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OS boot-up and USB transfer times like you’ve never seen them before–super fast!

This first video shows a Windows 7 PC booting up in under one second.  Phoenix’s Instant Boot BIOS combines with Windows 7’s optimized startup procedure to start up the OS in a very quick manner.  Engadget witnessed “a retrofitted Dell Adamo hit the Windows desktop in 20 seconds, while a Lenovo T400s with a fast SSD got there in under 10.”  Phoenix plans on releasing their Instant Boot software in the near future.

This next video shows the power of SuperSpeed USB 3.0 at work.  USB 3.0 is boatloads faster than current USB modules.  Embedded.com gives an example: “HD TV and movies can be downloaded in seconds, limited only by the storage device’s transfer rate.  A flash drive using USB 3.0 can move 1 Gbyte of data to a host device in 3.3 seconds, compared to 33 seconds with USB 2.0 (according to the USB Implementers’ Forum).”

Imagine this:  You sit down at your computer and hit the power button.  A few seconds later everything is fully loaded and you’re at the desktop.  Your friend gave you a USB thumb drive that contains some MP3 and MOV files you want to transfer to the desktop.  After plugging in your drive to a USB 3.0 compatable module you will be watching movies and listening to music within just a few minutes rather than in a number of hours.  Look out for the Phoneix instant-on software and USB 3.0, coming your way very soon, but not soon enough.

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