‘Phineas and Ferb’ to air ‘LOST’ inspired episode written by Damon Lindelof with guest star Terry O’Quinn

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After conquering Marvel’s superheroes and Star Wars, Disney’s hit cartoon Phineas and Ferb is about to get Lost. In an upcoming installment “Lost in Danville” set to air Monday, September 29 at 7:30pm (ET) on Disney XD, the tinkering boys will find themselves in a mysterious episode written by Lost showrunner Damon Lindelof.

A mysterious locked capsule falls into Phineas and Ferb’s back yard and they struggle to open it, only to discover they have unleashed something they cannot control. Meanwhile, Perry learns that Dr. Doofenshmirtz has been abducted and tracks him to Seattle where another evil scientist, Professor Mystery, has his own sinister plan.

A locked capsule? A polar bear pictured in the still above? Perhaps the elusive Dharma Initiative and the sinister Smoke Monster will play pivotal roles here. Guest voices includes Lost‘s very own Terry O’Quinn (John Locke) as Professor Mystery and Jane Kaczmarek (Malcolm in the Middle) and Rob Morrow (Numbers) play capsule inhabitants Denise and Bernie (perhaps Danville’s very own Bernard and Rose?–just a theory!).

The ABC drama premiered on 9/22 back in 2004; celebrate 10 years of Lost by watching this specially themed P&F episode that is bound to be filled with easter eggs galore.

Comic Con: ABC celebrates ‘LOST’ 10 years later

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The groundbreaking drama LOST premiered to a room full of eager fans at 2004’s San Diego Comic Con. Ten years later the Alphabet network that fostered it produced a short yet impactful two minute commemorative video featuring some of the series most memorable scenes bookended by words from showrunners Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof. The video embedded above ran on a loop at ABC’s booth during this year’s Comic Con. If you couldn’t make it out this year watch it now and relive the emotional bliss that was and forever will be LOST. Jack’s bearded rallying cry “We have to go back,” Charlie’s hand inscribed with the message “Not Penny’s Boat,” Jack and Locke’s heated faith argument, Jack’s “Kate, dammit, run!,” Ben tearfully pushing the donkey wheel with all his might to (boom) move the Island–it’s all there. Enjoy.

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Two years later, showrunner Damon Lindelof addresses the polarizing ‘LOST’ finale

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The date is May 23, 2012. Exactly two years ago on this day the cult ABC drama LOST aired its series finale to much fanfare. In a word, it was polarizing–some accepted it and enjoyed it, while others were extremely disappointed by the lack of answers. In an interview with The Verge’s Josh Topolsky, LOST showrunner/executive producer/writer Damon Lindelof ends his radio silence and discusses the ending of his six year long tale of mystery and connectedness. Topolsky sides with those viewers that remain bitter about the ending, and Lindelof came prepared to admit faults and also defend what came to pass. There are way too many choice quotes to transcript here; so if you’re a fan of the addicting roller coaster that was LOST set aside half an hour to watch this educational video. (And it goes without saying…but…MAJOR SPOILERS here, so beware.)

No matter how you felt after the series wrapped on May 23 in 2010, there’s no denying that LOST kept you in a trance for six whole years and impacted you in some way, shape or form. Though I find myself in Topolsky’s camp (I wanted answers, dammit!), I must say that LOST will forever remain one of my favorite TV shows of all time.

Watch this never-before-seen ‘Lost’ deleted scene

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At Comic Con, Lost showrunners Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse crashed EW’s Totally Lost: One Year Later panel and brought with them a never-before-seen clip, an alternate ending to the pivotal season one finale. Lindelof and Cuse ultimately decided against keeping this scene in the finale “for fear that it revealed too much about how the series would eventually end.” Watch it, and decide for yourself whether or not it was wise to remove it.

Psht, and people thought they were making it all up as they were going along!

‘Lost’ fan? Watch this fan-made short film.

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The Man Who Brought Us Here is a fan-made short film inspired by the events of Lost.  It’s true, the acting is mediocre but the production value is high.  The short plays out in the same mysterious fashion as the show did, and the classic Michael Giacchino soundtrack adds to that effect.  And yes, the short was filmed on the actual set of Lost, if somehow you didn’t notice.

[Thanks, Rob M.]

