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Music video: David Guetta – Turn Me On (Featuring Nicki Minaj)

Check out this steampunk-tastic music video for David Guetta’s popular electronic dance track “Turn Me On.” It features the French DJ as a mad scientist intrigued by robots and the Trinidadian raptress plays “a mixture of the past, present, and the future” (according to the clip’s director Sanji) as she is part human and part robot. The music video makes great use of CGI and blends it with live action and this results in an eerie and enjoyable video to accompany the track. When you’re done watching jump after the break to go behind the scenes with Guetta and Sanji. READ MORE Music video: David Guetta — Turn Me On (Featuring Nicki Minaj)

Music video: David Guetta – “Where Them Girls At” (Featuring Nicki Minaj & Flo Rida)

French DJ David Guetta has put together a music video that is equally as infectious as the song it encapsulates. In “Where Them Girls At” he generates sound bubbles from soap, water, and beatz. Then he sends them off into the beautiful city that is LA. The closer a sound cloud gets to you, the louder it becomes. If it pops and sprays on you, suddenly you turn into a dance machine. Guest artists Flo Rida and Nicki Minaj show up for the ride. In Nicki’s case, and a giant bubble approaches her and she swallows it; the rap goddess explodes in rhyme and burps tiny bubbles while she’s at it!

Guetta’s fifth studio album Nothing But The Beat is due out August 29.

Music video: Kanye West – “Monster” (Featuring Rick Ross, Jay-Z & Nicki Minaj)

Monster. Kanye West released the track as part of his G.O.O.D. Friday free-song-of-the-week extravaganza in August 2010. It ended up being part of ‘Ye’s My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. In December a preview for the music video leaked onto the ‘Net, and then a lengthier unfinished product surfaced. Last Sunday, finally, the completed “Monster” music video released to much fanfare.

The controversial, spooky video features Kanye West rapping among beautiful, dead models. The clip is very graphic–dead women hang like chandeliers from the ceiling, West poses the lifeless models in bed with him, and at one point he’s holding a decapitated head by brown strands of hair. This disclaimer lingers at the start of the video, so make no mistake: “The following content is in no way to be interpreted as misogynistic or negative towards any groups of people. It is an art piece and should be taken as such.”

A chainsaw wielding Rick Ross and dapper Jay-Z join West in the gory affair. But just like she did in the track itself, Nicki Minaj steals the show here as she faces off against her pink alter-ego Barbie. Watch it all unfold in the video above.

Remix: Britney Spears – “Till The World Ends” (Featuring Nicki Minaj & Ke$ha)

Still can’t get Britney Spears’ club banger single “Till The World Ends” out of your head? This is no cure. The Femme Fatale has rounded up other pop superstars Nicki Minaj and Ke$ha to join her on the catchy track. In this slightly altered version of the song, Nicki looks inside herself, locates her alter egos, and starts the song with this new intro: “Chimpanzees is hatin’, but I take it all in stride/ Put her in a jungle with bananas on the side/ Told you they’d revive your career, but somebody lied/ I ain’t talkin’ poultry when I say this chicken’s fried.” Then she explodes into a full on rap verse in a way only Barbie can impress. Ke$ha, who co-wrote the bumping track, hops onto the chorus later on. Listen here:

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Update (4/25): Today Britney let loose the final version of the remix. You can listen to it right here. It does sound cleaner. Also, take a gander at the official single art pasted above.

Update 2: Now available to buy on iTunes.

Single: David Guetta – “Where Dem Girls At?” (Featuring Nicki Minaj & Flo Rida)

French electro house producer David Guetta just released the first single off his upcoming, still untitled fifth studio album due out this summer. “Where Dem Girls At?” features his “Club Can’t Handle Me” partner Flo Rida and adds rising star Nicki Minaj to the mix. The result is nothing spectacular nor surprising from Guetta, but the bouncing bass and synth-y goodness should get you moving and that’s all that matters, right? Preview the track, then download it below.

