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Ylvis, makers of “What does the fox say,” returns to take on a cappella

The Norwegian brothers who answered the longing question, “What does the fox say?” and attempted to explain “Stonehenge” are back with a new trancing music video that takes on the a cappella craze that’s still storming the nation (see: Pitch Perfect and its sequel, The Sing-OffPentatonix). In it, Vegard and Bård Ylvisåker are members of an a capella group whose apparent sole mission is to stave off bullies by making pit stops along their tour route at schools where children need a helping hand, er, voice. This latest viral parody by Ylvis includes the tried-and-true ingredients they’ve used before: it’s very silly while simultaneously wanting to be somewhat serious as it makes fun of a cappella tropes and takes down bullies in the most non-violent manner possible. Oh, and no surprise here–the song happens to be extremely catchy so I’ll save you a step in finding the tune for keeps. Catch a funny behind-the-scenes look after the break.

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Jimmy Fallon & ‘The Tonight Show’ present the quintessential ‘Empire’ parody, “Jimpire”

The next Tonight Show Digital Original sketch is the Empire parody we should have gotten months ago when SNL didn’t quite hit the mark with theirs. This short is nothing short of hysterical.

Jimmy Fallon stars as Lyon patriarch Lucious. His Terrence Howard impression is one of his best to date; he’s got Howard’s shaky voice cadence down to a science. The premise borrows from the Fox soap. Jimmy’s vetting his inner circle to pick his heir to The Tonight Show, or as it’s aptly called here, the “Jimpire.” The late-night talk show host is self-deprecating at the top of the pre-taped sketch–he makes fun of his finger injury that’s seemingly taking forever to heal.

So who are Jimmy’s possible successors? There’s Questlove of The Roots, the Tonight Show‘s bandleader who harbors “a little secret.” Clearly this is a take on Empire‘s Jamal, but the secret isn’t what you think. Roots MC Tariq is another candidate, and he channels Hakeem with some drip-dripitty-drop-ing. Andre, the eldest Lyon, is also accounted for and the sketch has fun with the character’s temperamental mood swings. And finally there’s Tonight Show announcer Steve Higgins playing Higgy, the Cookie sendup here. He’s just as outrageous in the role as you think he’d be, and more.

There are a couple exciting Empire cameos sprinkled in, but I won’t ruin those for you. Who do you think has what it takes to run the Jimpire? Mash play and find out! (In case you’re wondering, the real Empire returns for its second season this Wednesday, Sept. 23 on Fox.) READ MORE Jimmy Fallon & ‘The Tonight Show’ present the quintessential ‘Empire’ parody, “Jimpire”

Comic Con: Watch Tatiana Maslany & co. crack up in ‘Orphan Black’ blooper reel (Parody clips inside)

The latest season of Orphan Black started off admittedly convoluted with a literal ton going on: Projects Leda and Caster came to a head, and then the Tatiana Maslanys had to deal with Delphine at Dyad and Ferdinand at Topside. With so much action and drama to follow, it’s certainly nice to take a breath, relax, and laugh even. So, without further ado, here’s an official compilation of season 3 bloopers, originally presented at the Orphan Black panel at Comic Con.

The cast and crew of Orphan Black decided to have even more fun by putting together genre-smashing parodies starring Alison and Donnie Hendrix in a telenovela, a horror film, and a 90s sitcom. If you thought their storylines were entertaining in Orphan Black, just wait until you see the Hendrix’s  in “Donnie & Alison 2 : Seestra Sineestra.” It’s all waiting for you after the break. READ MORE Comic Con: Watch Tatiana Maslany & co. crack up in ‘Orphan Black’ blooper reel (Parody clips inside)

‘Grand Theft Auto’ gets the “real life” treatment

It’s always fun when gamers attempt to recreate their favorite games in real life. But I haven’t ever stumbled across something like this before: special effects production house Digital Corridor has imagined what Grand Theft Auto would look like if that crazy happenings from the game went down in the real world. From stealing bikes and cars to a bloody gunfight in the street, “Real GTA” makes the game a surreal reality, tongue-in-cheek the entire time. Enjoyed the clip? Click here to see how they made it.

Coldplay rounds up the cast of ‘Game of Thrones’ for a musical, hilarity ensues

“Welcome to the crazy wacky world of Game of Thrones,” sings Coldplay’s frontman Chris Martin in this behind the scenes documentary following the making of a musical adaptation of HBO’s hit fantasy series. Taken‘s Liam Neeson lends his signature growl to this funny clip, narrating facts like it’ll take 16 songs to be made before the British band can incorporate them into a full Broadway stage production. Things look bleak when only Mark Addy (Thrones‘ Robert Baratheon) and Iwan Rheon (Ramsay Snow/Bolton) contribute to the cause. Eventually, Kit Harington shows up to truly kick the festivities into high gear (watching Chris Martin embrace Harington as “Jon Snow” is so much funnier than it sounds), and many other Thrones actors start pouring in. The parody has loads of fun with the show’s Theon/Ramsay dynamic, among others. Later, Emilia Clarke belts out a respectable Rastafarian rap about her character’s climb to power, and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau comfortably imbues Jamie Lannister by singing “the first romantic ballad about incest in Coldplay’s career.” And then there’s Peter Dinklage grooving to lyrics about his character Tyrion “still going strong;” you can watch that riveting performance in full here.

