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Louis Vuitton x Kanye West


Kanye West recently teamed up with Louis Vuitton to create a modern, stylish collection of sneakers for thr rich and famous.  Each sneaker is named after an influencial player in Kanye’s life.  For example, the shoe pictured above is called the “Don,” after Kanye’s manager.  Others include “Mr Hudson’s” and “Jaspers.”  Prices range from $840 to $1140.  This collaboration with LV happens to be Kanye’s second creative venture with a major shoe company.  He previously worked with Nike to create the “Air Yeezy,” which sold for $220 and quickly sold out of Nike stores around the nation.  The LV shoes are also flying off the shelves.  I recently ventured into a Louis Vuitton store and tried on the Dons in grey and saw the Dons in red and white and the Jaspers in black.  Most common shoe sizes were sold out.  The Mr Hudson’s have yet to ship.  See below for three picture galleries; one contains official press shots of all the colorways, the second is personal spy shots of the Dons and Jaspers, and the third includes German photographer Daniela Muller-Brunke’s mesh of the press shots and a custom LV background.  After the break, check out a slideshow video of the sneakers played over “Say You Will.”



[Via SneakerNewsHighSnobiety]

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