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Terry O’Quinn wants to work with Michael Emerson again; ‘Odd Jobs’, where are you?

Hey guys remember Odd Jobs? The tentitively-titled show from J.J. Abrams, Bryan Burk, and writers Josh Appelbaum and Andre Nemec that aimed to reunite Lost‘s Michael Emerson and Terry O’Quinn? Shortly after NBC committed to making a pilot, the buddy-cop show was shelved indefinitely as Emerson went on to star in CBS’ Person of Interest and O’Quinn found himself in Marc Cherry’s next ABC program Hallelujah (which is now being retooled for next season) and a multi-episode arc on Hawaii Five-0.

Recently EW caught up with O’Quinn and asked him if he sees himself ever working with the man who played Benjamin Linus again. Though the name Odd Jobs and the pedigree surrounding it never came up, the beloved John Locke said this: “I was actually looking to do a series after Lost. Michael and I fiddled around with one and we sort of got through the process of generating some interest in it, and we just didn’t come up with a script that everyone agreed on. Michael and I stay in touch; we still talk about that. Maybe we’ll make it happen before we get too creaky. I would love to have at least one more good experience like Lost.”

So perhaps Odd Jobs will break out of limbo and make it to network TV one of these days. Today we’ll just have to manage with the two guys acting on different shows on the same network.

Update: Michael Emerson responds! He tells EW, “I feel very much the same way. I was very gratified to read that in the press. We’ve both told each other that even though there may be some bumps along the road, sooner or later, we’re going to work together.” Yippee!

[Via EW]

Michael Emerson joins Abrams’ ‘Person of Interest’

In mid-September it was reported that CBS picked up a new series from J.J. Abrams titled Person of Interest. As a standard Abrams affair, the program was shrouded in secrecy in terms of casting and plotline. Today that has all changed. Abrams and series collaborator Jonah Nolan (brother of renowned film director Christopher Nolan) have chosen Michael Emerson to be show’s lead. Emerson, who reunites with Lost creator Abrams, is best known for his phenomenal portrayal as the villainous Benjamin Linus. The CBS project, backed by Warner Bros. and Abrams’ Bad Robot, is being described as a crime drama centered on an ex-CIA agent, presumed dead, who teams up with a mysterious billionaire (Emerson) to prevent violent crimes in New York City. David Semel (Heroes) will direct the pilot which is slated to air in the fall.

By now you might be thinking to yourself what about the other Abrams project known as Odd Jobs starring Emerson with Lost pal Terry O’Quinn. It’s true that NBC picked up the show with Abrams, Bryan Burk, Josh Appelbaum, and Andre Nemec (all producers) attached, but now it’s apparently being saved for the 2012 pilot season. Whether or not Emerson will be able to juggle two TV shows at once is a question no one has to answer to just yet. They are both backed by the same studios (Warner and Robot), so the potential is there. We shall wait and see. But for now you should rejoice knowing that Emerson will serve as a lead in another Abrams project that’s sure to dazzle and mystify TV viewers this fall.

[Via Deadline]

J.J. Abrams pitching Locke/Linus buddy cop show [Update: It’s official: NBC picks it up!] [Update 2: Postponed]

Read that headline again.  Now again.  J.J. Abrams, creator of Lost, is hoping to bring together Terry O’Quinn and Michael Emerson (aka Lost‘s John Locke & Benjamin Linus) for a new series.  O’Quinn and Emerson would play former black-ops agents in the comedic drama tentitively titled Odd JobsNews first broke about a potential reuniting of Lost‘s brightest stars back in February when O’Quinn told TV Guide about “a TNT-type show that would pair him back up with…Michael Emerson as suburban hit men juggling family issues.”  Much time has passed, and now things are starting to heat up again.  Plans to make this show a reality are very real.  NYMag reports that Abrams and collaborators Josh Appelbaum and Andre Nemec (Alias, Mission: Impossible 4) are pitching Odd Jobs to a handful of TV networks.  All I can say is that if these plans do result in a Locke/Linus buddy cop show, the world will be a better place for it.

Update: According to Deadline, this thing is happening!!  After shopping around Odd Jobs (working title) to various networks, NBC came out on top with the winning bid.  It was a nailbiter between former Lost home ABC and NBC, but in the end the Peacock nabbed it.  It’s official: The one hour long drama will star the fantastic Terry O’Quinn alongside Lost-mate Michael Emerson.  J.J. Abrams, Bryan Burk, Josh Appelbaum, and Andre Nemec will serve as executive producers; the latter two are also penning the pilot script.  Warner Bros. TV, with Abrams’ Bad Robot, are backing the project.  Deadline reports that the show has a put-pilot commitment, meaning NBC will air the pilot and likely followup by picking up the series granting it a 13 to 20-something episode season.  The show will join Undercovers as the second Abrams production on NBC by *fingers crossed* next fall.

Update 2 (3/10): Development of the show has been postponed. In the meantime, you can catch Emerson and O’Quinn in new pilots this fall–CBS’s Person of Interest and ABC’s Hallelujah Hawaii Five-0. (Hallelujah is being retooled for Fall 2012.)

[Via NYMag; Deadline]

Lost’s Michael Emerson teases DVD bonus “The New Man in Charge”

When the Lost season 6 and complete series collection DVD/Blu-ray packages were first detailed, we were informed that a bonus footage would “go deeper into the world of LOST with a much-anticipated new chapter of the island’s story from executive producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse.”  This week more details surrounding said footage have surfaced.  According to EW, it is an “original, 12-minute vignette called “The New Man in Charge,” a tantalizing look at what Hurley (Jorge Garcia) and Ben (Michael Emerson) do as the new Island overseers.”  They even got their hands on a still (see above)!  What’s that Ben doing in a Dharma jumpsuit?  Emerson says, “Ben is going around to Dharma installations and closing some down.  There are some good surprises…it does answer questions.”  August 24, come sooner please?

[Via EW; HDR]

Locke & Ben team up for new series post-Lost?

That post title already has you salivating, doesn’t it?  So let’s get right to it, hm?  Though Darlton (the exec producers of Lost) made it clear that there will not be any spin-off series, it is quite possible we will see Terry O’Quinn (John Locke) and Michael Emerson (Ben Linus) star in a new show together!  According to TVGuide, O’Quinn has been “shopping around a bible for a TNT-type show that would pair him back up with…Michael Emerson as suburban hit men juggling family issues.”  O’Quinn has spoken to Lost creator J.J. Abrams about his ideas and says, “I really hope this works out because Michael would be in his prime in this. We’d play kind of awkward partners.”  Emerson’s response?  “It’s very sweet of him. I’m all in favor of it. Any reason to work with Terry again.”  Locke and Ben together again as hitmen?  BOO YAH, I’M IN!

[Via TVGuideMag.com; IGN]