Last night’s Mega Millions winning lotto combination contained 4 of the 6 mysterious LOST numbers

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Talk about mysteriously wicked news!  The January 4 Mega Millions drew the following numbers: 4, 8, 15, 25, 47, and 42 (the Mega Ball #).  Compare that to the mysterious Lost numbers: 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42.  Crazy I know!  Last night 41,763 people chose the four Lost numbers and they were awarded $150 each for their participation.  The generation-defining show has been off the air since May, but its closure will never stop fans from picking those numbers when they purchase lotto tickets.  The $380 million jackpot was reportedly split as follows: 323 people correctly guessed four balls plus the Mega Ball and won$10,000; 67 people matched the first four balls and won $250,000; and just two tickets, purchased in Idaho and Washington, matched all six numbers to split the massive jackpot.  As of today those winners have yet to claim their prize, but maybe that’s because they know how unlucky the numbers are.  Nobody wants to find one Tricia Tanaka dead tomorrow morning, now do we?

Lost producers Damon Lindelof & Carlton Cuse responded to the lotto Lost tie-in, and even actor Jorge Garcia (who originally picked the numbers as Hugo Reyes) humorously commented on it on his personal blog.

Unboxing: LOST: The Complete Collection [Blu-ray] (images + video)

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Are you the ultimate LOST fan?  I know I am, and that is why I purchased the LOST: The Complete Collection on Blu-ray.  Besides the 36 Blu-ray discs, the detailed and textured set is packed with tons of Lost related goodies including a “recovered Black Rock journal entry”, the senet board game complete with black and white stones, a replica image of the Island, and an exclusive episode guide.  This being a LOST package, it comes to little surprise that hidden easter eggs are aplenty.  The included ankh stores a “secret message from Jacob” and a Dharma branded black light torch can be used to search the set for clues.

I invite you to look after the break and watch my encompassing unboxing video; I detail all of the set’s contents and reveal the hidden easter eggs.  Also, peer into the galleries below to gander at still images of all the content.  The first gallery is an extensive look at every item; the second gallery focuses on the Blu-ray sleeves for each season.

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‘Lost’ auction nets over $1 million, fans revel at The Island one last time

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From August 21-22 the Barker Hangar in Santa Monica, California was transformed into a Lost fan’s wet dream.  Not only did it house Lost memorabilia for the show’s most diehard fans and collectors to bid on, but it also contained key set pieces from the show (ie. the Oceanic 815 plane, the hatch, pieces of The Black Rock and The Temple) and actors (Sterling Beaumon (Young Ben Linus), Andrea Gabriel (Nadia), and Daniel Roebuck (Dr. Arzt)) for fans to see and take pictures with.  The auction was a smashing success; people in-person, over the telephone, and online paid a pretty penny to call themselves owners of some of Lost‘s most recognizable items.  The first day of bidding netted around $900,000, and early estimates speculated that the second day would exceed sales of $1 million.  Though it has not been disclosed where all the money will go, it has been made public that an undetermined portion of the proceeds will land in the hands of Hawaii-based charities.

So how much did some of the most exciting items go for?  The Dharma Van proved to be the most valuable item at the auction; it sold for $47,500!  Not even Hurley’s hot Camaro, which sold for $20,000, could top the vehicle that turned Hurley’s luck around.  Somewhat fitting, isn’t it?  Other top prizes include: Jacob’s dial mechanism and mirror array from “The Lighthouse” ($27,500); the frozen donkey wheel ($22,500);  Faraday’s journal ($20,000); the Dharma Swan station computer ($16,000); the pilot script signed by J.J. Abrams & Damon Lindelof ($15,000); 12 cans of Dharma beer ($5,000); Locke’s wheelchair ($3,250); and Sawyer’s paperback copy of Watership Down ($2,750).

Look after the break for a slightly more extensive list of the top-selling items from the auction.  Also after the break is a 12-minute video that will take you on a brief tour around the hangar.

[Via EW-PopWatch; TheWashingtonPost] (Click here for more…)

Can you guess the title of Weezer’s next album?

