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BBC America hires the cutest kids to narrate “Planet Earth”

BBC America has whipped up a promo for their series “Planet Earth” starring the cutest 4 to 7 year old kids auditioning for the role of narrator. Who needs regular series narrator David Attenborough when you’ve got this! I can’t figure out what’s more hysterical: the kids trying to pronounce Attenborough’s name or that 6 year old girl trying her darndest to apply headphones to her ears.

Bloodthirsty kids deal fake drugs in this spectacularly animated music video

You may not have heard of London-based pop group Is Tropical, but I guarantee you will get a kick out of their music video for their latest single “The Greeks.” Directed by Megaforce (the man behind the trippy Cudder clip “Pursuit of Happiness“), the video follows a bunch of bloodthirsty kids who indulge themselves in murdering each other in the most spectacularly disturbing of ways. The cartoonish animation is provided by Seven and it helps spin the rather graphic nature of the music video into an enjoyable visual feast.

The band describes the video like this: “Part Rumblefish, part Die Hard, part Akira, we wanted to work together to create something both visually appealing and aesthetically relevant to the band. We like kids, we like gangs, we really like daydreaming and imagination; the video straddles the line between nostalgia and the visual death-porn of our generation – the action film. Don’t get carried away by politics – this is a straight-up kid brawl the way it played out in your head when you were stealing your mums mascara to be like Arnie in Predator. It isn’t a shocking rebuke to our drama queen, populist news culture either – just naive, blissful shoot-yr-mate until he’s definitely dead war-games – the way you wish it still could be.”

Sure the video is great and all, but do you also like what you hear? The single “The Greeks” is available to download for free right here, and Is Tropical’s debut album Is Native is out now in the UK.

The Key of Awesome takes on Em & RiRi’s “Love the Way You Lie”…with children

The Key of Awesome, the comedy group behind the amazing Ke$ha “Tik Tok” parody, takes on the hit single from Eminem’s Recovery.  Lil’ Megan Fox and Tiny Dominic Monaghan do a great job at spinning the domestic-violence theme of the original music video into a cute story between two school children in an ongoing argument.  And credit must be given to the actors for hilarious impersonations of Eminem and Rihanna.  “Did you just call me a doo-doo pie?  Well that’s alright, I know you are but what am I?”  Good stuff.

[Via EW-MusicMix]

A 2.5 year old uses the iPad for the first time

What happens when you give a two and a half year old one of the most technologically advanced gadgets to come out in quite some time?  Telstar Logistics founder Todd Lappin decided to find out for himself by conducting this fun experiment.  Here are some of his findings:

As you can see, after geeking out on my Sutro Tower homescreen, she took right to it — including figuring out how to enlarge some of her favorite iPhone-legacy apps to 2x to display full-size on the iPad screen. If you’re good at understanding kid-speak, you’ll also notice that she immediately saw its potential as a video-display device. She lamented the lack of a camera, and wondered about its potential for playing games.

On the downside, she had the same frustration as many adults, where touching the screen-edge with your thumb while holding the iPad blocks input to all home screen icons. Notice also that she was confused by the splash page for FirstWords Animals, her favorite spelling game: Because the start button looked like a graphic, rather than a conventional button, she couldn’t figure out how to start the game.

Oh, here’s one he forget to mention: She’s so freakin’ cute!

[Via LaughingSquid]

The decade according to 9-year-olds

This video features a bunch of children who were all born in the year 2000.  Michael Jackson, Lady Gaga, Selena Gomez, Kobe Bryant, and George Lopez are the biggest celebrities.  Britney Spears has lost her touch, simply known to the kids as “the girl who cut her hair bald.”  They all started using computers, iPods, cell phones, and portable gaming devices at very young ages.  They never heard of Napster and the file-sharing saga.  The sound of dial-up is foreign to them; they associate it with phone answering machines, not computers.  They have a grasp on what it means to be green, though they aren’t too educated about the global warming phenomena.  (Al Gore, get on that!)  They share a keen understanding that Barack Obama is black.  Biggest news story?  When MJ died (not 9/11?).  On the 9/11 subject they all seem to remember what happened that day, what a terrorist is, and the pains of living during wartime.  Interestingly, immediately after discussing terrorism and wartime the interviewer asks the children to share their biggest fears and their answers remind us all that they are in fact a group of 9-year-olds.

Interviewer Allison Louie-Garcia has created sound clip time capsule with this short but poignant session with 9-year-old children.  It’s humorous to hear that they can’t put their finger on the sound of dial-up.  I’m glad I was born when I was.  Every now and then I ask my grandparents what it was like growing up and how fascinated they were with the transition from black and white to color TV and living through the introduction of computers and MP3 players.  I always used to complain that they saw so much and was able to live through many technological advancements.  I would think to myself “where do we go from here?”  This sound byte reminds me that I have lived through plenty of breakthroughs and I am convinced the next few decades will bring many more exciting advancements.  Flying cars, flying cars!

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