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24 Hour Coco Cam is LIVE right now!

On October 20th at 1PM EST/10AM PST Conan’s HQ in Los Angeles started broadcasting LIVE to the Internet!  They shoved a camera in the stairwell of their “comedy bunker” and you don’t want to miss all the crazy shenanigans that’s going down right now.  The camera will remain on for a whole 24 hours.  So far you’ve missed dancing tacos and a dude in a dog suit playing poker and drinking a water bottle through his eye hole.  Watching the live stream is quite mesmerizing in the strangest way possible.  Click here to access the stream.  And if you’re on Twitter, go on and request the production crew/interns that pass by to do something crazy; don’t forget to hashtag your tweet with #LiveCocoCam.  Right now it’s 4:30AM EST on the 21st, and there’s a late-night party going down, so whatcha waitin’ for?

Update: It’s over, folks.  Head over to Team Coco to watch highlights from the 24 hour cam.  Every wonderful shenanigan has been saved for posterity in video and still image formats.  Fun fact: according to early estimates, some 660,000 people tuned into the live stream at some point during the 24 hour period.  As Deadline so emphatically points out, that is the average audience TBS gets in the 11PM hour with George Lopez!  Get ready America, Coco is coming.

[Via TeamCoco]

YouTube live streaming tested today and tomorrow, don’t miss it!

You’ve heard of UStream?  Well Google is looking to add similar functionality to their popular video site.  Today and tomorrow YouTube will be testing a live streaming platform with four content partners: Howcast, Next New Networks, Rocketboom and Young Hollywood.  The platform seemlessly integrates live streaming into a YouTube channel page.  All they require of selected broadcasters is a webcam or external USB/FireWire camera.  Easy peesy, right?  A “Live Comments” module sits to the right of the live video stream; this gives viewers and broadcasters the ability to communicate with one another.  Remember this is only a two-day trial only for the specified content partners; Google promises to “evaluate rolling out the platform more broadly to our partners worldwide” at an undisclosed date.  So don’t think you can broadcast live your own keyboard cat doing his thing for the world to see…yet.  Click the links provided above (or scrub through the interactive embedded YouTube TV-mabob) to catch live content before time runs out.

[Via YouTubeBlog; Engadget]