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That’s right–it’s Hurley!  In an interview with Spinner Weezer frontman Rivers Cuomo explained where the idea of having Lost‘s Jorge Garcia cover their next LP:

“We struggled super hard trying to come up with an album title, trying to find some kind of phrase that summed up the whole aesthetic behind the album: ‘Heavy Mental,’ ‘Smaller Than Life.’  I was coming up with all kinds of stuff, but ultimately, we just went with some random word that doesn’t really have anything to do with anything.  I just loved this photo of Jorge Garcia — it just had this amazing vibe.  We didn’t want to do a fourth self-titled record and we knew people would refer to it as ‘the Hurley record’ even if we left it without that title, so we just called it ‘Hurley.’  No words are on the cover because all we wanted was his amazing face.”

Although he “really like[s] the show” Cuomo confesses there’s no connection between Lost and the next collection of music from Weezer.  Oh well…the cover rocks!  Hurley releases September 14.

[Via Spinner; Pitchfork]

Lost memorabilia up for auction; ultimate Losties inquire within

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Make your own kind of music, sing your own special song; make your own kind of music, even if nobody else sings along.

Who could forget the season two opener “Man of Science, Man of Faith”…when we first discovered a mysterious man living underground inside a hatch?  This man, who we would later come to know and love as Desmond David Hume, was minding his own business and listening to a catchy tune called “Make Your Own Kind of Music” by “Mama” Cass Elliot when another man named John Locke interupted his life of ever-lasting solitude with a loud blast of dynamite atop the Dharma-constructed hatch door.  The song abruptly stoppped when the needle fell off the record and the rest, as they say, is history.

And now you have a chance to be part of that history by owning the very record player that was used in the show!  On August 21-22, LOST: The Official Show Auction will take place at the Barker Hangar in Santa Monica, California.  Literally hundreds of Lost props and costumes will be available for fans to bid on.  Everything from Dharma beer cans to Charlie’s DriveShaft ring to Desmond’s photo of himself with Penny to Mr. Eko’s Jesus stick to the blue Dharma van to Jughead to Faraday’s time travel journal (“Desmond Hume will be my constant!”) to Locke’s wheelchair to Carl’s brainwashing googles to Naomi’s Iridium 9500 satellite phone…ugh I’m out of breath…will be up for grabs at the live auction next month.  But don’t expect to get away with any of these items easily.  The Apple-II Plus computer with an Apple III monitor (aka the Swan Station computer Desmond then Locke then Eko used to type in the Numbers every 108 minutes) starts at $1000.  But then again the Swan Station film projector and screen (the medium that first introduced Locke, Jack, and us to Mr. Pierre Change) is given a range of $400-$600, so item pricing will vary.

Interested in bidding?  You have a few options.  You can attend the live action in Santa Monica or you can bid over the phone, with absentee forms, or over the Internet at Live Auctioneers.  Interested in eyeing the goods?  Look in the gallery below for just a handful.  You’re going to want to hit up Profiles in History to view the full catalog (organized by season).  Each item is tagged with a description that’ll job your memory concerning its use in the show.  Minutes will quickly turn into hours when you browse this ultimate collection of Lost shwag.  Have fun, and happy bidding!

[Via Engadget]

Lost’s Michael Emerson teases DVD bonus “The New Man in Charge”

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When the Lost season 6 and complete series collection DVD/Blu-ray packages were first detailed, we were informed that a bonus footage would “go deeper into the world of LOST with a much-anticipated new chapter of the island’s story from executive producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse.”  This week more details surrounding said footage have surfaced.  According to EW, it is an “original, 12-minute vignette called “The New Man in Charge,” a tantalizing look at what Hurley (Jorge Garcia) and Ben (Michael Emerson) do as the new Island overseers.”  They even got their hands on a still (see above)!  What’s that Ben doing in a Dharma jumpsuit?  Emerson says, “Ben is going around to Dharma installations and closing some down.  There are some good surprises…it does answer questions.”  August 24, come sooner please?

[Via EW; HDR]

How ‘Lost’ should have ended

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Brought to you by the How It Should Have Ended crew.