Download: David Guetta – “Where Dem Girls At?” (Featuring Nicki Minaj & Flo Rida)

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Kanye West’s ‘Twisted Fantasy’ sells 496,000 copies in first week, debuts at #1 on Billboard

There’s no denying the popularity of Mr. West.  In just one week his latest outing My Beautiful Twisted Dark Fantasy sold nearly half a million copies–496,000 to be exact, according to Nielsen SoundScan–and perched itself atop the Billboard 200 chart at the No. 1 spot.  Ye’s pursuit of perfection, along with rave reviews, certainly contributed to this impressive early sales figure.  Right behind him at the number 2 spot is female rapper Nicki Minaj; her debut album Pink Friday sold 375,000.  Pretty good start, wouldn’t you say?  Rounding out the top ten are Susan Boyle, Taylor Swift, Jackie Evancho (O Holy Night), Rihanna (Loud), Justin Bieber (My Worlds Acoustic), My Chemical Romance (Danger Days: the True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys), Ne-Yo (Libra Scale), and Glee‘s Christmas album.  Look after the break to see the rest of the corresponding sales numbers.

[Via EW-MusicMix] READ MORE Kanye West’s ‘Twisted Fantasy’ sells 496,000 copies in first week, debuts at #1 on Billboard

Kanye West announces Jay-Z collab EP, drops “Monster” (Featuring Jay-Z, Rick Ross, Bon Iver & Nicki Minaj) & “Runaway Love” (Remix) (Featuring Justin Bieber & Raekwon)

Kanye West promised new music every “G.O.O.D. Friday” and so far he has not broken that promise.  On Friday August 27 Kanye released “Monster” and it features an all-star cast including Jay-Z, Rick Ross, Nicki Minaj, and Justin Vernon of indie folk band Bon Iver.  All in all the track is tight, but you want to know who really kills it?  Nicki Minaj, that’s who.  She raps, “You could be the king, but watch the queen conquer.”  She’s quick and has tons of spunk.  Female rappers that go hard like this aren’t in abundance these days; I’m excited to see what she’s going to do next.  In fact, all of a sudden I’m anticipating her debut album to drop.  (Its expected release date is November 23, one week after Kanye’s yet-to-be-titled album hits stores.)  Kanye made sure to mention how much he appreciated Nicki’s contribution to the track.  He tweeted, “MONSTER… can we just talk about Nicki’s verse???????!!!!!!!!! I toooooooooooooooold yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaallll!!!!!!!!!!!!”  Preview and download “Monster” below.

Download: Kanye West – “Monster” (Featuring Jay-Z, Rick Ross, Bon Iver & Nicki Minaj)

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Speaking of Twitter… Nearly three hours before he posted the download link for “Monster” he shared this exciting news: “Me and jay bout to drop a 5 song album called ‘Watch the Throne'”.  I guess we can consider this upcoming 5 track EP a mini-prequel to his studio album.  Along with the download link he tweeted, “[This is] the second song off of me and Jay album!”  It would not be too drastic to think that the first song off the EP is the “Power” remix since that song does feature Jay-Z, but ‘Ye left this up in the air for now.

Fast forward to today and now there’s another new song from Camp Kanye.  Yeah I know, it’s not Friday just yet, so I guess we can consider this next song a special bonus.  About two weeks ago Kanye tweeted that he was listening to Justin Bieber’s “Runaway Love” song from My World 2.0.  The Bieb responded with gratitude.  Next Kanye blurted out this: “Maybe we can do something together. Me, You and Raekwon.”  Bieber’s reply?  “Me, u, and the chef 2gether on a song = EPIC. haha.”  Yeah, this collaboration actually happened.  Kanye West, Raekwon of the Wu-Tang Clan, and teen sensation Justin Bieber (who happens to be signed to Def Jam Records with Kanye) are featured on a remix of “Runaway Love”.  After listening to the track it appears that The Bieb might not have had a hand in making the mix.  Basically Kanye laid Beiber’s vocals on top of the Wu-Tang Clan’s “Wu-Tang Clan Ain’t Nuthing Ta F’ Wit” (1993) beat.  The remix includes one rather short verse from Kanye and two surprisingly explicative-free verses from Raekwon.  And you want to know what?  The song catchy, what with Bieber’s young Michael Jackson-esque sound, the Chef’s old school rhymes, and ‘Ye’s producing.  It’s a nice treat for fans of so many different generations.  Feel free to preview and download the track below.

Download: Kanye West – “Runaway Love” (Featuring Justin Bieber & Raekwon)

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