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SlingPlayer is coming to Android-powered tablets

Android smartphone users have been slinging live TV to their devices via the SlingPlayer Mobile app for some time now. Now running through the pipeline is a Honeycomb version of the same app. That’s right: in the near future both Android-powered phones and (Android 3.0 and higher) tablets will be able to run SlingPlayer. The app upgraded for larger screens will go for the same price it always has: $29.99. Click here and sign up to be notified about its release. For now, prepare for the release by watching the video demonstration above.

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SlingPlayer gets previewed on iPad

They hinted at it, and now they’re delivering the goods.  SlingPlayer is coming to the iPad in all its video slinging glory.  According to Sling “the video quality is better than any mobile app we’ve ever done”, so that’s something to be excited about.  You can channel surf by flicking up and down on the iPad’s large display.  But I won’t give away all the sleek, cool features.  Hit play and watch the nearly five minute demonstration above.  Expect the app to release soon for $29.99.

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SlingPlayer has arrived for Windows Phone 7 users

If you’re an early adopter of the Windows Phone 7 mobile operating system and a proud owner of a SlingBox, listen here!  What was hinted at back in October has been made available to purchase–SlingPlayer for WP7 devices.  Jump into the Windows Marketplace and you’ll find SlingPlayer Mobile for $29.99.  Select, download, and let the streaming festivities begin.  Full PR after the break.

iPad owners, SlingPlayer is coming for you too.

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AT&T & Sling make nice; Slingplayer to stream live TV over 3G

When Sling released the $29.99 Slingplayer app for the iPhone back in May, AT&T restricted it from streaming live TV over its 3G service because they were worried the overload of data would bring its cell service to its knees.  Poor AT&T.  This week AT&T has come out and stated they have been working closely with Sling to optimize Slingplayer’s streaming capabilities so that it would not hurt AT&T’s customers.  As soon as Apple approves it, a free update will allow Slingers to stream their content over 3G, in addition to WiFi.  With news of AT&T approving VoIP calls and now Sling streaming over 3G, it seems as if AT&T at long last has come to accept the fact that restricting significant features on its most popular device is a major no-no.

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