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Lost: The Complete Collection coming to DVD & Blu-Ray August 24

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Lost fans, “The End” has come and gone.  But the show must go on…in your living room.  Today ABC released the details concerning the DVD & Blu-Ray release of Lost: The Complete Collection.  Here’s what you need to know.  The ultimate fan package includes:

• Every Episode in the Series (Seasons 1 through 6)

• Over 30hrs of Season 1-6 Bonus materials (previously released materials from Season 1-5 and the all-new Season 6 bonus material)

• A unique series of featurettes that takes viewers on very personal tours of Oahu where the series was created, with key cast and crew as they reflect.

• Exploring the global phenomenon that is Lost, bonus showcases events ranging from the series cast and crew at San Diego’s famed Comic-Con convention to international voice recordings, local events and even fan parties, all of which helped make the show into a worldwide favorite.

• A closer look at some of the props with cast, writers and producers, exploring their significance, stories and emotional ties to the characters.

• Humorous yet emotional look at every character who died on the series

• 16 hilarious Lost “Slapdowns” featurettes showcasing celebrity Lost fans who confront Executive Producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse to ask press questions about the final season, including the Muppets and cast members Nestor Carbonell, Michael Emerson, Rebecca Mader and more.

The packaging and its contents include: “a Special Edition collectible ‘Senet’ Game as seen in Season Six, a custom LOST island replica, an exclusive episode guide, a collectible Ankh, and a black light penlight.”  Though the list prices for the DVD and Blu-Ray collections are $229.99 and $279.99, respectively, you can pre-order them at Amazon for $148.99 and $194.99.  Don’t wait and miss out on the reduced pricing.

ABC also divulged information about the release of Lost: The Complete Sixth and Final Season DVD & Blu-Ray box sets.  These will include: every sixth season episode; bloopers and deleted scenes; audio commentaries; and the following featurettes- “The End: Crafting a Final Season”, “A Heroes Journey”, “See You In Another Life, Brotha”, and “LOST On Location.”  Finally there’s the Lost Blu-Ray & DVD exclusive that’s described as: “Go deeper into the world of LOST with a much-anticipated new chapter of the island’s story from Executive Producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse.”  This is likely the Hurley-Ben epilogue Michael Emerson hinted at during his interview on G4’s Attack of the Show.  It will be a 15-20 minute clip that reveals the life of Hurley as the new Jacob and Ben as his #2.  (Note: All Lost: The Complete Sixth and Final Season extras are included in The Complete Collection package.)  Though the list prices for the DVD and Blu-Ray box sets are $59.99 and $79.99, respectively, you can pre-order them at Amazon for $38.99 and $51.99.  Don’t wait and miss out on the reduced pricing.Both Lost: The Complete Collection and Lost: The Complete Sixth and Final Season DVD & Blu-Ray sets will be made available online and in stores on August 24.  Look after the break for the full press release and more details.

[Via /Film]

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Lost: Cast interviews, Emmy eligibility, & DVD extras

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Here’s some good news for Lost fans.  First let’s talk Emmy eligibility.  This week The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Board of Governors made an exception to a long-standing rule involving the length of an episode and Emmy consideration.  So we all know that the Lost finale episode will run for two-and-a-half hours.  Normally for an extended episode to be considered for Emmy eligibility it cannot run for longer than two hours.  Thanks to the Board’s decision “The End” can be a potential contender for a number of Emmy awards such as Best Actor/Actress and Best Drama.  John Leverence, senior VP of awards: “We have a soft spot in our hearts for the final episodes of long-running series.”  The same exception made for Lost was also granted to The Wire and The Sopranos.

Next up there’s news about what will be included with the Lost Season 6 DVD package.  Exec producers Darlton plan on including about twenty minutes of “new content that addresses some of the unanswered questions in an entertaining way.”  According to an inside source “Damon and Carlton wanted to offer fans answers to additional questions they couldn’t get to in the body of the final show.”  These bonus features will be included in the stand-alone DVD package and in the DVD/Blu-Ray Seasons 1-6 mega box sets.

Now go watch some cast interviews in the video above, provided by IGN.  The Lost series finale airs this Sunday at 9PM on ABC.

[Via EW; TVGuideIGN]

LOST Live: The Final Celebration — all the details

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I just got back from the LOST Live: The Final Celebration event.  It took place at UCLA’s Royce Hall and featured live performances by composer Michael Guichinno, surprise guest appearances, and a private screening of the penultimate episode,”What They Died For.”  Note that cell phones and cameras were not allowed inside the Hall, so letters and words are all I got to offer.  So let’s dive right into the details, shall we?

