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Underwater loft

Five meters below the Indian Ocean sits a restaurant at the Conrad Maldives Rangali Island.  To celebrate its five year exsistence the hotel is converting it into a private bedroom for two.  This underwater loft is encased in plexiglass and is accessable by walking down a spiral staircase.  Tranquility is the first word that pops in my mind.

[Via Luxist; Gizmodo]

Octopus steals diver’s camera, makes directorial debut

New Zealander Victor Huang was free diving, recording the deep ocean blue with his brand new underwater camera, when all of a sudden an octopus showed up.  The shine of the camera caught its eye and it immediately went for it.  Its death grip becoming too strong for Huang to handle, the octopus snatched it away and forced Huang to chase after it.  Distracting it with a speargun, Huang eventually mangaged to get his camera back.  And the best part of the story?  The entire adventure was caught on camera!  Oh, and the fact that Huang was holding his breath the entire time.  There’s that, too.

[Via AnimalsDontThink; Gizmodo]

Whale-inspired pavilion to unite us all

“Fluid,” designed by Australian architects Peddle Thorp.

Fluid, a pavilion shaped like a whale, is currently under contruction and being built for World Expo 2012 in Yeosu, South Korea.

“The architects hope the design will draw attention to the preservation of oceans and ecosystems, and encourage greater collaboration between Asian and Pacific countries.”  It’s been reported that there is no information whether or not Fluid will make it to the US.  Because it can float from harbor to harbor around the world and hold various events inside it.

[Via Gizmodo; SoftSailor]