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Lego people put their bricks together to print out “Hello World” with felt-tipped pen

YouTuber horseattack has managed to construct a printer made of Legos.  He describes his work: “Lego felt tip 110″ printer connected to an Apple Mac. This is not a kit you can buy and does not use mindstorms. I designed/built/coded it all from scratch including analog motor electronics, sensors and printer driver, the USB interface uses a “wiring” board.” Now watch the magic unfold in the video above.

[Via Engadget]

Lego Boardroom Table

The table consists of 22,742 pieces clicked together with traditional lego construction techniques (no glue), a 136mm grommet is located in its centre. It sits on a polished Stainless Steel square hollow section structure built by B.A. Engineering of Prussia St and is topped with a 10mm sheet of toughened glass manufactured by Action Glass.

Ah, to sit at the head of a Lego boardroom table.  Imagine…

[Via Behance; Likecool]

Trailer: Lego-Halo short film coming soon

A Halo-inspired Lego short film is six years in the making!  Creator Alex Kobbs has been hard at work shooting the Legos frame-by-frame to create what will be nothing short of a masterpiece.  The 25 minute film will take place in the Zanzibar map and will feature Red vs. Blue Halo bricks fighting it out.  The Battle of the Brick is expected to make its long-awaited round on the Internet sometime in early 2010.

[Via Gizmodo]

Super nerd builds biggest Lego Mario

Dirk VH (I guess that’s what he goes by) is a part-time Lego sculpter who has created the biggest structure of Nintendo’s mascot.  His 40,000 piece Lego Mario stands at six feet tall and weighs 110 pounds.  It took over 16 days to build.

What is super cool about this is that Mr. VH is auctioning this masterpiece on eBay and all of the money will go to the Ronald McDonald foundation in Netherlands.  It is up for auction right now for 2.650,00, or roughly $3,700.  Happy bidding.

[Via Gizmodo; Brothers-Brick]