Introductions: Things started off with an ABC executive reading a letter to a packed audience.  The letter was addressed to Lostexecutive producers Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof (together known as “Darlton”) and spoke very highly of the groundbreaking series and how it related to the Star Wars franchise and how the creatives behind those films also did not know exactly where they were going during the making of the first film (big laughs!).  The letter was penned by George Lucas.  Then Darlton came out to share kind words about thankful they are for the rabid fanbase, for without them Lost simply wouldn’t be, well, Lost.  They described all those in attendance at Royce Hall special members of the Lostfamily.  They were excited to have the opportunity to end the series by sharing an event with the show’s most loyal fans.

The cast: Next, Darlton announced, one by one, many cast members to join them on stage.  According to the press statement, we knew Lost characters Richard, Ben, and Hurley would make an appearance, but everyone was surprised to see a ton more jump on stage.  Darlton welcome the following Lostcast members on stage: Young Ben (Sterling Beaumon), Cassidy (Kim Dickens), Arzt (Daniel Roebuck), Ethan (William Mapother), Abaddon (Lance Reddick), Boone (Ian Somerhalder), Rose (L. Scott Caldwell), Dr. Pierre Chang (François Chau), Walt (Malcom David Kelley), Michael (Harold Perrineau), Charlotte (Rebecca Mader), Faraday (Jeremy Davies), The Man in Black (Titus Welliver), Penny (Sonya Walger), Desmond (Henry Ian Cusick), Richard (Nestor Carbonell), Ben (Michael Emerson), Hurley (Jorge Garcia), and Sawyer (Josh Holloway).  The takeaways?  Abaddon, Chang, Faraday, Desmond, Richard, Hurley, and Ben got the loudest applause, no surprise there.  And Walt got taller.  Seeing all these amazing actors standing together on stage (with Darlton nearby) was quite a sight.  A whole lot of talent was right there in front of all of us, and you couldn’t help but smile and cheer for your favorite characters you’ve come to know and love over the past six years.  (I gave a loud shout-out to Faraday, which I’m sure he heard.)  Yeah, it was a bummer main cast members Jack, Kate, Sayid, Locke, Claire, and Charlie were no-shows, but it was still a great moment to see all of these guys come together in one space for the final hurrah.  Before each cast member walked onto the stage, Darlton would describe key attributes of their characters so as to keep the audience guessing who’ll come out next.  Lotta cheering and name calling resulted.  And after the cast took a long bow, they left the stage to take seats in the crowd.  (In fact, a bunch of Lostpeople were in attendence, including producers and writers, but I’ll get to that later.)

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‘Lost’ execs Lindelof & Cuse fend off Muppets as series end nears

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With just two episodes left until the series finale of Lost, executive producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse find themselves getting bombarded with lingering questions from Rizzo the Rat and a bear of Muppets fame.

The final Lost episode gains 30 extra minutes

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Lost finale night just keeps getting longer, doesn’t it?  Bring it on ABC!  It was just let loose that the final Lost episode titled “The End” will run an extra half hour.  It will run from 9:00PM to 11:30PM.  At two and a half hours in length, this will be the longest episode of Lost ever produced.  According to MSNBC, “The producers of ABC’s hit drama have shot so much crucial material for the show’s hugely anticipated series finale that the network has agreed to extend the last episode.”  So how does this affect the rest of the night?  Late local news get pushed back, so the Jimmy Kimmel Lost special (“Aloha to Lost”) will air immediately after that at 12:05AM.  And don’t forget the two hour retrospective show “Lost: The Final Journey” that airs before the finale from 7PM to 8PM.  It all goes down Sunday, May 23 on ABC.  And it’s going to be EPIC.

And for those of you who are uber-Lost fanatics, be sure to tune into the day before the finale on May 22 to rewatch an enhanced version of the original two hour pilot at 9PM.

