing the hour glass concept into the traffic light is genius, really.  Brightly lit LED pixels change color (red, yellow, green) to designate wait, ready, and go, respectively–we’re used to that already.  When it acts like an hour glass, drivers can get a more precise sense of almost exactly when the traffic light will change states.  The designer also included a countdown timer; the yellow state will read “3, 2, 1” when its about to change color to green and prompt the driver to “go” or change to red and prompt “stop”.  This is a concept that needs to become a reality!  We like having a sense of progress status, don’t we?  Look in the gallery below for more conceptual visuals.

[Via YankoDesign; Engadget]

High heels illuminated by fiber optics

Italian fashion designer Francesca Castagnacci’s bold new project called “bright fashion” weaves and integrates LED-powered fiber optics into accessory fabrics.  Here is an example of the fashion statement instituted in a high heel shoe.  The result is an illuminated radiance that will surely catch the eye of modern trendsetters.  Each fiber optic wire is as thin as a human hair and requires an LED at either end to light up.  Ladies, interested?  Look in the gallery below for additional shots of this truly cutting-edge design.

[Via Gizmodo; DVICE; Yatzer]

Mighty morphin’ solar eclipse lamp

The Nissyoku lamp is inspired by the solar eclipse.  It’s powered by hybrid capacitors that allow it to keep glowing without maintenence for up to ten years.  What makes this LED lamp so neat is that it can take on different shapes thanks to rotating panels fixed with magnets.  It’s designed to be either suspended from a ceiling or placed on a surface to illuminate a room.  It reminds me of the Sony Rolly.  Check out the gallery below for alternative shapes.

[Via igendesign; TheDesignBlog; Gizmodo]

Early demonstration of Samsung’s 3D TVs

Yeah it’s around seven minutes long, but if you are even slightly interested in 3D TVs and the forthcoming slew of them entering the market this year it’s worth a viewing.  In the video preview a Samsung rep details the Samsung C7000 LED TV, giving us an early peek into the brand new 3D tech that’s embedded inside.  There’s SD/HD modes, a 3D mode (duh), a 2D to 3D converter, a sleek remote, and the sporty 3D shades.  Man I wish I had a British accent.

[Via Which?; Engadget]

LED Shower provides a therapeutic bathing session

LED shower heads by Visentin can be mounted on your ceiling, allowing for an open shower experience in the middle of your living room.

Specializing in health and wellbeing, the Italian bathroom design company created these luxury shower heads to bathe you in a rainbow of therapeutic colored LED light. Hot hues include rejuvenating orange, renewing white, relaxing blue, healing pink or refreshing green, each with its own therapeutic qualities to transform your shower into a daily home-spa experience.

[Via Trendir; Gizmodo]

Ring in the New Year, “let there be courage”

Get your first look at the 2010 New Year’s Ball set in Times Square.  Though they didn’t add to the previously installed 32,256 Philips LED lights, they did include new Waterford glass panels.  Every year “a new hope” is constructed onto the ball, and this year the theme is “let there be courage.”  This year’s ball is going to be a shining colorful beacon of brilliance.

For 2010 Waterford Crystal has designed a new sparkling “Let There Be Courage” triangle. The crystals feature a unique interlocking ribbon pattern woven into the Celtic knot. The triangles, each about 3/8″ thick and 6.8 ounces in weight are custom made and built to exacting standards to withstand the stresses of high winds, precipitation and temperature fluctuation that exist over 400 feet above Times Square. 288 are being installed alongside crystal installed in previous years.

And get this–a Waterford iPhone app has been developed for the special occasion.  It’s called Clink-Clink and it’s a a virtual toasting application.  When two iPhones tap each other and “clink” glasses, contact information is shared and can even posted on Facebook.  Ah, ’tis the year of “there’s an app for that.”  Am I right?  Head after the break for an additional video showcasing the New Year’s Ball and watch how the Waterford app works.

[Via Gizmodo, here & here]

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That’s right, you’re drinking “milk”

Milk Glass LED Night Light (Images courtesy Amazon)

Glass Of Milk LED Night Light.  Designed by Andrew Liszewski.

Liszewski created these white LED-infused acrylic drinking glasses to serve not only as cups but also as night lights.  The way I see it, he’s got it all wrong.  The real purpose of these glasses is to camouflage with “milk” that alcoholic beverage you are forced to sneak around the house.

[Via OhGizmo; Gizmodo]

Madrid’s LED Wall displays “psychedelic” art, is a space for communicative gathering

LED Wall.  Designed by Langarita–Navarro Arquitectos.  Located in Madrid, Spain.

This LED wall at the Medialab-Prado in central Madrid is an interactive façade made of 35, 000 LED lights that can display both still images and video.  It was commissioned by the Madrid Town Council “to develop social interaction and to offer a new digital landmark for their city which is often so closely guarded from development.”  It serves as a display for city information and “psychedelic” art.  Images below, video after the break.

[Via KanyeBlog]

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World’s largest revolving Christmas star

Developed by Siemens and Munich multimedia artist Michael Pendry, this wind turbine-turned-Christmas “SuperStar” is made up of 9,000 spinning LED lights.  Each blade holds 3,000 LED lights and when it rotates the lights bright up the night’s sky.  The overarching reason this was made for the holiday season is because it promotes eco-friendliness.  The LEDs emit the equivalent of 22,000 candles and the structure uses as much energy as a hairdryer!  It sits in Munich until January 6.  Check out additional images of this glowing wonder in the gallery below; long exposure photography was used to capture the spinning blades at a colorful standstill.  Also, peek after the break for a video of the star’s construction and to see it in action.

[Via Gizmodo; Inhabitat]

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Glowy dress monitors pollution in the air

Climate Dress.  Designed by Diffus.

The inclusion of an Arduino Lilypad microprocessor, a carbon dioxide detector, and LED lights make this dress, well, very unique.  Stitched together using conductive embroidery, the LEDs are connected to the CO2 detector and light up when the dress interacts with carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.  Glowing patterns range from “slow pulses to rapid flashes” depending on how much CO2 is detected.  Diffus representatives: It generate awareness of environmental issues through an “aesthetic representation of environmental data.”  I’ll say.

[Via Engadgetecouterre]

World’s largest LED project (yup, it’s a phallus)

Designed by Asymptote Architecture with lighting by Arup.  Located in Abu Dhabi.

The Yas Hotel has been wrapped in a sheeth “of more than 5,300 diamond-shaped panels bristling with over 5,000 LED fixtures.”  The LEDs can support color change and even display low resolution 3D video.  Underneath the penis-shaped LED coating is the Yas Hotel that includes two 12-story buildings and a Formula-1 racetrack.

[Via Gizmodo; Inhabitat]