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Swimming at 600 feet in the air? Be wary of falling off the edge.

The Marina Bay Sands Skypark, designed by architect Moshe Safdie, features a 150 meter long infinity swimming pool that stretches across three skyscraper structures 200 meters in the sky.  With the edge of the swimming pool so close, how come the man pictured above is practicing his breast stroke without any sign of fear?  It’s because falling off the edge won’t result in death by falling 55 stories to the ground; swimmers fall into a catchment area where excess water is re-released back into the main pool area.  The hotel is the current record holder for having the largest pool at this height.  Construction cost was around $80 million dollars.  Other amenities include a “bar, restaurant and spa, botanical garden with 250 species of trees and 650 plants, and an observation deck that provides a panoramic view of the waterfront.”  The observation deck can hold 900 people, while the Skypark itself can fit 3,900 people total.  Look in the gallery below for images of the visually splendid Singapore-based hotel.

[Via DesignBoom; Gizmodo]