Update: Here’s the list of actors that will appear on the Jimmy Kimmel Live: Aloha to Lost special: Naveen Andrews (“Sayid”), Nestor Carbonell (“Richard”), Alan Dale (“Charles Widmore”), Jeremy Davies (“Daniel Faraday”), Emilie de Ravin (“Claire”), Michael Emerson (“Ben”), Matthew Fox (“Jack”), Daniel Dae Kim (“Jin”), Terry O’Quinn (“Locke”) and Harold Perrineau (“Michael”).  There will also be “special appearances” by Jorge Garcia (“Hurley”), Josh Holloway (“Sawyer”) and Evangeline Lilly (“Kate”); these appearences will likely be broadcast with pre-taped recordings or live satellite feeds.  Also there’s going to be three “alternative final scenes from the minds of executive producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse.”  Since Darlton has previously stated that they will go “radio silent” after the airing of the finale and let it speak for itself, these pre-taped scenes will likely turn out to be funny gags. [Via IGN]


If Lost were a cartoon…

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…this is what a bunch of the characters would look like.  Lost saturday morning cartoon spinoff, can I get a hell yeah!

[Via io9]

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Lost finale night just got bigger

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Sunday, May 23 is the day Lost ends.  But thanks to a recent change in plans, the show is looking forward to going out with a bang.  Before the 2 hour finale episode airs, an upgraded two hour retrospective (clip show) starting at 7PM ET will journey us back in time and make us relive how it all started and how we got to the events leading up to “The End.”  Following the finale (and local news) is a one hour special edition of Jimmy Kimmel Live called “Aloha to Lost”;  it promises to include an analysis of the finale and interviews with a number of casts members.  Previously it was mentioned that executive producers Damon Lindelof and Carton Cuse would join in on the discussion.  However, they announced on this week’s Lost podcast that they will not attend the live special.  In fact, they plan on going “radio silent” post-finale.  The episode “will be speaking for itself,” says Lindelof.  (Note that Darlton will appear as regular guests on JKL on Friday, May 21; they plan to tape a special video for Lost fans that will air on the special just two days later.)  In sum, ABC is dedicating 5 hours of Lost on May 23.  Lost finale night just got bigger, didn’t it?

Oh, but there’s more.  On Twitter Cuse announced there will be a special event called “Lost Live: The Final Celebration” at UCLA’s Royce Hall on May 13.  It will feature a live orchestra conducted by Lost composer Michael Giacchino and several cast members, plus Darlton, will be in there.  A private screening of the second-to-last episode will air for the fans in attendance.  Tickets are not on sale yet.  In addition, comedy troupe the Upright Citizens Brigade plans to host two Lost events on May 22, the night before the finale, in Los Angeles and New York.  Special guests like cast members and celebrity fans plan to be in attendance.  UCB member and well-known Lost fan Paul Scheer is working on making it all happen.

Update: Tickets for “Lost Live: The Final Celebration” go on sale Friday, April 23 at 10AM PT at at uclalive.org and ticketmaster.com.  It had been confirmed that composer Michael Giacchino will conduct a live orchestra and play songs from the show and that the following cast members will make an appearence:  Nestor Carbonell (Richard), Michael Emerson (Ben), and Jorge Garcia (Hurley).  All ticket proceeds will go to the Colburn School of Performing Arts.  After the concert, a screening of the penultimate episode will air for the attendees to experience together.  Note that if you’re there, you will be part of a select group of Lost fans to watch this episode a full five days before the rest of the world.  Think about it.  Tickmaster states in big bold letters “NO CELLPHONES ALLOWED.”  So you can forget about sharing the juicy details of the episode on Twitter and Facebook during the screening. [Via IGN]

The image above is called “Final Flight.”  It is the final cast photo.  *tear*

[Via TheWrap; Zap2it; Variety]

Lost case mod is detailed to fandom perfection

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A bunch of Brazillian Losties have gone ahead and created this awesome Lost mod case.  The amount of detail is tremendous, really.  The PC case is octagonal shaped, a la the Dharma Initiative logo; it has a green and is decorated in a jungle theme; it’s got the 1977 Dharma Initiative team photo stored inside, along with plastic tubes and other instricases; and there’s even a video screen on the outside that plays loops of Dr. Marvin Candle/Pierre Chang’s Dharma orientation films.  The only thing that’s missing is the requirement to type in The Numbers every 108 minutes to save the world from destruction by an electromagnetic force.  Take a closer look at this beauty in the gallery below.

[Via Gizmodo; Flickr]