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Katy Perry & Lady Gaga face off in battle of the new singles; Eminem reenters the game, too

This week pop divas Katy Perry and Lady Gaga and famed rapper Eminem released new music for the first time in a long time.

Perry’s “Roar,” embedded above, is the lead single off her upcoming fourth studio album Prism due out October 22. Her last album Teenage Dream, which featured numerous radio hits like “California Gurls,” “Teenage Dream,” “Firework,” “E.T.,” “Last Friday Night,” and “The One That Got Away,” released nearly three years ago.

Gaga’s followup to 2011’s Born This Way (which included popular tracks like “Born This Way,” “Judas,” “The Edge of Glory,” “You and I,” and “Marry The Night”) is ARTPOP due out November 11. “Applause” is the first single off her new record and its lyric video is posted after the break.

Both “Roar” and “Applause” are worthy lead singles that will inevitably climb the charts. Though there’s some controversy surrounding Katy’s new tune (listeners quickly picked up that the back track sounds eerily similar to the one used in Sara Bareilles’ “Brave”), it does distance itself away from that other equally catchy and uplifting song enough that both can coexist and be enjoyed. (SoundCloud user MixmstrStel remixed the two songs together to grand effect.) Gaga’s “Applause,” in my opinion, is the weaker of the two singles and yet it still manages to make me anticipate her long-awaited new material.

Lastly, rap legend Eminem is back for another encore. Details are still being kept under wraps regarding Shady’s eighth album and followup to 2010’s Recovery; but fans can get a taste of what’s to come in Em’s new track “Survival.” The song promotes the next Call of Duty game Ghosts and it appears the game’s soundtrack. “Survival” will be part of the new record, but Eminem’s camp says fans can expect the rapper to drop the album’s true lead single soon. Listen to Eminem’s latest after the break. READ MORE Katy Perry & Lady Gaga face off in battle of the new singles; Eminem reenters the game, too

Jason Mraz releases lead single “I Won’t Give Up” off his fourth studio album coming May 8

Jason Mraz is–at long last–ramping up anticipation to his long awaited fourth studio album title still TBA. The followup to September’s “The World As I See It” is a lullaby with the theme of love called “I Won’t Give Up.” According to Atlantic Records this song is the lead single off Mraz’s upcoming album so it should give fans a hint as what’s to come when all the tracks release May 8. The mellow love song is acoustic in nature and does not feature Mraz’s signature horns that were so prominent on his last effort We Sing. We Dance. We Steal Things. The chorus goes like this: “I won’t give up on us, even if the skies get rough. I’m giving you all my love. I’m still looking up.” His voice remains angelesque.

In an interview with Billboard, he shared some insight into the making of the new album and how it will differ from his previous ones. “This new album has less horns, it’s got more piano and guitar textures. A lot more vocal landscapes,” he says. “That, to me, has always been my favorite part of making music; the singing and what voices can do and the voices singing in harmony. It’s not a departure in the sound of the genre in any way, it’s just different tones, different textures. Musically, I think people are going to like it. It’s personal. It’s melodic. And it’s mellow. There’s a couple of up-tempo tunes, but mostly the rhythm of the heartbeat kind of takes precedence on this record. Medium-tempo tunes; which I love. It feels more like the pace of life. At least, based on my life and what I’ve been doing.”

He also has plans to change up the way he performs when he’s on tour. “I’m actually hoping in the future to try to pull off the record with a smaller band, but with more singers. The real basics: drums, keys, guitar, bass. But have everyone be a singer. I think our audiences, our listeners, have been mostly attracted to that throughout the years. They come and they sing. Most of our audience sings along.”

Watch the lyric video for “I Won’t Give Up” that’s embedded above and download the song at iTunes. You can expect a traditional music video for the track to release next month, around the same time the song hits the radio. Also, according to various sources Mraz is fine tuning an “electric” full-band version of “I Won’t Give Up” and it may land a spot on the album (perhaps as a bonus track). To reiterate, May 8 is the day it comes out, so mark your calendar!

Music video: Dia Frampton – “Don’t Kick The Chair” (Featuring Kid Cudi)

If you watched the first season of NBC’s music competition series The Voice then the name Dia Frampton should ring a bell; she was the runner-up behind winner Javier Colon. Falling to second place didn’t stop her from achieving fame. Frampton is preparing her debut album Red that’s expected to drop December 6 and for her new single “Don’t Kick The Chair” she managed to get rapper Kid Cudi to croon a verse. She shared the inspiration behind the track to AOL Music. “It started with my lyrical idea, ‘Don’t Kick the Chair,’ since my sisters and I throw that phrase around at home when we’re complaining about something when, on the other hand, it’s a beautiful day outside. In other words, ‘don’t kick the chair’ is another way of saying, ‘don’t give up,’ because you can’t have the highs without the lows, and there’s no use in getting down about something for too long. You got to start pushing forward at some point.” On working with Cudder: “It was a pleasure having Kid Cudi on this song. I’m a fan of his work and also am very happy with the positive lyrics he created. This song has a dark undertone, but overall, I wanted it to be optimistic.”

Watch the lyric video above and bop your head to upbeat track and Frampton’s sweet, crisp voice.

Update: The song, as well as Frampton’s album Red, is now available to purchase on iTunes.

Single: Cee-Lo Green – “F–k You” (NSFW)

Cee-Lo Green is a hip-hop/funk/soul artist whose been around since 1992; he is best known for his work with the Goodie Mob, but you will likely recognize his voice from his recent collab with Gnarls Barkley on the smash single “Crazy” off 2006’s St. Elsewhere.  Cee-Lo has a new album to promote, so he let loose this extremely catchy and profane single titled, um, “F–k You”.  In the song Cee-Lo curses out a girl who left him for a richer man.  There is a high level of profanity used in the track, but that is balanced out with really creative and witty lines like, “I’m sorry I can’t afford a Ferrari/I guess she’s an Xbox and I’m more Atari.”  This single could be an instant radio hit, but I don’t know how it would fare with the incessant bleeps.

Embedded above is the lyric video for the track (again, it’s filled with NSFW language).  A standard music video for the track is expected to drop sometime this week.  Cee-Lo’s third solo album Lady Killer hits stores October 4 December 7.

Update: 50 Cent has gone ahead and added a single new verse to the track.  In the freestyle he assumes the role of the rich man who stole away Cee-Lo’s lady.  Listen to 50’s addition after the break.

Update 2: In an interview with EW, Cee-Lo said that Lady Killer will drop later than expected on December 7.  He also revealed that a profanity-free radio edit is in the works.  “It’s called “Forget You,”” he says.  “It’s pretty close to the original, but not as effective.  But it’s politically correct.”  So I guess that catchy tune (minus its naughty bits) will make its way to the radio at some point.

[Via WSJ; EW-MusicMix] READ MORE Single: Cee-Lo Green — “F–k You” (NSFW)