Obviously (and rather unfortunately) this Game of Thrones musical produced by Coldplay is merely a gag, but its intentions are thoughtful. It was put together for Red Nose Day, a fundraising event that raises money for children in need. The special day originated across the pond in the UK and spread to the US for 2015; this clip first aired on NBC during the network’s Red Nose Day telecast. In case you missed it live and you’re feeling charitable, you can still donate today.

‘Too Many Clones’ spoof is a hoot for ‘Orphan Black’ fans

Merely typing these words brings it all back like tidal wave out of nowhere. Remember Too Many Cooks? You know, that annoyingly catchy and incredibly bizarre Adult Swim parody that took the Internet by storm? Well, if you’ve seen it and if you happen to be a fan of BBC America’s Orphan Black, boy do I have a treat for you. What happens when you mix the incessant Too Many Cooks with “The Tatiana Maslany Show?” This. Enjoy!

[Via EW]

Seth Meyers invites Jon Snow to dinner, Sesame Street plays ‘Game of Chairs’ in latest ‘Game of Thrones’ parodies

What would happen if you invited the bastard Jon Snow to a dinner party? Late Night with Seth Meyers answers that question in full in the latest high-profile Game of Thrones parody. Kit Harrington, Snow’ portrayer on HBO’s hit fantasy drama, is totally game here and the laughs are plentiful. But only if you’re properly educated–spoilers abound. As is the case with the best kind of parodies, I wouldn’t want to say any more than I already have for your enjoyment. So with that, have at it!

One more thing. Be sure to jump after the break to watch yet another recent Thrones parody, this one hailing from an unlikely source–Sesame Street! Then again, we all know by now the furry friends can pull off entertaining spoofs; see their previously released House of Cards treatment for proof.

Game of Thrones resumes this Sunday, April 12 on HBO.

Update: Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele of Comedy Central’s Key & Peele are getting in on the fun with one outrageous “recap” video featuring the comedy duo’s famously over-excited valet characters. Embedded after the break! READ MORE Seth Meyers invites Jon Snow to dinner, Sesame Street plays ‘Game of Chairs’ in latest ‘Game of Thrones’ parodies

‘The Following’ spoof is a must-see for fans of the serial killer thriller

If you watch The Following on FOX, this is a real treat. To further promote the show, series executive producer and oft-director Marcos Siega put together this eight minute parody video starring Kevin Bacon as himself. Thing is, he acts just like his Following character Ryan Hardy and thinks serial killers–Joe Carroll included–are after him in real life. Co-starring is Dean Winters (currently on CBS’ Battle Creek, but you probably know him from those Allstate commercials), Joe Carroll himself James Purefoy, Michael C. Hall (Dexter, how appropriate), Sam Underwood (he plays the evil twins Mark & Luke Grey on The Following), and Bacon’s real-life wife Kyra Sedgwick makes a memorable cameo. It’s bizarre and fantastic all at the same time. With that and nothing more, enjoy.

The Following airs Mondays at 9pm on FOX.

‘Sesame Street’ parodies ‘House of Cards’ in surprisingly hilarious fashion

Categorize this one under: what the!? … okay that was amazing.

Sesame Street has pulled off one of the best House of Cards parodies to date with House of Bricks, a four-minute adaptation of the classic children’s story about the three little pigs and the big bad wolf. The protagonist here is the wolf who goes by Frank Underwolf (points!) and he goes around blowing down the poorly constructed houses owned by the little pigs. Even if you’re slightly familiar with Kevin Spacey’s iconic character from the Netflix series, you’ll find this parody plenty funny. It recreates the opening credits sequence, Underwolf has a penchant to speak directly into the camera, and it’s as if the writers from the show had a hand in his Southern drawl dialogue. The best bit might be at the very end–did Sesame Street just predict the calamitous conclusion for Frank?

House of Cards returns for a third season this Friday, Feb. 27, to Netflix.

IKEA parodies Apple in mock commercial for its 2015 product catalog

A fantastic Apple parody comes on the heels of that company taking center stage to unveil the next iPhone and possibly a wearable device rumored to be the iWatch. And it comes from an unlikely source: the Swedish company that sells ready-to-assemble furniture and other home accessories, IKEA. Promoting IKEA’s new product catalog one Jörgen Eghammer, the company’s “Chief Design Güru,” spitfires jokes that you might see coming and yet they pack the humorous punch you’re looking for. “It’s not a digital book or an ebook, it’s a book-book.” Other choice quotes:

“[It] comes fully charged and the battery life is eternal.”

“Notice something else? No lag.”


Enjoy the parody, and make sure to stick it here for the latest Apple news; major announcements are coming Tuesday, Sept. 9.

[Via Time; thanks @AndySchar]

Bryan Cranston, Aaron Paul & Julia Louis-Dreyfus make funny in ‘Pawn Stars’ parody

The Emmys are coming and the Television Academy sure knows how to spread the word. It’s produced this wildly entertaining and quite funny Pawn Stars parody reuniting Breaking Bad partners-in-crime Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul. They star in the 6+ minute clip as Buzz and Randy Jackson of “Barely Legal Pawn” where they encounter celebrity client Julia Louis-Dreyfus. She’s looking to sell her Seinfeld Emmy because she wants to buy a private island, just like Celine Dion. Cranston’s comedic prowess shines here, and after some haggling the clip takes an expected twist in the end that Bad fans will rejoice over. So sit back and watch these Emmy-winning actors do their thing.

The 66th Primetime Emmy Awards hosted by Seth Meyers airs live Monday, Aug. 25 at 8PM (ET) on NBC.