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Single: Cee-Lo Green – “F–k You” (NSFW)

Cee-Lo Green is a hip-hop/funk/soul artist whose been around since 1992; he is best known for his work with the Goodie Mob, but you will likely recognize his voice from his recent collab with Gnarls Barkley on the smash single “Crazy” off 2006’s St. Elsewhere.  Cee-Lo has a new album to promote, so he let loose this extremely catchy and profane single titled, um, “F–k You”.  In the song Cee-Lo curses out a girl who left him for a richer man.  There is a high level of profanity used in the track, but that is balanced out with really creative and witty lines like, “I’m sorry I can’t afford a Ferrari/I guess she’s an Xbox and I’m more Atari.”  This single could be an instant radio hit, but I don’t know how it would fare with the incessant bleeps.

Embedded above is the lyric video for the track (again, it’s filled with NSFW language).  A standard music video for the track is expected to drop sometime this week.  Cee-Lo’s third solo album Lady Killer hits stores October 4 December 7.

Update: 50 Cent has gone ahead and added a single new verse to the track.  In the freestyle he assumes the role of the rich man who stole away Cee-Lo’s lady.  Listen to 50’s addition after the break.

Update 2: In an interview with EW, Cee-Lo said that Lady Killer will drop later than expected on December 7.  He also revealed that a profanity-free radio edit is in the works.  “It’s called “Forget You,”” he says.  “It’s pretty close to the original, but not as effective.  But it’s politically correct.”  So I guess that catchy tune (minus its naughty bits) will make its way to the radio at some point.

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